Gift ideas for Baby from Tiny Love South Africa

The Christmas tree is up and there are beautiful lights…lighting up the house. The decorations are old, but there’s something new this year…

This Christmas is different… It’s special because I got my gift earlier this year: Kiaan. And now I feel complete because having both my kids by my side admiring our beautiful tree is a special kind of love. It’s memories that I will cherish forever.

It’s my son’s first Christmas and even though he might not understand what is happening, I want it to be special. I want to spoil him and by spoiling I don’t mean buying him lots of gifts. I want to spoil him by getting him something that I know will help him reach his milestones.


Tiny Love believes that when a baby is born a parent is born too. Just like babies grow and develop, so parents evolve and change. Their high-quality products are aimed at helping parents fulfill the all-important role they play in baby’s life. Their team is made up of parents who enjoy the hands-on experience that allows them to truly understand the needs of parents and their babies.

They aim is to help encourage baby’s development through enjoyable playtime, stimulating features and fun toys. Hoping to offer both babies and parents quality moments together and alone, their products are designed to encourage bonding between parent and baby and to promote independent play that offers parents some quality time of their own.

Gift Ideas for Baby from Tiny Love South Africa

1. Gymini® Bouncer

Suitable for 0 – 6 months.

One of Kiaan’s favorites at the moment.


  • Exclusive adjustable arches for multiple positions.
  • Hanging toys can be easily moved along the arches.
  • Open arch position for easy parental access.
  • Baby-activated lights and music stand-alone crab toy.

Tiny Love South Africa

Tiny Love South Africa

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  1. 2015-12-09 / 00:19

    Cute little model. I love her striped leggings!

  2. 2015-12-09 / 02:11

    That napper would make such a nice gift. I think most parents would get a lot of use out of it!

  3. 2015-12-09 / 02:22

    These look like fantastic baby toys! I don’t remember these when my kids were little.

  4. Maggie Lydon
    2015-12-09 / 19:51

    These are awesome! My son is three months old and I am constantly looking for toys that are fun yet encourage his physical and cognitive development.

  5. 2015-12-09 / 20:50

    I remember when my son used to stare at one of these and giggles. Your little one is so cute!

  6. 2015-12-10 / 07:11

    You have so many great gift ideas. I didn’t see a jumper. My son loved that around 4 months until he could walk. It would entertain him for quite some time. Plus, he could jump to build the muscles in his legs.

  7. 2015-12-10 / 09:10

    I have to check out Tiny Love. My daughter just gave birth and they need a car seat. The plush toy and the activity mat would also be great.

  8. lameez
    2015-12-10 / 13:59

    Beautifull and so adorable gifts with lotsa activities too , our cuties can learn and explore 🙂

  9. 2015-12-10 / 18:35

    These would all be great gift ideas this holiday season. I know a few moms who would love to receive these items!

  10. 2015-12-10 / 23:40

    Those look like some really great gift ideas! I will definitely check them out.

  11. 2015-12-15 / 08:06

    I pinned a couple of these gift ideas. I think my toddler is too old for them but we hope to have another baby soon!

  12. Denise
    2017-01-16 / 14:18

    I love the 3 in one. Ideal for baby to relax and discover and for mom to do quick stuffs around the house while baby is entertain. very expensive but worth the price

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