Where’s Wally?

Hello there! 😉 By any chance have you seen my friend Wally?

Pan Macmillan South Africa

He was last spotted in a crowd of people near Fairytale land but seemed to have disappeared while trying to make his way through the crowd.

Where's Wally

Kitana and I are busy colouring the town hoping to find Wally soon!

Pan Macmillan South Africa

Would I make a good storyteller? 😛

When we arrived back from USA, we had a few deliveries waiting for us in my office. One of them was the second book for our book party with Pan Macmillan South Africa. You can read the first book review here.

I’ve never done a book party before so this is pretty new to me but I am loving it thus far! We adding interesting titles every month to Kitana and Kiaan’s book collection. My daughter loves story time and looks forward to it every night. She’s also very artistic and has tons of colouring books!

Pan Macmillan South Africa

I’ve never bought her a book on Wally before because I didn’t think she would enjoy it. I was surprised that she actually liked this one. Maybe because she can go crazy with colours?

There’s a lot in the book and it can most probably take you at least 2 months to get to every single character (if you a perfectionist like me). Many pages have a few pictures coloured in which makes it a bit easier.

The book can be enjoyed by young and old artists alike!


It’s a good colouring book to get for kids that love a bit of a challenge.

It’s hours worth of entertainment. I think it is a good book to carry on a long distance flight for an 8-year-old and older.

Pan Macmillan South Africa

About the Author

Martin Handford spent much of his childhood drawing and his earliest influences were cinema epics and playing with toy soldiers. At art college he continued to draw what he calls “busy and militarily correct battle scenes” which led to his job as a freelance illustrator specialising in drawing crowd scenes for numerous clients. Martin now gathers his inspiration from a huge variety of sources; films, visiting museums and art galleries, reading comics and books, and collecting ephemera and trivia. He is fascinated by crowds, and is attracted to their vibes, patterns and details – especially humour; “I love their movement and energy.” Gradually, from all this meticulous research, the inspiration for a picture emerges, which Martin embellishes with his own ideas to create astonishing scenes. Each picture takes Martin months to draw. “As I work my way through a picture, I add Wally when I come to what I feel is a good place to hide him,” he explains. Source: www.amazon.com

Pan Macmillan South Africa

Find out more about the book and where you can purchase it on the Pan Macmillan website. You can find out more about the book party on www.picturebookparty.co.uk.

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  1. 2016-06-14 / 00:35

    This brings back memories from when I was a kid! Where’s Waldo was one of the biggest sellers back then! Your daughter is adorable! My son might like this book now because there’s a lot of coloring in it.

  2. 2016-06-14 / 01:28

    I remember when these came out when I was younger! I had no idea that they made a color book!

  3. 2016-06-14 / 03:30

    I love Where’s Waldo! I can’t believe they made a coloring book. I have to have it.

  4. 2016-06-14 / 09:48

    I would definitely enjoy this! Lately, I have tried my hand at adult coloring books and I am enjoying the time I spend playing with colors.

  5. 2016-06-14 / 10:20

    I remember this when I was younger. My siblings and I loved it. I’m sure the twins will love this book.

  6. 2016-06-14 / 15:35

    How cute! I remember doing these books as a kid, but now that there’s a coloring book… I think I need that, even though I’m a little too old for coloring books haha!

  7. Kathy
    2016-06-14 / 16:41

    That’s awesome that there is a coloring book for this now. I remember I had so many of the Where’s Waldo books when I was younger. I wonder why it’s called Wally now and not Waldo.

  8. 2016-06-14 / 17:05

    Oh my goodness, I LOVED Where’s Waldo when I was younger. It was such a blast, and I really enjoyed hunting him down all the time in the books my grandmother had.

  9. 2016-06-14 / 18:33

    How cute. I love that Where’s Waldo has been around for so many years now and people still really enjoy him! Love the kiddo in the wally glasses. SO CUTE!

  10. 2016-06-14 / 23:06

    I haven’t seen Where’s Waldo books in a long time. I should get one for my oldest son.

  11. 2016-06-15 / 16:29

    Love the eyeglasses on her. So cute! 🙂 My niece would have fun with that coloring book. Bet she’d love those glasses too.

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