Tiny Love Campaign

Hi Moms, thank you for signing up to MomSays! Our first campaign is live!

I’m very excited about this since it is from one of my favorite brands!


Tiny Love is a multiple award-winning global toy and baby products’ company that puts special emphasis on baby’s development. The company was founded in 1991 and their goal since then has been to create products that would support baby’s development from birth and offer smart solutions to parents’ genuine needs. Today, their products are available in more than 50 countries worldwide, helping babies and parents grow together and enjoy Moments of Wonder™.

About Product

From sofa level to dining table – a revolutionary height-adjustable baby bouncer.

Easily shifts through 3 modes of use: high seat, bouncer and soothing mode, keeping you and your baby close and at eye level to encourage exploration and bonding.

  • High Seat Mode by the dining table – lets your baby be part of the family from day one.
  • Soothing Mode with reclined seat – soothes and comforts baby with 25 mins of soothing or playful music.
  • Bouncer Mode with calming vibrations relaxes baby at sofa level.

Portable, movable and compact, this product has two rear wheels and easily folds flat – perfect for storage.

Age Tips:

0-3 months
Let baby be part of the goings on from day one! Enjoy baby’s company at eye level, no matter where you’re sitting. Learn more about the importance of eye gaze and eye contact in our informative expert article Eye Contact in Babies.

3-6 months
As baby grows, she will be free to take part in the family activities even before learning how to sit up. Let baby enjoy eye level quality time with mom, dad and the rest of the family, sharing your family moments with the youngest member.

6+ months
When it’s time to introduce baby to solids, raise the seat to dining table height and let her join in on the family meals and taste her first pureed foods while the other family members eat. Seeing loved ones enjoy their meals is a wonderful encouragement for baby as she takes her first steps in the world of solids!

These are the key Developmental Wonders this product can encourage in your baby:

Language & Communication
The unique height and angle of this bouncer mean that baby is at parents’ eye level. This close face-to-face setting encourages communication, interaction and exchanges between baby and parent, which all contribute to communication and language acquisition.

The cradling seat that bounces, soothing music and gentle vibrating motion create an ideal environment that envelops and relaxes baby while supporting the development of EQ.

The colorful toys, soft vibrations and soothing and playful music all stimulate baby’s senses.

Fine Motor Skills
When babies reach out and attempt to bat at the hanging, toys they practice and hone their fine motor skills and learn eye-hand coordination.


Tiny Love South Africa is looking for one mom to review and test the new 3-in-1 Close to Me Bouncer! The aim of the review is to share your honest opinion and send a full report back to me on what you think, love or hate about the product. We are looking for honest opinions especially when it comes to marketing the product to first-time moms.

Scope of work

1 x Full report including social media shares on your profile. (Report template will be emailed to you when chosen).

An example of what report will need:

  • First impression when unboxing product.
  • Unboxing images/video
  • Setup of the product.
  • Review on the material, toys etc.
  • Use of product.
  • Likes
  • Dislikes
  • What can improve?
  • Images of usage of the product – tagging the brand.


Pregnant moms-to-be due latest in June or moms with newborns until 3-months-old. You can be based anywhere in South Africa but you need to have access to the internet.

How to apply?

Comment below and let me know how old your baby is and what is your favorite Tiny Love product except the one mentioned for the campaign.

Campaign period

From now until August. Everything will be done in phases.

Terms & Conditions Apply

Failure to deliver will work will result in a suspension of your MomSays profile for a period of 6 months. Your profile will therefore not be put forward for campaigns that are briefed in during this period.

Please apply if you meet the criteria – applications close 10 May 2017.

Make sure your profile is completed.

For queries, email [email protected]

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  1. Natasha Jacobs
    2017-04-22 / 11:24

    My baby girl is 4months old and loves the Tiny Smarts Teether Rattle. #TinyLove_CrossingFingers_YouBabyandi

  2. Kim Muller
    2017-04-22 / 11:58

    Unfortunately I’m only due in October so can’t apply for this campaign. Good luck mom’s!

  3. tasneem2811
    2017-04-22 / 12:17

    My baby girl is 7 weeks old. We have the Tiny Love Gemini Under the sea bouncer. Maahira can state at ‘Timothy’ the turtle all day due to his black and white belly. I think she’ll enjoy ‘Crusty’ the crab more as she grows older due to his playing music and lighting up.

  4. Sofie
    2017-04-22 / 14:15

    My baby is due in May, I love the stony Love Hug Carrier, just recently purchased it 🙂

  5. Sofie
    2017-04-22 / 14:16

    Sorry typing error, meant the Tiny Love Hug Carrier

  6. MaCebo
    2017-04-22 / 15:57

    My son is 15 days old today and I am in love with Tiny love Gymini® kick & play™ City safari. I am getting one for my Baby boy.

  7. BM777
    2017-04-22 / 20:25

    I am due on 4 June but my baby boy is currently measuring at EDD 27 May! Can’t believe there are only 5 weeks to go… I would L❤VE to be chosen to review the Tiny L❤VE 3-in-1 Close to Me Bouncer!!! I adore the gymini playmats for tummy time, but my absolute favourite product is currently Kangy Kangaroo http://www.tinylove.com/za_en/kangy-kangaroo: it truly is mom’s and baby’s best mate *australian accent* . It has a universal connector that attaches to any kind of changing table and/or play yard. It also has a 6 page crinkly book to encourage curiosity, a teether and a bouncing kangaroo-like movement which work perfectly to distract baby during changing. The multi-textured fabrics increase sensory stimullation and an extra stand is included which you can use on flat surfaces – offering total versatility. I recently purchased it on Take Alot https://m.takealot.com/#product?id=55376235 on special for a friend’s baby’s 1st birthday as she was struggling to change him, and after seeing just how well it works I couldn’t help but purchase another one for my little man… can’t wait to use it!

    • 2017-05-25 / 10:56

      Congrats Angela! <3 You were chosen for the campaign. I will be in touch with more details.

      • Angela Wahl
        2017-05-25 / 11:27

        WhoooHooooo!!! I’m so excited to take part in this awesome campaign Shaney! Thanks so much for selecting me, I’m looking so forward to working with you on it, xoxo

  8. Mieliepit
    2017-04-22 / 23:18

    Hi. My son is due on the 16th of May and I just love the Tiny Love Gymini Kick N Play. I would love to share my journey with you. Holding thumbs!

  9. Spiritedmama
    2017-04-23 / 22:37

    We used the Gymini Monkey Island with Dudie, 7 years ago. And we are now using it for Troll That Monkey will make anyone giggle. My Troll will be 3months old tomorrow, 24 April.

  10. crissanne
    2017-04-24 / 10:47

    aaah, my baby just turned 4 months.
    Fave other product besides this one is the Tiny Love 3in 1 Rocker

  11. Shakira Khan
    2017-04-24 / 17:29

    I have twins who are 4 months old .. everybody knows how busy and tiring it is with 1 baby so imagine me with 2 … having the tiny love bouncer would make things much easier to just quickly put 1 in and try to get something done … also I have a 3 yr old toddler… at least I know 1 baby will be safely belted in the bouncer and also it will be so nice to use in the kitchen while I’m trying to cook … my current favorite is the tiny love gymini kick and play .. both my boys love it and it was my eldest sons so it’s been passed down to the twins who are having so much fun with it… I would love to review this product as I can give an opinion from 2 babies perspectives … and will definitely get loads of use out of it …

  12. MBekker
    2017-04-24 / 18:35

    My baby boy is 10 weeks old & loves to kick & grab his various toys on the Tiny Love Safari Activity Gym.

  13. Ayesha12
    2017-04-24 / 18:55

    Love the tinylove 3 in 1 rocket, would love to review this for my grandchild as I will be his main caregiver, he is due anytime now

  14. Ayesha12
    2017-04-24 / 18:57

    The Gymini kick n play is my favourite other than the featured product for review

  15. FirstTimeMom
    2017-04-25 / 08:26

    I Absolutely LOVE the Cozy Rocker Napper!

    I would LOVE for the opportunity to Review the Close to me Bouncer and my baby is due anytime from Mid to end June (just after my 36th birthday)

  16. Zubeida Dawood
    2017-04-25 / 09:57

    My favourite product is the Tiny Love take along musical mobile. It is perfect to keep baby occupied. My baby is due on 16 July 2017.

  17. LLLan12
    2017-04-25 / 10:13

    My little one is 3 months old she was born 14th January. My favourite tiny love product is the playmat she is on it everyday.

  18. Lindy_Laubser
    2017-04-25 / 10:37

    Hi there, I’m 35 weeks pregnant with my 3rd baby, hopefully going into labour by the 22nd of May 2017 and would love to help with this campaign! I used the Tiny Love Baby Rocker with my other children, and they loved the soothing vibrations and sounds. The Tiny Love Playmat is also of course the best investment entertaining my kids for the first 12 months.

  19. BabyAdams
    2017-04-25 / 10:52

    My favourite product is the Gymini kick and play, besides the rocker up for review. My daughter is 8 weeks old.

  20. Aarifah kathrada
    2017-04-25 / 11:30

    My little girl will be 2 months on the 2nd May. I’m currently loving the 3 in 1 rocker which has been a lifesaver getting her to sleep with the vibrate function.
    Would love to use the bouncer around the house while I get some work done! And And to keep her safely out of my 2 year olds reach!

  21. Kurrentkim
    2017-04-25 / 11:33

    Hi there I am due on the 1st June and would LOVE to try and review the Closer to me Bouncer, My favourite product of Tiny Love is the Rocker Napper and I couldn’t use it when I saw it because I was not pregnant at that point in time. It sure looks and sounds like a great product and we would love to give it a try and give our honest opinions.

  22. Adela Ahmod
    2017-04-25 / 11:43

    My baby boy is 4months old. I adore the Tiny Love Gymini Move n Play. Definitely a valuable asset as it keeps baby stimulated all while he is also entertained. Easy storage and clean up.

  23. Hana
    2017-04-25 / 15:28

    Hi there , Baby is 2 weeks old , I am besotted with the TINY LOVE COZY ROCKER NAPPER, I have heard and read up that it helps colic babies. this would like the most amazing product if it is true, baby is colic and I need a good night’s rest. (at my wits end). would absolutely love to be able to review the closer to me bouncer…hopefully that will give me the much much needed me time.

  24. Faeza86
    2017-04-26 / 15:37

    My little boy is 3weeks old. I love the tinylove rocker napper heard and read very positive feedback about it, even tested it at an event. it’s so versatile and I’m saving to get one for my little one. Being a busy mom of 3 kids and a newborn s so hectic I would love to test and review the close to me bouncer.

  25. Shaaista7
    2017-05-05 / 13:56

    My son is 5 months old and i love the tiny love on the go mobile. Both my kids can’t do without it.

  26. Blk_wrk
    2017-05-05 / 15:44

    My little Katie is 2 months old and loves music. That’s why the Tiny Love – Tiny Princess Take Along Musical Mobile is perfect for her.

  27. lcoetzee2
    2017-05-05 / 19:48

    My baby is due any day now. I think I have fallen in love with the Gymini Playmat – 123 Here I Grow, due to the fact that it is made for different stages and can still keep the tiny hands and mind busy.

  28. IngridJZZCoetzee
    2017-05-09 / 11:44

    My son is 16 weeks and loves the Gymini Playmat

  29. Alison
    2017-05-09 / 19:17

    My due date is June 13, currently 35 weeks pregnant. My favorite is the Gymini Playmat

  30. Carlibiggs
    2017-05-10 / 09:14

    Our little girl is only 2 weeks old, but we love the Tiny Friends Lullaby mobile. It is colourful and sound is absolutely soothing to baby as she falls asleep. The fact that music plays continuously for long periods give ease of mind and ensures that she will fall asleep.

  31. SupaCooper
    2017-05-15 / 13:26

    My baby is 11 weeks and although he is the sweetest boy in the world he is causing me such backache because he loves movement and wants to be carried, rocked and walked around all day!! When I go back to work his granny will need something portable that he will content in so that she can do her daily chores

  32. Amandla Mkhwanazi
    2017-10-05 / 15:58

    My baby is 6 months. He loves his Tiny Love cot mobile

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