What happens when your blog gets hacked…?!


You screeeeeam, you cry, you swear… That’s what!

It has been a frustrating 2 weeks for me ever since my blog got hacked.

Yes, I was hacked! As in some weird person, decided to code a virus in my WordPress theme and one of the plugins I used which literally messed up my entire website!

Before you start stressing, let me start by saying that no information was leaked – if you are a registered user on Momsays, your information is safe, I promise.

How did this all happen?

A few weeks ago, when we were moving data over to a secure server for Momsays, my husband noticed that something wasn’t right. My husband managed to fix it on his own, or so we thought …. But then something happened again last week which left me with no choice but to say goodbye to my old theme and start all over again…

So, what do you think of my new home? You, Baby and I had a little makeover and I am so happy with it!

Honestly, when all this drama began, I started stressing because I could have lost 4 years’ worth of content in a few minutes. I did lose many images in blog posts during the transfer but thank God, my posts are still here!

The hacker wasn’t interested in my information, he or she just wanted to add pop up adverts all over my site to make some moola!

I’ve learnt a few lessons from this:

  1. I have an amazing geeky husband who I will forever be grateful for.
  2. I have an amazing team behind me who worked during the weekend to make sure the website could go live today.
  3. Bloggers – be careful as to what plugins you add onto your blog.
  4. Updates are important.
  5. Backup every single day if you can!
  6. Don’t mess around too much with a WordPress theme, it can make the site bloated.


I guess that in a way, it was a good time to sit and think about the future of my blog and its branding. I wanted to change in order for the blog to connect more with my startup – Momsays.

Momsays has been built from scratch while this blog is still on WordPress however we have made sure everything is up to date and put a little more budget into security for the websites.

During the last couple of months, I haven’t felt motivated to write. It could have been because of Momsays or maybe because I wasn’t feeling my blog anymore.

Today, I realized just how much I missed writing! I woke up extremely excited to blog and tell you about my new theme. Crazy right? Who gets excited about a blog theme…ME! Ha-ha!

Sometimes change is needed. I’ve grown a lot over the past 2 years. You, Baby and I needed a little more mature look even though I am still obsessed with my teddy bear.


I feel like I just threw away 60K (that’s about how much I spent on my last website) but I am happier than I was a few days ago. I feel motivated and inspired by the beautiful images that I have uploaded today – images which reflects who I am right now and the content that I want to produce for you.

If you notice any errors and broken images, please let me know. You can email [email protected] so that I can fix it. I am still working on the theme and literally have to go back to each post to make sure everything is okay – so please bear with me, but I do promise to blog more often! Thank you for still being here and supporting me.

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