School holidays just passed… Can you recall how your child spent it?

Late nights, TV on loud watching Frozen for the 80th time and lots of dirty laundry on the floor… Well that’s what my house looked like during the holidays.

I sung Let it Go almost every day…

For an almost 3-year-old, holidays at home is about screaming “MOM” every 5 minutes and reorganising the house. My living room was filled with puzzles, my office with dolls (without clothes) even my bathroom had toys! There was toys EVERYWHERE! Picture this: A pregnant woman walking through a room filled with Legos trying to reach the toilet seat… Reaching my destination was like climbing up Mount Everest.

My daughter isn’t in “school” yet, she attends a playschool which has days off plus my niece and nephew spent the holidays with us. So I had 3 kids at home. One is almost 3 (my daughter) my niece is 5 and my nephew is 10.

Even though I loved having minion company at home, there were days everyone needed a break from Frozen. I mean there’s only so many times you can sing Let it Go before your head starts spinning.

TV isn’t the solution to school holidays or weekends. I prefer the kids playing with toys, doing arts and crafts (not writing on the wall with lipstick but you know something on paper instead) and of course spoiling them with a day out when they behave.

Ice Age Expo

I know many of you may have kids in different age groups and finding it difficult to find something they all can do together… Well I’ve found some places to check out in Johannesburg during July/August plus I’ve got some activities you can do at home as a family. And I just might have a competition for you to get out of the house and into the cold. 😉

5 places to visit in Johannesburg with kids this July/August:

1. Ice Age Expo

I remember last year there was a dinosaur expo, Kitana was so fascinated. When I heard the ICE Age Expo was coming to Johannesburg, I fist pumped. Kitana loves Ice age and I love SID so I had to go! It was a great day out but unfortunately it can get expensive.

About the exhibition:

You will get to see 45 moving, life-size animals distributed among 12 scenes, as well as 11 animals in an interactive play area.

The exhibition’s main objective is that visitors should enjoy and share a unique experience; one that’s more exciting and moving than visiting a museum because the breath taking landscapes and scenarios recreate prehistoric life, showing biotypes such as tundra, forest and glaciers and placing each species in their natural environment. The ticket price includes a Snow Blizzard Tunnel.

Be transported to another world by having an adventure through the 12-m long Snow Blizzard Tunnel. Here you’ll experience a real snowstorm with actual snow and wind! Source: Ice Age Expo website.

The exhibition runs until 8 August 2015 at the Sandton International Convention Centre. It’s opened from Monday to Friday 09:00 ‒ 19:00 AND Saturday and Sunday 09:00 ‒ 20:00. You can get more info on the website:

2. The Art of the Brick

If your child loves Lego as much as mine then this is a must visit exhibition. The exhibition runs until August 2nd at The Zone – Rosebank. You can get more info on the website:

3. Bounce Inc.

The new place everyone is talking about. BOUNCE is a world where the wall becomes the floor, a slam-dunk is within your grasp and the rules of gravity no longer apply. It’s packed with lots of things to do with kids and the family, it takes the rush of getting airborne and adds a bunch of new dimensions – from aerial manoeuvres to slam dunking, wall running and dodgeball warfare. The best part is it doesn’t matter if you’re under 5 or an action sports junkie in training – you’re never too old or too young to have an awesome time. Source: Bounce Inc. website.

Please note this venue is for 3 years and older (you too 😉 ) The venue is opened Mon – Fri: 10am – 10pm Sat: 8am – 10pm Sun: 8am – 8pm. School & Public Holidays – Mon – Fri: 9am – 10pm Sat: 8am – 10pm Sun: 8am – 8pm. You can find out more info on the website:

Credit: Bounce

Credit: Bounce Inc.

4. Shrek Musical

The People’s Theatre presents Shrek the Musical. A musical event the entire family can enjoy. The show runs until August 2nd. School Holiday Show times: 10:30 am and 14:30 pm. Call 011 403 1563 to book or

5. Laser tag

Laser Tag is the “in thing” now for a 10 year old… (That’s what I heard)… The Laser Zone in Brightwater commons welcomes kids from 6 years and older. They opened from Tuesday 11:30am-20:00pm to Saturday 09:00am-23:00pm. You can get more info on the website:

There’s so many activities you can do at home with kids if you on a budget and don’t feel like going out. Pinterest is my best friend during the holidays because I get so many cost-effective ideas and the kids are always so impressed with me. I feel like “Super Mommy” at the moment with a big stomach of course.

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