When Kitana discovered that throwing objects on the floor was fun, she would do it all the time… Even Babies throw toys down unintentionally and it can become frustrating because that means you need to pick it up every time… I went through this phase and I hated it. I’m not really the exercise type ha-ha so it used to frustrate me. Trying to feed Kitana on the high chair was another mission when she was younger, I had to distract her with toys so I can put those peas in her mouth.

There’s almost everything you can buy for babies! From almost real cars which cost a fortune to fancy designer cribs. We as mothers get carried away very often when shopping for our kids. I know I do it all the time, we want the best for our kids but what about the important little products that are created to help us make parenting easier? I’m not saying that every product I blog about is a MUST but It did make my life easier. Being a first time mom, I was opened to a world of brands. I felt like a small fish in the sea, not sure where to go or what to buy. For me Toytoggle makes life easier at home or while traveling. I love this product with teething toys on the pram. Teething toys are a must for babies at a certain age and you have to make sure its clean. Using Toytoggle on the pram when shopping is a lifesaver because I know the toy won’t disappear too far.

ToyToggle stops toys and bottles from constantly being dropped on the floor. This handy, new product (designed with moms in mind) keeps your child’s toys, bottles, sippy-cups or dummies (and more!) securely attached to their highchair, car seat or pram. They’re kept clean and within easy-reach of your child. And the best part? No more lost toys! It’s designed by MOMS for moms and a proudly South African product.

7 Reasons why you’ll love having a Toytoggle Handy:

1. NO MORE STERILISING or washing off toys and dummies from the floor. ToyToggle keeps toys and food and drink containers securely attached your child’s pram, high chair, etc.


2. NO MORE LOST TOYS. The ToyToggle stops even the most ambitious baby bowler.


3. VIVA EXTRA SPACE! The extra shorter strap can also be used to attach extra toys/keys to the outside of your eternally full baby bag or hand bag.

4. GREAT GRIP. The flexible silicone band allows you to attach just about any size bottle, sippy cup or snack pot to the ToyToggle.


5. 100% FLEXIBLE! Toy Toggle’s flexible strap accommodates varying thicknesses of toys or chairs.


6. 110% FUN! ToyToggle comes in a variety of bright, playful colours!

7. 120% BABY-PROOF! ToyToggle is tough and durable enough to keep up with your little one! Plus, it’s completely machine-washable.

You can purchase this lovely product from their online store or Koco Bino in Sandton City. Easy to use and perfect for your stroller, car seat or high chair.


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