To My husband who’s addicted to his smartphone…

Dear Husband,

Once upon a time, we shared lots of moments together that didn’t include Instagram, e-mails, Facebook and WhatsApp messages. Do you remember when we could actually have serious conversations over dinner at a restaurant – times when these interruptions were non-existent and family actually had conversations?

But today, I feel as if I am competing with your iPhone to get your attention! Our conversations are now replaced with connectivity and our facial expressions are now replaced with emoji’s.

To My husband who’s addicted to his smartphone…

Sitting in a restaurant with you has become uncomfortable and lonely because you are always looking at your phone while I sit there thinking to myself: “Why does he need to be entertained by everyone and everything else when his wife is in front of him?”

It feels like you are cheating on me with your cell phone.

We hardly look into each other’s eyes anymore during a conversation and that scares me. It used to feel really good knowing that all your attention was focused on me but now I have to share you with SIRI who – may I remind you – still doesn’t even know how to pronounce your name properly.

To My husband who’s addicted to his smartphone…

I get that technology plays a big role in our lives – especially in the career paths we’ve chosen and I admit that I also sit on my cell phone at times, but I have learnt when to stop. Perhaps it is because I realized what it was doing to US and our kids.

You seem to be on your cell phone all the time – even while driving, walking and hanging out on the couch. I think that this is becoming a serious problem.

When last have you taken a moment to look UP and see the sunset without thinking to take a picture first?

To My husband who’s addicted to his smartphone…

You mean the world to me and I am only writing this letter because I need you to know how I feel from the outside watching you live every day of your life in a bubble of technology.

I’m sure you didn’t even realize how badly this is affecting everyone else around you – especially your kids who watch you daily and think it is okay.

I love you…

I trust you… but I am tired.

I’m tired of calling you to have dinner via Google Talk.

I am tired of watching you watch YouTube videos while we are out shopping together.

To My husband who’s addicted to his smartphone…

I’m tired of you sitting on the couch typing out messages while you are supposed to be playing with your kids and giving them the undivided attention that they need.

There were moments when I felt like hiding your charger and throwing your cell phone into a pile of laundry that would force you to clean up in order to find it.

Stop staring at the screen, instead, stare at me… the one who is sleep deprived but still remembers how to pronounce your name correctly.

I want you to see the expression on my face when I say I love you and not the “in love” emoji on WhatsApp that I would message to you.

I need you to unplug and connect into the real world.

Forget about Siri and her corky personality – she will never love you the way that I do.

This needs to end today or you won’t have clean trousers to wear tomorrow.

I’m serious. I will go on strike!

If you are so into occupying yourself with raising chickens. I promise that I can get a whole backyard of them. Fresh eggs and cute chicks for you to feed every day. Then you have to deal with the smells;)

The next time that I see you on the phone during a family outing, I am going to tell your toddler that daddy’s phone is a new toy and let’s test it in the bathtub to see if it can float in water. 😉

You know what they say? All’s fair in love and smartphones. 😉

To My husband who’s addicted to his smartphone…


Your darling wife who refuses to allow Siri to be your mistress. There are some things that I refuse to share *wink*.

P.S.  I have tried having this conversation with your mmmm’s as a response. I am hoping that this would get YOUR ATTENTION … Still love you, babe…

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  1. 2016-04-07 / 11:28

    Oh gosh, this is sad. But it’s an addiction – and I have to watch it with myself

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