10 Things every mom-to-be should know about having a C-Section

10 Things every mom-to-be should know about having a C-Section

I had two C-Sections already and I am about to have my third one very soon.

I’ve learnt that C-Sections can be different and your body doesn’t react the same every time.

I don’t regret my C-Sections because it was the best option for me however I wish I prepared myself more for what could happen in the theatre. I wish I paid more attention during the C-Section discussions at my antenatal classes.

My first C-Section was an emergency and only half an hour before I went to the theatre, I realized that my dream of having normal birth was slowly fading away…

I went inside the theater clueless and scared… I looked around and started hyperventilating. It was a cold room filled with people who were waiting to do their job… operate on me!

Tip: My advice is to always research and read about what could happen during an emergency C-Section so you can prepare yourself mentally.

10 Things every mom-to-be should know about having a C-section

1. It’s just another working day at the office for everyone in the OR.

  • I remember my first experience… I was so excited to see my daughter but the Gynae didn’t even know the sex of my baby or the history of his patient (me). The procedure was done by my gynae’s brother who was emotionless. That dampened the mood in the room and it is something I will always remember about my first.
  • You have a say in the music you listen to during the procedure. The first time around it was 94.7 (didn’t know I had a choice) but the second time we had classical music which I loved thanks to my Gynae. It calmed me down and my son definitely had a dramatic entrance. 😉
  • Your body will be exposed on a table but no one cares about it except you – I used to be really shy about my body but after my C-Section, I learnt that you need to leave your ego at the door before entering a hospital because everything will be exposed during/after birth and everyone will be staring at your vagina but not for the reasons you think.

2. Your partner might not be allowed cut the cord.

Not every doctor gives your partner the opportunity to cut the cord during the procedure especially if it is an emergency. My husband wasn’t allowed to do this during both my operations which is a bit disappointing.

3. You will have a catheter inserted before the C-Section begins and it will tingle.

I’ve always heard that it is painful when inserted. Thank God they do the spinal block before this so you don’t really feel pain because your body is starting to get numb but you do feel a tingle. It will be done before you even blink.

4. Spinals are scary but they work fast.

I remember staring at the needle and feeling dizzy immediately (I hate needles) but the Anesthesiologist was there to help and calm me down. My Gynae and Anesthesiologist were extremely sweet and asked me how I felt throughout and even entertained me so I wouldn’t think about what was happening (inserting it in).

10 Things every mom-to-be should know about having a C-Section

5. You may feel itchy.

I got the itches during my first C-Section. My face, nose, arms and chest was itching (where I could feel). This had something to do with the spinal block.

6. Your mind can play games with you.

It felt very strange not been able to see OR feel my entire lower body. I kept telling my Doctor to put my leg straight even though it was. My mind was playing games with me and at one point, I felt like I was floating.

7. You might feel emotional.

During my second C-Section, I broke down in theatre and ended up encouraging all the doctors to sing to comfort me. It was funny and it made me smile again.

8. You could get “the shakes”.

The theatre is cold, so you may want to carry a blanket with but you can also end up with “the shakes” where your body can start shaking uncontrollably from head to toe because of the medication.

9. You might vomit.

A spinal block can make you feel nauseous and light-headed. This happened during my second C-Section but it went away after a while.

10. You can Breastfeed after a C-Section.

After they moved me off the operation table, I was given my son immediately for more skin to skin and breastfed as soon as I reached my room.

10 Things every mom-to-be should know about having a C-section

Instead of being scared of having a C-Section, enjoy the experience and savor the moments because these are the moments you will remember for the rest of your life. The Good. The Bad. And the Ugly, unfortunately.

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  1. Megan Hartwig
    2016-02-17 / 12:30

    I had a c-section, and the whole procedure ran smoothly.

  2. Enaisia
    2016-02-17 / 13:04

    I also had the dream of giving birth to my son naturally, but due complications in the pregnancy C-Section was my best option.
    I went in for the C-Section exactly 10 days ago, and resting at home with my beautiful son, while still healing.
    My Gynecologist and Anesthesiologist were awesome, talking me through everything, ensuring daddy and I keep calm.
    The itchiness was not so bad, felt it on my head and Before long My Dr said hey here’s your baby, take a picture daddy. And I saw my son… The proudest moment of my life thus far!

  3. 2016-02-17 / 14:04

    I was also hoping for a natural birth, infact that was what i really wanted. But my baby had other plans. She wasn’t moving so the doctor decided that it was best to get her out. He did induce labor but after 18 hours and only being 2 cm’s dilated i had to have a C-Section. I was really scared especially to have the epidural done and from what i had heard an antenatal classes about if you moved and stuff i was even more scared but likely i didn’t even feel it…phew. The rest of it went well. Except after the baby was taken out i started feeling nausea’s and almost vomited but my anesthesiologist sough-ted that out 🙂 . Still no matter what type of birth you have, seeing your baby for the first time is still magical and the only thing you remember!

  4. 2016-02-17 / 15:18

    I never experienced a C-sections, but the whole list I was warned about either by a friend or in ante-natal classes if I had to have an emergency c-section..such wonderful advice Shan.

  5. Kirsten
    2016-02-17 / 16:58

    I’m due in 5 weeks. I really didn’t know to expect anything like you mentioned above. I am going to try natural but if I am unable to then I will have a c-section. I haven’t done any research on a c-section as my mind is set on natural but I suppose I should as you never know what could happen! Thank you for sharing the above

  6. 2016-02-17 / 18:16

    Had a scheduled c section in 1997, fast forward 18 years, my bundle of joy will be born July 2016 via a scheduled c section at Kingsbury hospital

  7. 2016-02-20 / 11:12

    I am scheduled for a c-section and I’m pretty freaked out about the whole birthing process. At least now I am armed with info ☺

  8. Sarojini Govender
    2016-02-20 / 15:56

    Sadly when my little munchkin was born my hubby wasn’t allowed to cut the cord either. Overall it was the most wonderful experience our Drs and nurses kept cracking jokes. We didn’t even realize it was going to be so quick. I did however feel extremely thirsty and like I was about to pass out but my awesome Dr sorted it out.

  9. 2016-02-22 / 17:24

    I’m torn between natural and C-section…both have drawbacks…

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