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There are so many things about hair that we don’t know and resultantly we aren’t always sure how to care for our hair when washing and styling it. Sought after celebrity stylist and Philips Beauty Ambassador, Shaughn Adams, gives his personal advice on washing, drying and heat styling your hair correctly.

“It can be such a let-down leaving the house with your perfectly styled hair only for it to fall out-of-place a few hours later, losing its shine and elegance as the day goes by. With these easy tips you’ll be sure to look great for longer,” said Shaughn.

Hair tips

Washing your hair:

1. How often you wash your hair depends on your personal hair condition. Generally, long hair should be washed less often than short hair as it has less natural oil build up.

2. When applying shampoo to your hair, massage it into your scalp in circular movements and work the foam down towards the ends of your hair.

hair tips

3. When rinsing your hair, be sure to squeeze as much water as possible from your hair to prepare it for conditioning.

4. Apply conditioner to the ends of your hair. This is the part of your hair that is stripped of all natural oils and needs the conditioner most.

5. Rinse your conditioner off after the recommended time frame that appears on the bottle.

6. With every fifth hair wash, swap out your conditioner for a deep conditioning hair mask.

Prepare your hair for styling:

1. Pat your hair down with a towel to get rid of any excess water.

2. Let your hair dry naturally for about 70 to 80% of the way.

3. Apply a heat protection spray or cream to your hair to prepare it for the hair dryer. This is necessary for any form of heat styling, no matter how gentle. Argan Oil is also a great product to use while styling your hair to give it that glowing Hollywood look, leaving your hair flyaway free and fab all day.

4. Do not brush your hair while it is wet as this is when it is most vulnerable and prone to breakage. Rather comb through the hair with a wide tooth comb.

5. With your hair dryer on the lowest effective setting, blow the hair dry while keeping a safe distance from your hair and moving around continuously. The Philips ProCare Hairdryer (HP8260) has a Cool Shot function that blows cold air over the hair with the flick of a button, allowing you to seal the hair’s cuticles, making it look smoother.

6. When your hair is dry you are ready to style it.

Philips ProCare hairdryer

Heat styling:

1. Once again, it doesn’t matter how gentle or innovative your hair tools are, you should always use a good heat protection cream or spray before heat styling your hair. These products will prevent your hair from being burnt.

2. Ionic heat styling products like the Philips ProCare Hairdryer (HP8260) dries your hair faster and gives your hair more shine. The specially designed air outlet spreads the heat more gently onto the hair, avoiding damaging temperatures on hair and scalp while also protecting the hair from overheating with advanced EHD™ technology.

3. Choose a straightener with adjustable settings in order to adjust it to suit your hair. All heat settings don’t work on all hair types. Thin hair would straighten effectively on a lower heat setting while coarse hair may require more heat application. Don’t set the temperature higher than 240°C.

4. Ceramic straighteners like the Philips ProCare Straightener (HP8339) are gentler at heat styling and prevent unnecessary damage. Ceramic plates allow the hair to glide through the iron slickly, without snags or breakage because of its extremely smooth surface.

Philips Pro Care Hair Straightener

5. Frizz is often caused by dry hair and thus it’s important to use a good moisturizer on your hair, especially when you heat style regularly. For enhanced frizz control in humid climates or on a windy day, apply hairspray.

6. If you are more of a curls girl, invest in a hair dryer with a diffuser like the Philips ProCare hairdryer (HP8260) has. The volume diffuser dries hair healthily, reduces frizz and increases volume by spreading the airflow across the hair. It adds lift and maximizes volume, especially when used on the crown and root area, making it perfect for creating curls and bouncy styles.

As Ademola Mandella once said: “Your hair is a statement of style, an affirmation of beauty, and an expression of self-love,” so love your hair with more style and less damage.

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  1. 2015-01-28 / 10:11

    This is GREAT info! Almost two years ago I chopped my long hair to an almost bob so I could learn how to take better care of it! One of the things that’s helped is better washing habits and applying conditioner to the ends of my hair! Now my hair has grown completely back and it’s so healthy <3

  2. 2015-01-28 / 15:35

    These are some great tips and very informative post, I need to put more effort into the state and look of my hair, mostly i just wash/condition and am out and since its afro its even more hard to manage but i am working on it.

  3. 2015-01-28 / 17:33

    Really great information! Thank you for sharing. I have never been much of a wash and wear girl. I have a horrible habit of going to bed with wet hair which I know is so bad!!

  4. 2015-01-28 / 17:38

    Now this is helpful. I love tips that can be used on my hair and beauty routine. Thanks for sharing.

  5. 2015-01-29 / 00:12

    These are awesome tips. I have no idea how to wear or prepare my hair, so you have seriously helped me here!

  6. 2015-01-29 / 00:20

    Great tips! I think it also just depends on the kind of hair you have. I have curly hair so I tend to let it dry naturally as to not frizz it out.

  7. 2015-01-29 / 03:23

    I use to wash my hair everyday. Since menopause I can get away with every three days.

  8. 2015-01-29 / 05:59

    Awesome tips! I have curly hair too just like Heather and after years of battling them (flat iron was my best friend) I’ve been letting them be curly for nearly a year now without any styling products and let them dry naturally 🙂

  9. 2015-01-29 / 06:58

    I have never heard of the tip to squeeze the water out of your hair as much as possible before conditioning. That is something I will try. I live in FL and the humidity is ridiculous here, so any hairstyle I have is almost immediately ruined when I step foot outside. I will also start deep conditioning my hair more often. Thanks for the tips!

  10. 2015-01-29 / 09:22

    Holy crow- I thought, by the title, this may be a post that taught gave tips on what you do to your hair so it looks good to just wash it and leave it dry naturally, wearing it like that. I was all set to post with a selfie that says, no matter what you do, it’ll never look good LOL
    Showing off my “wash and wear” locks would be much different than if I took the time to blowdry, heat prep, style and flat iron it!!! 😛

  11. 2015-01-29 / 10:00

    awesome post! I totally agree with the idea of letting your hair dry naturally 70% of the way! That’s what I do with my hair and it’s allowed my hair to be very long and healthy!

  12. 2015-01-29 / 10:01

    I have been searching for a good flat iron since my daughter broke her very expensive one. I hate that!

  13. 2015-01-29 / 21:02

    I love all of this advice! Sadly I barely get time to condition my hair let alone anything else 🙁 Boys!

  14. 2015-01-30 / 01:00

    Great tips! I probably wash my hair way more than I should, but I really hate feeling oily. I had no idea that short hair should be washed more than long hair. My hair hasn’t been in the best condition. might have to look into a hair mask. 🙂

  15. 2015-01-30 / 14:50

    I have pretty long hair, I normally wash it every other day, really depends on how busy I am or how much time I have. But I don’t do anything after that, I let my hair air dry, I don’t do any damage to it after that.

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