Exercise is important during pregnancy and many of us forget that. At first, I was scared to do any exercise but after dealing with lack of energy and short breath, I decided to take some classes with a private instructor. It changed my perspective on exercise during pregnancy. After working out, I felt like I had so much more energy and I could carry the weight of a big baby around. I could walk up stairs without stopping and visit an expo without sitting. This was a big deal for me! My pregnancy turned out to be amazing and my recovery was a breeze!

Before you consider exercising, make sure you speak to your doctor to find out if its okay. I found some simple exercises that you can do during pregnancy to help you stay fit.

exercise during pregnancy

1. Strength Workout

You can do a basic workout with dumbbells to strengthen your upper body. Remember not push yourself too much.

Sportive pregnant girl

An example of a workout:

Shoulder Press

You can stand or sit during this exercise. Holding a weight in each hand, slightly bend your arms at the elbows and hold your hands above your shoulders. Then, while breathing out, slowly lift your arms toward the sky until they are straight. Repeat around 30 times. Source: www.pregnancy.familyeducation.com

2. Walking

You can walk throughout your pregnancy and it’s one of the best types of cardiovascular exercises to do to prepare for your baby.

3. Kegels

Sit on an exercise ball and do some belly breathing. Inhale, letting your belly rise, and exhale to let it fall. Let the length of your inhale match the length of your exhale for five or so breaths and on your next exhale, tighten the muscles surrounding your vagina. Relax your shoulders, face, and neck, so that only your pelvic floor muscles are tight. Hold for the count of five then release. Source: www.babble.com

Pregnant woman excercises with gymnastic ball

4. Swimming

Fitness experts say swimming is one of the safest exercise during pregnancy.

5. Yoga

During pregnancy, parts of your body start aching. Stretching can help pregnancy pains and yoga can help you relax.

photo set of pregnant woman doing exercisesIt’s important to follow a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy. Even if you exercise throughout your pregnancy, you are most likely to develop stretch marks.

Did you know up to 90% of pregnant women develop stretch marks during pregnancy?

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