Top romantic places to visit in Gauteng, South Africa

Instead of dedicating one day to romance, why not dedicate the entire year? 🙂

Since we still in the month of love, I thought I’d share some places to visit with your spouse. It’s important to spend quality time together and doing something different or new can always spice up your relationship.

Top romantic places to visit in Gauteng, South Africa:

1. Hot Air balloon rides


AirVentures offers a romantic hot air balloon ride over the Cradle of Humankind. Watching the spectacular views while drifting away through the clouds will make your lover feel as if she is floating away on a bubble. Couples can take along some bubbly and drift over beautiful Muldersdrift in one another’s arms for an entire hour. A bottle of bubbly and a few snacks accompanied by the amazing view of this heritage site below will make any woman’s feet just melt. These balloons leave from Kloofzicht Lodge, where couples are served coffee on arrival and finish off with a glass of champagne on landing.

Prices include

R2000 per person for a classic flight or

R2300 per person for a safari flight

R6700 per couple on a classic private flight

R6900 per couple on a safari private flight

Contact: 083 3562435 or visit the website for bookings,

2. Parkers Comedy and Jive

It is said that woman loves a man with a sense of humor, and that laughter is the best medicine. So why not tickle your spouse’s funny bones by taking her to a live comedy show at Monte Casino or Silverstar. This upmarket venue offers a great combination of music, comedy and fine cuisine that will guarantee your companion’s pleasure on that special date. Doors open at 6.30 pm and it is essential that you pre-book tickets.

Price: R120 per person.

Contact: 011 5110081

3. Horse riding, quad biking and picnics in the mountains


For more of the adventurous companion, Saddle Creek Ranch farm offers a day full of horse riding, quad biking and romantic one-on-one picnics in the renowned Magaliesberg Mountains. Couples are treated to a bouquet of flowers, chocolates and sparkling wines after a fun-filled afternoon exploring the mountains by themselves. Bring along picnic baskets filled with goodies to get the mood going on this special day. There’s nothing more that will enhance the spirits than taking in the beautiful views and atmosphere of the fresh Magaliesberg Mountains.

Price: R700 to R850 per person

Contact: 079 467 9906

4. Mangwanani Love and Romance package

Mangwanani day spa offers a range of pampering experience for you and your loved one. The day spa offers a range of complete head-to-toe satisfying experiences. Feel a deep sense of intimacy with the person that matters most on this special day.  The Love and Romance Package will give this special day “richness and meaning “according to Mangwanani. They offer a spa-and-stay combination which is the perfect getaway for you and your loved one.  With this comes the Moonlight Night spa package which consists of 3 luxurious spa treatments and delicious traditional African food followed by a romantic night at an upmarket hotel. Also expect a beautiful bunch of roses in the hotel room upon arrival

Price: R4698 per couple with accommodation at the Palazzo Hotel.

5. Orlando Towers

Orlando Towers
Photo Credit: Federico Moroni

These towers in the heart of Soweto were originally used as coal-fired power stations. They have now become one of the biggest landmarks in Johannesburg and also offer a range of adventure sports. Theres nothing that builds trust more than taking a leap of fate holding your loved ones hand and plunging down between the Orlando towers. Bungee jumping, abseiling, power swings and internal swings are among some of the cool activities offered at Soweto.  Once you’ve caught your breath after these adrenalin-pumping activities, treat yourself to a romantic lunch for two at the various restaurants around the towers.

Ranges between R60 – R480.00 pp
Bungee jump: R480
Power swing: R360
Internal swing: R360
Abseil: R260 (Saturday only)
viewing platform: R60

So those are my 5 suggestions that are enjoyable for both you and your spouse. Customise your experiences according to your spouse’s characteristics and make your choice.

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  1. 2015-02-19 / 13:19

    It sounds like there are so many lovely places for a romantic getaway there. The last time my hubby went away alone was to NYC, although we are going away together this weekend to Connecticut.

  2. 2015-02-19 / 19:38

    My hubby and I try to do whatever we can together. We workout and run errands and go to church together. We try to make the most of what little time we have cuz he works so much!

  3. Kathy
    2015-02-19 / 23:12

    I have always wanted to go on a hot hair balloon ride. My husband and I usually go out for dinner or out to a movie. Anything we can do is always nice.

  4. 2015-02-20 / 01:35

    The Mangwanani day spa which offers a range of pampering experience really got my attention. It’s for me and my husband because it was in our vows to cherish each other for better or for worse? So it’s practically an obligation to spoil my spouse.

  5. 2015-02-20 / 01:53

    All of these places look like so much fun. I would love to visit with my husband someday.

  6. 2015-02-20 / 02:35

    I would love to visit South Africa one day, these places all sound so amazing!

  7. 2015-02-20 / 03:24

    I would love to have the chance to visit Africa. I will have to plan for that in the future!

  8. 2015-02-20 / 03:25

    These places all look very romantic and beautiful. I would love for me and the husband to visit!

  9. 2015-02-20 / 05:48

    I have also always wanted to do a hot air balloon ride! I would love to do that with my husband. Our dates are usually dinner or a movie. The horse back riding looks like so much fun as well. The last time we went horseback riding was Colorado!

  10. 2015-02-20 / 07:00

    What great ideas, I think horseback riding and picnics at the beach would be very romantic.

  11. 2015-02-20 / 07:38

    Thankfully my husband and I both have a good sense of humor and totally love comedy shows. I’d would so enjoy doing the hot air balloon with him some time

  12. 2015-02-20 / 10:39

    I’m trying to think if hubby and I have ever seen a comedy together. We’ve seen funny skits but I don’t think a real comedian together. Now you’ve got me thinking. 🙂

  13. 2015-02-20 / 11:13

    My husband and I mostly watch shows together or read books together. Sometimes we play basketball or take walks. I’d love to take a hot air balloon ride with him. 🙂 But he’s afraid of heights and does not like flying of any sort. So, sadly that won’t happen. 🙂

  14. 2015-02-20 / 12:02

    I have never been to South Africa. When I get there I would love to do a hot air balloon ride. The Mangwanani Love and Romance package looks wonderful as well.

  15. 2015-02-20 / 13:15

    I’ve always wanted to go on a hot air balloon ride but my hubby is afraid of heights! Maybe he would be able to get over that just one time. Thanks for the suggestions!

  16. 2015-02-20 / 14:27

    I visited South Africa over 10 years ago…and can’t wait for the day when I can go back! Hands down, it’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to!

  17. 2015-02-20 / 16:00

    These sound like some great things to do in South Africa any time of the year really! Though besides these, I also really want to head out to the wineries! Now that seems romantic!

  18. 2015-02-20 / 17:29

    Omg I would Absolutely love to go to South Africa someday!!! These places all look and sound pretty fabulous ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  19. 2015-02-20 / 18:02

    I would love to go on a hot air balloon ride. It’s definitely something that has been on my bucket list for a long time.

  20. 2015-02-20 / 18:14

    I love going horse back riding, but haven’t been in years. Hot air balloon rides, on the other hand, count me out.

  21. 2015-02-20 / 18:23

    My friend went to South Africa and loved it. It sounds like a destination that really has something for everyone,

  22. 2015-02-20 / 18:52

    Everything is so gorgeous! South Africa is high on our list of places to visit. I’d love to try that hot air balloon ride.

  23. 2015-02-20 / 19:39

    The Saddle Creek Ranch farm horseback riding sounds like a lot of fun. I have only ridden a horse once on our honeymoon and loved it. My husband has also been wanting to do it again.

  24. 2015-02-20 / 23:18

    The pictures are beautiful. I think it’s so important to do things like this with your spouse. We get so caught up in technology that we forget there are so many other things out there!

  25. 2015-02-21 / 02:47

    My hubby and I don’t get to spend much alone time together and its long overdue! I would love to go on a hot air balloon ride with him though. Looks fun.

  26. 2015-02-21 / 18:22

    South Africa is pretty high on our travel Bucket List. I’m not familiar with Gauteng, but I’ll make a point to check it out before we go.

  27. 2015-02-22 / 00:49

    South Africa is a beautiful place. They do hot air balloon rides in the town next to us. It’s a hot air balloon festival and we can sit in our backyard and watch them all. For Valentine’s hubs and I went up north here in Michigan. We like to do wine tours and such.

  28. 2015-02-22 / 07:43

    These places seem like they would be so much fun to visit as a couple. I will have to check some of these out indeed. Saddle Creek Ranch Farm would be one of my favorite to visit. Thanks for sharing.

  29. 2015-02-23 / 03:56

    All of those activities look like they are so much fun. I have always enjoyed a long walk on the beach.

  30. Denver Govender
    2018-05-15 / 15:01

    Zoo lake canoes can be v romantic..take along some wine..weed…if u fall over…it wud just make memories filled with laughter..

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