Why Being a Mom is Enough

It’s been almost 3 years I’m a mom and oh what a journey…

I’ve written many posts about motherhood and my struggles but today I want to tell you that being a mom is enough.

You don’t need to be like the mom next door or the mom you see walking with 5 inch heels in the mall but yourself. You’re a great mom, don’t ever doubt yourself.

I thought motherhood was going to be easy but once my daughter was born, I realised it was anything but…. I started calling myself a failure. Why wouldn’t my daughter sleep through the night? Why isn’t she eating well? Did I do something wrong during my pregnancy that she ended up with a milk allergy? My mind was filled with crazy thoughts and it led me to frustration and depression.

Nestlé NIDO 3+ growing-up milk (GUM)

After 2 years of being a mom, it finally hit me. All my daughter wants is me. Why am I trying so hard to be this perfect mother? We sometimes forget that being a mom is enough for our kids and we just need to take each day as it comes. Motherhood isn’t glamorous but it is rewarding.

Being YOU is enough mom!

Being a mom is loving, fighting, praying, sacrificing, working and not giving up when you want to.

This Mother’s Day I’m celebrating Being a Mom thanks to NIDO and their awesome Facebook competitions.


NIDO has been a household name for many years. It’s a brand that moms trust and recommend.

Did you know during the first 5 years of your child’s life, their brain is developing at an incredible speed?

In fact these first 5 years lay a foundation for their entire lives, and we play a huge part in shaping it. Scary isn’t it?

The essential vitamins and minerals really aid in the development of these young minds. Let us face it we live in an age of processed food and fast technology. WE need to harness the goodness of life, and I guess that is why I appreciate brands like NIDO that come to the party. Not only do they provide the vitamins and minerals that children need, but they invest in our children by developing them in every area.

The five crucial areas of a young child’s development is:

  1. Speech and Language
  2. Memory
  3. Problem Solving
  4. Psychomotor Skills
  5. Attention

Nestlé NIDO 3+ growing-up milk (GUM)

Our kids amaze us, reaching new heights and doing the extraordinary. To help support their amazing growth and development, NIDO® is specially formulated with all the goodness of milk, vitamins and minerals. Nestlé NIDO 3+ is a growing-up milk (GUM) formulated to meet the specific nutritional needs of your pre-schooler, enhanced with branded active ingredients and enriched with vitamins and minerals.

Nestlé NIDO 3+ growing-up milk (GUM)

Science proves that when it comes to the learning process, your love and stimulation can make all the difference.

That’s why Nestlé has developed the Nestlé NIDO 3+ StimuLearn kit; a unique set of digital learning Apps that have been designed by child development experts at the Nestlé Research Centre in Switzerland.

StimuLearn Programme consists of 6 integrated apps. 5 game apps based on the 5 cognitive pillars to support children’s learning and one Mother App to monitor the child’s progress. The apps are available for free for both iOS and Android. Unfortunately the apps are not available for download worldwide yet but I’m sure they will be soon. 😉

You can download the Apps here -> http://goo.gl/3rbuzQ

Nestlé NIDO 3+ growing-up milk (GUM)

Allowing your child to play on the tablet once in a while isn’t a bad thing. There’s some awesome educational apps like StimuLearn that can give you 2 minutes to yourself while your child is actually busy learning something. Kitana loves playing games on the tablet, we spend about half an hour a day playing educational games. She’s learnt a lot from it and sometimes surprises me with the difficult learning games.

Nestlé NIDO 3+ growing-up milk (GUM)

I love that NIDO included a storytelling app and the best part is I can record my voice to personalise the story.

She loves the variety of apps StimuLearn provides but her favourite is Mr. Skylab. This simple puzzle game strengthens your child’s sense of form and figures and problem-solving.

Nestlé NIDO 3+ growing-up milk (GUM)

NIDO is not just a probiotic anymore, it’s a brand that is growing with every phase of motherhood. Their website ->http://goo.gl/3rbuzQ is filled with informative articles about nutrition, child development and so much more! You can connect with the brand on Facebook -> http://goo.gl/1TkM5i and Twitter -> http://goo.gl/7dgSdd. Follow their campaign with the hashtag #BeingAMomIs….

Don’t forget to enter their amazing Mother’s Day giveaway on their Facebook Page, the first competition starts next week. Opened to South Africans only.

Let us know what being a mom is to you…

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  1. 2015-04-28 / 11:31

    It’s a truly amazing thing to be able to watch our kids grow and learn. All those little things they do and say are mind blowing when you really think about it.

  2. 2015-04-28 / 11:33

    I think being mum is everything and there are so many priceless moments with children and family! Time and memories are precious to me!

  3. 2015-04-28 / 14:17

    Little kiddos are truly amazing. One of my favorite parts of being a Mom is watching them grow and learn. I like that this app has the personalized recording option!

  4. 2015-04-28 / 14:51

    Your little girl is so beautiful. I once thought I sucked at parenthood until I realized I parent in my own way and my children love me for it.

  5. 2015-04-28 / 16:26

    Being mom is more than enough. It’s a full time job on top of any other jobs you have, and you MUST do a good job. There’s no room for not giving it all you’ve got!

  6. 2015-04-28 / 22:43

    I remember striving to be that perfect mom when my kids were little. They are all grown now and all my kids are doing great. If I had to do it over again, I’d stress less about what others thought about my parenting skills. And I love those apps/games that are fun for kids, yet teach them so much! Being mom is a hard job, but it’s so rewarding. And I imagine you are a fantastic mom!

  7. 2015-04-28 / 23:17

    Being a mom is the most incredible gift in the world. I am thankful every single day! I love watching them grow, learn and explore. I’d never change it for anything!

  8. 2015-04-28 / 23:28

    Sometimes I gotta pat myself on the back because no schooling or extensive experience prepares you for motherhood. Thanks for a wonderful read!

  9. 2015-04-28 / 23:57

    I really enjoyed raising my kids and seeing them develop. I love learning apps and I’d definitely use them to help my kid have fun and learn.

  10. Your daughter is so adorable and precious. I’m going to share the info about Nestlé NIDO 3+ StimuLearn kit and the storytelling app with those I know could use the info. Thanks for sharing.

  11. 2015-04-29 / 01:23

    This is such a great post! NIDO looks like a great product! I’ll have to look into this more!

  12. courtneylynne
    2015-04-29 / 03:05

    Awwwww I totally am with you on this!! Pre mommy days I thought being a mom was an easy peasy job! TV and movies make it look that way but omg…. it is the total opposite!!! Wouldn’t trade it for the world though 🙂

  13. 2015-04-29 / 06:48

    You make some great motivational points about being a mom. Some days are harder then others, especially when everyone around you seems to be doing such a better job at it. Thanks for the reminder!

  14. 2015-04-29 / 10:40

    I would love to get this for my daughter. She has special needs and I think this would really help her.

  15. 2015-04-29 / 16:13

    I wish there were things like this back when I was a kid. I had a lot of speech problems and I know my mom went through a lot to make sure I was getting all the help I needed.

  16. 2015-04-29 / 16:31

    I love this blog! You made some wonderful points about being a mom and the struggles, challenges and joys involved! I think both my kids would really like this product! Thanks!

  17. 2015-04-29 / 19:05

    I love your statement that you don’t need to be next door supermom. It’s all about quality not quantity and this education bundle is great!

  18. 2015-04-29 / 19:19

    O totally agree, being a Mom is a great thing and yes, YOU as aMOm is aenough. I love being a stay at home Mom because I get to see my kids 24/7. I don’t have to pay sopmeone to look after or take care of them.

  19. 2015-04-29 / 23:43

    This does sound great. My favorite thing is that you can record your voice. I love that feature.

  20. 2015-04-29 / 23:50

    Being a Mom is not easy. It is 24 hour 7 days a week job. I love being a Mom it is so rewarding it is worth every minute.

  21. 2015-04-30 / 17:45

    That is so true all our kids need is for us to be there. No matter what age they are they will always need their parents.

  22. 2015-04-30 / 21:52

    Being a mother really is enough. It’s so amazing to see your child grow and learn before your eyes 🙂

  23. 2015-05-01 / 00:34

    Great post. Inspiring words. Being a mom is a tough job but it is the best.This box sounds like a great subscription for kids.

  24. 2015-05-01 / 16:23

    You are so right. All the kids want is their parents, We don’t have to be perfect. I do love learning apps

  25. andy
    2015-05-05 / 09:33

    Wow how true

  26. 2015-05-07 / 15:12

    Your daughter is so beautiful. I love being a mom.

  27. Bri
    2015-05-07 / 21:01

    Being the best mom that your child(ren) need is what is important at the end of the day. I have learned that I need to create my own standards to live up to.

  28. 2015-05-07 / 21:58

    I’m yet to experience this gift but when I do I know I will be great. This is a wonderful post as so many mothers seem to doubt themselves not knowing how great and valuable they are to their children

  29. 2015-05-07 / 22:59

    Love Nido! And you’re right being a mom IS enough!

  30. 2015-05-08 / 01:10

    you are right, it is enough. i think we sometimes lose site of that when so much is happening around us that we may feel we are missing out on.

  31. 2015-05-08 / 02:34

    Being a mom means everything to me and I have to say that I wouldn’t change it for the world. I’ve been doing it for 19 years now. As for Nestle Nido, sounds like something good that they’re trying to do here.

  32. 2015-05-08 / 02:51

    I’ve actually never heard of NIDO but it sounds great and something I could use with my own preschooler! She’s really great with the tablet so I think the StimuLearn apps would be fun for her. I also think its cute that the storytelling app allows you to record your own voice to for the story!

  33. 2015-05-08 / 03:14

    Great post. I do think we are wives, daughter’s, friends, etc. also we do have other identities too.

  34. 2015-05-08 / 05:05

    ” All my daughter wants is me” This is so true. I’m lucky enough to be home with my kids, and I have enjoyed every second of it

  35. 2015-05-08 / 05:10

    Being you IS enough. I am loving this article and that app. My toddler would love that.

  36. 2015-05-08 / 06:16

    I am a dog mom and give so much to dogs in general and they make my heart beat. Beautiful post.

  37. jessica m
    2015-05-08 / 12:05

    Love this post- I work FT and Im gone 12 hours a day – I see my girls maybe 3 hours a day and weekends.

  38. 2015-05-08 / 16:47

    Hubby wants to get our 1 yr old something like this soon! I think it’s a great idea in this generation!

  39. 2015-05-08 / 20:51

    We use some of those apps! Nicky isn’t so good at matching but he loves the puzzles.

  40. 2015-05-08 / 22:00

    Love this post 🙂 informative as always :). I must get this app for my little one. Being a mom for me is one of the most fulfilling things in my life. Cannot see life without my child <3

  41. 2015-05-09 / 00:57

    Being a mom has always been enough for me. It is what I always wanted

  42. 2015-05-11 / 14:30

    You are a great mom! You figured something out it takes many years to get. We just do the best we can and hope for the best!

  43. 2015-05-14 / 04:50

    I love this post. Being a mom can cause so much stress trying to be the “perfect mom”.

    • 2015-05-14 / 16:47

      Thank you for reading! I appreciate it. 🙂

  44. 2015-05-17 / 05:31

    We all have to do our best. It is hard work but so worth it.

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