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Today I’m going to be real with you and share some of my symptoms during pregnancy. I tried my best to find out about pregnancy before I fell pregnant but I never got the answer I was looking for. No one told me what I wanted to hear, I always got the same answer: “It’s beautiful”. This is not meant to scare anyone, it’s just to tell you how every mom to be goes through different symptoms.

I watched What to expect when you’re expecting when I was pregnant. Wow, what a movie. If you haven’t watched it, please do. It gives you a reality check on how every journey to parenthood is different.

what to expect when you're expecting

What to expect when you’re expecting:

1. Morning Sickness

I had morning sickness for a short period, thank God for that however during that period I hated water and many other things. That feeling of throwing up was horrible. Many women get morning sickness throughout their pregnancy like my cousin, who threw up everyday like 5 times. I honestly cannot see how that is beautiful.

Teenage Girl Feeling Unwell In Bathroom

2. Pains

From leg cramps in the middle of the night, headaches odd parts of the day to backaches throughout the day. There were times I wanted to take a pain-killer but I tried to avoid it, just to be safe.

3. Swollen feet

I had this towards the end of my pregnancy and there was nothing pretty about this. I was limited with shoes and had to keep my feet up all the time.

4. Gas

Oh yes! Pregnant women have gas and sometimes its hectic haha!

5. Hair loss

It took me a year after Kitana was born and 3 haircuts for my hair to stop falling. It was horrible, I left trails of hair everywhere I went.

6. Internal checks

When I was induced for labor, this was one thing that freaked me out even more than actually having a c-section. The doctor has no patience or emotions for you during labor. They literally just get in there full force.

7. Leaky boob and the works

It can happen during pregnancy when your breasts start preparing for baby, you may even discharge quite often.

8. Lack of sex

Many men get scared to be intimate with a pregnant woman..and I honestly don’t blame them, however, many women become more aroused during pregnancy.

9. Discomfort

You might need a pillow instead of your husband during the night For me, I used a pregnancy pillow and that was the only thing that could keep me comfy. It becomes difficult sleeping with a big stomach.

Beautiful pregnant woman lying on bed

10. Mood swings

You can have 2 or maybe 3 personalities Moods are normal and I was quite emotional. I used to sit and watch Bollywood movies and ball my eyes out.

11. Stay close to Mr. Loo

I peed a lot and spent half of my day in the toilet. It’s best you get some magazines to occupy you.

12. Your body changes

Hello, stretch marks… I prepared for this and used bio oil on my stomach every day but guess what…my thighs ended up getting stretch marks.

13. Dr google becomes your best friend.

I used to search for everything on pregnancy and I ended up finding some strange topics and videos!

14. Cravings

Nandos! I’m guessing this is one of the perks of being pregnant, you can eat anything you want. Some say that cravings is all in the head while others feel it exists. For me, It was just a feeling of wanting it all the time. I knew I had to eat this today! Please don’t stop yourself, your bambino wants it. πŸ™‚

Pregnancy cravings

15. Heartburn

I was lucky to have not experienced this but I’ve had friends who did. They say eating small meals throughout the day is better than 3 big meals.

Pregnancy is not beautiful for every woman, some hate it while others enjoy it. Labor and delivery is not the easiest and no I don’t think it’s possible to sneeze out your baby.

Be ready for the unexpected and don’t try to plan your pregnancy because things don’t always go our way.

Even though I had terrible aches and pains, I enjoyed been pregnant. Is it worth it in the end? Yes, it is and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else.

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  1. 2014-11-19 / 12:24

    Love this post!!!! I had 2 fairly easy pregnancies, I did however literally wet myself if I sneezed or laughed or coughed- not fun! My second pregnancy also brought leg cramps and veins that stood out and looked horrid. Loved my boobies which are now non-existent from breast feeding lol πŸ™ Love your honest look at the “your-glowing-and-look-gorgeous-but-I-feel-like-a-swollen-hippo” time of our lives πŸ˜€

    • 2014-11-19 / 16:41

      I love reading your comments … lol btw your photo shoot pics look awesome! Such a cute family.

  2. 2014-11-19 / 12:54

    You hit the nail on the head. I developed eczema when I was pregnant and nothing I could use helped.p, but it was all worth it in the end.

    • 2014-11-19 / 16:35

      Thank you Fathima, I was a bit nervous publishing this post but I’m so glad to hear moms can relate to it! Thanks for reading and keep commenting. πŸ˜‰

  3. sonya1019
    2014-11-19 / 17:39

    I’ve had such odd pregnancies, all four were so different! I couldn’t drink dairy with my 2nd, but I’m not allergic! The heartburn with my twins was unbearable, but I have acid reflux. It’s weird it didn’t act up with the other pregnancies though.

  4. 2014-11-19 / 17:43

    I was first of my group of friends to have a baby so I was always asked, did this happen to you when you were pregnant. I always told them Every Pregnancy is different, no one can tell you what is a Normal pregnancy!! Both of mine were so different and I am the same Mom!

  5. 2014-11-19 / 18:19

    Ahhh does not sound fun!! I’m kinda scared if I have kids now haha.

  6. 2014-11-19 / 19:28

    These are very accurate! Pregnancy is no walk in the park, for sure. The baby in the end makes it all worth it though πŸ™‚

  7. 2014-11-19 / 20:25

    Great post! Curious if the movie is related to the book of the same name. That was a bible for me in all three of my pregnancies.

  8. 2014-11-19 / 22:17

    These are all so true! The heart burn was the worst for me during the last trimester with my son! And I definitely was not prepared for delivery so it definitely wasn’t beautiful- which my husband loves to remind me of haha! But it is all so worth it when that baby is laying on your chest for the first time!

  9. 2014-11-19 / 22:31

    I haven’t seen that movie yet, I’ll have to watch it. Thanks for the info – if I ever am expecting I’ll have to come back for a refresher. πŸ™‚

  10. 2014-11-19 / 23:30

    oh boy, you are soooo lucky you didn’t experience heartburn because that was the worst for me!! It was constant no matter what I did. I felt like I could breathe fire! I love being a mom so so much, but to be honest, I hated being pregnant! Good list πŸ™‚

  11. 2014-11-19 / 23:51

    I think I’ll be holding off on kids of a long, long time. Thanks for sharing.

  12. 2014-11-20 / 04:14

    I had the worst heartburn when I was pregnant, but thankfully escaped any morning sickness.

  13. 2014-11-20 / 04:53

    Thanks for keeping it R.E.A.L.! Truth is the truth hurts;) But it’s ALL WORTH IT!

  14. 2014-11-20 / 06:25

    I loved that movie! It’s funny to me how pregnancy is so different for different women!

  15. 2014-11-20 / 06:35

    We’re days (hours? minutes?) away from welcoming our second girl into the world, and I feel like such a Debbie Downer. Pregnancy for us – not so cute. But of course our social circle seems to be filled with women with glowing pregnancy and no sign of heartburn, swelling, morning sickness, back ache, etc. Let’s just say we’re looking forward to the ‘infant hood’ part!!

    • 2014-11-23 / 09:59

      Sending you lots of hugs Susan. Congrats on your baby. πŸ™‚

  16. 2014-11-20 / 06:42

    I have yet to see the movie. My pregnancy was amazing. Morning sickness the first trimester, but after that is was a breeze.

  17. 2014-11-20 / 17:35

    Thanks for sharing this – I agree that it can be hard to find the “real story” about pregnancy. Maybe everyone who writes about how beautiful it is has never been pregnant?

  18. 2014-11-20 / 18:01

    Very true. I spent all 3 of my pregnancies hugging the toilet. I haven’t seen the movie yet.

    • 2014-11-23 / 09:59

      You must, it’s so funny! hehe

  19. 2014-11-20 / 22:43

    This list is so spot on. Not a fan of being sick. πŸ™

  20. TSB
    2015-02-18 / 13:43

    I had all of the above, the internal was aweful for me and between that and the contractions cannot weigh which was the worst….BUT in the end I loved every single moment of being pregnant it is an indescribable experience one that will be cherished always and I would do it all again in a flash πŸ™‚

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