Ubbi Diaper bin now available in South Africa!

If you’ve read some of my previous posts, you might of realised I’m obsessed with Ubbi diaper bin. I jumped with joy when I heard it was arriving in South Africa. I literally hunted down the distributor 😉 haha ..who by the way is a very nice person, he understood my frustration as he is a parent. I’ve followed the brand overseas for sometime, I knew this is the bin I wanted for my daughters stinky diapers..

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Lets go back in time…

When I was purchasing essentials during my pregnancy, I knew I wanted a diaper bin. I know many moms think it’s a waste of money but for me its a must have in the nursery. The odor of a dirty diaper can torment you in your sleep and your room during the night. I researched and found the best bin here in SA. It worked for us however as months went by… I realised it actually wasn’t the best for me.

1. Firstly I was paying close to R100/R120 a month on refills.

2. The plastic bin started smelling.

3. The bin pedal started disengaging quite often which became annoying every time we emptied the bin.

The only plus was it could take a lot of nappies.

If you do the math and calculate how much it would cost me a year on refills only?! Close to R1200.

To me that was becoming too much, I was hoping I would find a brand that could cater for my needs…. and then UBBI arrived.

What makes Ubbi different?

1. Ubbi is the only steel diaper bin out on the market now.

Diaper bins

2. Safe – childproof safety lock prevents children from getting into the pail.

3. Comes in various colours.

4. Convenient & economical – fits standard kitchen bags providing savings over pails that use expensive, hard-to-find refills.

5. Its eco-friendly.

6. Innovative sliding lid -minimizes air disruption to prevent odors from escaping.

7. Rubber seals – prevent leaks and keep odors locked in.

8. Simple – easy to load, use, empty and clean.

Sa Mommy blogger

I received my bin a few months back and decided to put it to the test, to see if all the hype about this brand is actually true.

Kitana has become curious George and tries to stick her tiny fingers wherever she can. She attempted to open the bin many times to ‘throw’ my unused cotton balls and failed, thanks to the child lock option. Ive been using my plastic bags from shopping, this has saved me over R500 already. The bin fits perfectly in the corner of her room, looks attractive and doesn’t stink up like many other bins.

Ubbi diaper bin

This bin will save you long term and trust me, you wont regret it 🙂 ..

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  1. 2014-07-29 / 08:03

    How awesome is this bin Stainless steel, pretty and I dont pay an arm and a leg for the bag refills Love them!

  2. 2014-07-29 / 08:07

    Would you please share the details of the distributor in SA?

    • Shan
      2014-07-29 / 09:28

      Hi Christine, the bin is available at Kids emporium nationwide and Koco Bino in Sandton City.

  3. 2014-07-30 / 15:31

    We are also available at Kids Living in Green Point, Cape Town

  4. Ubbi
    2014-07-31 / 17:07

    Hi Shan!

    In one of the above photos, I noticed that the bag was loaded around the pail and not around the bag holder on the inside. This will actually hinder the Ubbi’s ability to contain the smell. The Ubbi is an airtight pail and the rubber seals are what keep the smell inside. If the bag is loaded around the pail itself, the rubber seals will not be able to shut properly. Load the bag around the inner ring for pail optimization. If you have any other questions or concerns, please email [email protected]

    • Shan
      2014-07-31 / 18:38

      Thank you so much, my helper normally fills it. I will let her know. Such great service from you guys!

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