Last year August was the first time we travelled international with Kitana and it was a trip and a half! Traveling with a toddler can be more difficult than a newborn, well that’s what I think.

Today I’m going to share my tips on how you can make traveling a bit easier on you and the family.

Tips for traveling with a baby:

1. Carrycots:

If you are traveling international, make sure you let the airline know that you are traveling with a baby. Why?

a) You need a carrycot and it has to be reserved. Babies from 0 – 12 months or a certain kg qualifies for one.

b) They give you front seats near the carrycot, this gives you a bit more leg space than the other seats which is needed if you have a toddler.

Source: British Airways

Source: British Airways

2. Packing:

Kitana has her own suitcase when we travel. This is easier to make sure you keep babies toys/shoes/clothing etc together and you don’t mix up anything with yours or forget items during your journey.

My trick is using clear bags (sandwich airlock bags) for her shoes, a clear bag for her toiletries or just put them into a clean nappy sack to avoid any leakage. Roll the clothing neatly, don’t fold. Tightly rolled clothes take up less space than folded ones in a suitcase.

travel tips for babies

3. Nappy bag as carry on luggage:

a) Include a tablet (if you have a toddler). Educational games can be helpful during a long flight or car ride.

b) A few toys (Tip: Buy small toys which you can use to surprise your child during flights.)

c) I always carry at least 2 sets of clothing including a jacket in my nappy bag for short or long distance traveling. I pack a pajama set if we traveling at night to associate it with bedtime. Make sure you pack light and comfortable clothing for baby, a onesie is perfect. This makes it easier to change nappies.

Nappy bag

4. Snacks:

The pureed foods sold in the pouches is perfect for traveling with a baby who just started solids. Puffs is perfect for toddlers. I absolutely love this flippy snack cup I found on the net, its perfect for traveling and can be hooked onto the pram.



5. Baby carrier:

I prefer using this instead of carrying a stroller, its light and easy to carry around or pack. Close Parent has the perfect one which comes with its own little bag that can be kept in your nappy bag.

Close Parent Carrier

Source: Close Parent

6. Breaks

Take a break during long distance traveling especially if you going by car. Give yourself time to freshen up and for baby to relax. Plan your trip in advance to ensure you have a good amount of time between your flights.

Traveling with a baby

7. Feeding

Feed baby milk on takeoff and landing. Even though I’m an adult, my ears still get clogged from the pressure changes. It can be very uncomfortable and scary for a child. Breast feeding or formula is the best way to prevent this, it helps clear the ears.

8. Travel Crib:

If possible try to pack your own travel crib. This helps babies feel more comfortable with the new surroundings.

Source: Mamas and Papas

Source: Mamas and Papas

9. Medicines

Carry medicines and a hand sanitizer, you will never know when you will need it especially if you in a foreign country.

10. Nappies/ Nappy sacks

Lots of nappies, wet wipes and nappy sacks. Kitana ended up having a running tummy during our international travels, thank God I had enough of everything. I used nappy sacks for almost everything including dirty clothing from our day visits.

11. Season Packing:

Pack a little for winter and summer, you will never know when the weather will change. It’s good to have a bit of both unless you certain about the weather temperature.

Source: Naartjie

Source: Naartjie

12. Bathtub and accessories:

If possible carry your own bathtub and bath toys for baby. The Stokke bathtub has been a LIFESAVER for me during travel. I felt comfortable knowing her bathtub was clean, it really helped in the hotels that didn’t have a tub. Make sure you know what type of room you getting when booking and let them know you have a baby so a tub would be easier. Hygiene is a big issue when traveling with a baby.

Stokke bathtub

 13. Extras:

Carry spare bottles, pacifiers, disposable changing pads, bibs and sippy cups.

14. Baby food:

If you carrying baby food, buy a small cooler bag and pack them in with the cutlery. Try and carry lots of liquids for you and baby too.

15. First Aid:

Make sure you have a small first aid kit in your bag. Volvo gifted me one and now it’s permanently in my nappy bag.

Travel first aid kit

Traveling with a baby requires a checklist. Make sure you use one before you reach your destination and when you packing to go back home. If your baby is used to a lovely (taglet), make sure you carry at least 2 of his/her favorite item.

Happy Travels 🙂 …

Tips for traveling with a baby

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