Why are Moms so influential in the family?

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1. They touch our hearts

Mothers hold a special place in the hearts of their children. It starts from the moment they are conceived and carries through forever.

Children with bad relationships with their mothers are just as affected by those who have good relationships with their mothers.

Makes you wonder what makes mothers so special.

Why are moms so influential in the family?

Is it the fact that they carried you for 9 months? Is it the fact that they fed and clothed you? Is it the fact that they cleaned your boo-boos when you fell off your bike? It is none of these things and all of these things all in one.

2. The Phenomenon That Is Motherhood

Motherhood is the greatest joy and privilege in any woman’s life. When we think of mothers, we naturally think of a woman pregnant and breastfeeding.

This is only one way to be a mother.

Adoptive mothers are no different from biological mothers. They experience the same joys, heartaches, and stresses a mother who carried her baby for nine months and breastfed them for a year feels. It is the same feeling.

They stress over whether to use cloth or disposal diapers, organic baby food or regular commercial brands, who is the best paediatrician in the area. These mothers have the same stresses and concerns and quite often call on their mommy friends who have lived in the same journey of motherhood for advice.

3. Mom’s Nurturing Spirit

So, if adopted mothers and biological mothers suffer the same stresses and concerns, then simply giving birth is not the reason moms influence family the way they do.

Moms influence family through their nurturing nature. Moms are nurturers by nature.

The momma bird builds a nest to protect her young and give them a safe place to begin their lives. Human mothers are no different.

Mothers concern themselves with aspects of life fathers do not think of. Most fathers would not care either way about co-sleeping. They would not concern themselves with the ongoing debate of which bottle is the best for newborns. They would just pick a bottle up off the shelf and call it good enough.

Mothers worry about what types of food their families should eat. They delve into extensive research on what GMOs are and how can it harm the people they love the most in life, their family. Mothers debate over to immunize or not to immunize because they heard a news story reporting immunization causes autism.

A mother’s nurturing nature never shuts down. It is always there screaming in the background guiding her every decision for her family. The momma bear is always on guard for the fight ahead to keep her family safe from the harms of the world.

Why are moms so influential in the family?

4. Mom = The Best Support System

Mothers provide their families with the most support. No matter if it is the kids or her husband, a mother will be their biggest cheerleader. They provide us all with the most encouraging words, giving us the strength and confidence to accomplish anything we set out to do. It is their belief in us that gives us the confidence and courage to believe in ourselves. “Behind every great man is a great woman” was built on this true fact of nature. Mothers want everyone in their family to succeed. They sometimes have to be the driving force when we do not have the courage to drive ourselves.

Why are Moms so influential in the family?

5. Their Moral Compass

Mothers teach their families the difference between right and wrong and keep them honest. Mothers provide their children with a moral compass. They provide the consequences and harsh punishments of our actions so we do not suffer the even harsher consequences of the world.

6. She allows us to have a Safe Place to Fall

One of the biggest roles a mother plays in her family life is the job of providing a safe place to fall. Opening up our feelings to people, as humans, is not always easy. A mother is the family psychologist. Both the children of the family and the father go to Mom for moral support and emotional guidance. Mom is that shoulder everyone can freely cry on without feeling judged. She is the safest place for the family to fall. She will let you cry as long as you need and then lift you back up to your strongest self. She is the person you go to for great advice on everything.

Why are moms so influential in the family?

Mothers are the backbone of the family simply because they possess the emotions they need to be nuprturing, encouraging, supportive, protective, strong, courageous, and great guides in our lives. They sacrifice a great deal to make sure their family has all that it needs to survive and prosper. Moms influence family through their dedication and love.


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