5 reasons why I use Vaseline during Winter

Did you know an ordinary jar of vaseline can make an extraordinary difference every day? Yes, I know it is hard to believe this but trust me, it works wonders!

Vaseline BLUESEAL is the original wonder jelly that has restored and protected families for decades. It works by creating a sealing barrier between cells, which locks in moisture and speeds up your skin’s natural recovery from dryness, helping it heal from within.

I started using the product religiously about 4 years back after my daughter was born and ever since then it has been on my must-buy shopping list!

There’s always a tub of vaseline in my house and I even keep a tiny tub in my handbag during winter since I use it as a lip and hand moisturizer too.

Will Vaseline Jelly clog my pores? 

No, it will not. Third-party industry experts from the Journal of Cosmetic Science, have scientifically proven that Vaseline Jelly is non-comedogenic, which means it will not clog pores, irritate your skin, or cause acne. Source: www.vaseline.co.za

There are soooo many uses for vaseline but I am going to share my favorites with you.
5 reasons why I use Vaseline during Winter

1. Vaseline helps treat eczema.

My son has eczema. Honestly, when I found out about it, I freaked out! I had no idea what to do or how to treat it because no one in the family experienced this before. I ended up spending a lot of money purchasing unnecessary products because 2 doctors prescribed 2 different brands which didn’t end up helping my son at all. After researching almost every day about the creams available for eczema, I came across an article suggesting vaseline. Honestly, I was nervous at first but after a few applications, I could see a difference.

Did you know?

Petroleum jelly applied on dry patches at night is effective to reduce dryness? It is also fragrance-free and less likely to cause more irritation. The National Eczema Association even recommends using it as a moisturizer for hand eczema.

2. Vaseline helps prevent a diaper rash.

I’m sure you heard about this one before. Vaseline locks in moisture to treat and prevent chaffed skin from diaper rash.

It helps:

  • Keep your baby’s skin feeling soft, smooth and protected.
  • Lock in moisture and keep out wetness, helping to treat and prevent diaper rash.
  • Gentle on skin, hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores).


3. An awesome inexpensive exfoliator!

I just recently tried this one!

Combine vaseline with brown sugar to create an exfoliator. It will help buff away dry skin and give you smoother silky skin to get ready for summer.

4. Vaseline helps Soften skin.

I use:

  •  Vaseline on my legs (during winter) because my skin gets so dry and cracked! I’ve tried many moisturizers but found that Vaseline still works the best for me.
  • Vaseline for cracked heels. Tip: Before going to bed, rub vaseline on places where your skin is extra-dry.
  • Vaseline for my cuticles, it helps keep them soft.
  • Vaseline on my dry lips as an exfoliator and lip balm. Tip: Gently rub your lips with a wet toothbrush, followed by a gentle massage of vaseline before bed. This will clear dead skin, cracks, and pigmentation over time.
  • Vaseline as a makeup remover during winter which helps clean off my stubborn makeup quicker and moisturizes my skin.
  • Vaseline to help soften dry and cracked elbows.

Vaseline in winter

5. Vaseline helps with dry nose and allergies!

My entire family has allergies and I always end up struggling with my nose. My nose gets so sore that it becomes bruised. I apply vaseline around the chapped area to heal. For allergies, you can apply vaseline around your nostrils, and a little on the inside. This will help prevent pollen and other allergens from entering your nose. Vaseline can also help with irritated eyes (apply a thin layer around your eye).

Vaseline is a product you most probably would store in your kitchen cupboard, bathroom cupboard, first aid box and even in the garage! It is so versatile that a tub will never get wasted. For me, it is the best budget friendly product for winter that can be used by the entire family!


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5 reasons why I use Vaseline during Winter


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  1. Carolyn Augustus
    2016-08-15 / 13:01

    I use it as a foot mask at bed time and when dying my hair to avoid dye from staining my skin

  2. Riaz
    2016-08-15 / 14:44

    I use Vaseline on my dry skin

  3. Sayuri
    2016-08-15 / 14:45

    I use Vaseline on my lips to moisturize my lips and keeps it from cracking.

  4. Sayuri
    2016-08-15 / 14:46

    shared on twitter – @Sayu_riaz

  5. Megan Hartwig
    2016-08-15 / 14:46

    Vaseline is so incredibly versatile. It’s a great lip balm! I use Vaseline to help moisturize, soften, and smooth lips – Yup. Use it at night as a lip balm and my lips are soft and smooth when I wake up.

  6. Sharon
    2016-08-15 / 14:57

    i use vaseline product on my face , help lighten my dark spots.

  7. Tracy
    2016-08-15 / 16:32

    My son uses it for just inside his nose and it stopped nosebleeds!

  8. 2016-08-15 / 19:01

    I use vaseline on my face legs hands and face. It keeps my skin smooth and soft.

  9. Sharleen
    2016-08-15 / 21:36

    I use it for my lips, hands, heels, to tame stray hairs and eyebrows too

  10. 2016-08-16 / 09:40

    I use Vaseline to soften my skin, as a lip balm, as my son’s pre nappy treatment (especially when he has a rash), I use it when we have a rash, I use it combined with a hair serum to put at the tips of my hair so they don’t look so dry and damaged – actually it’s my go to for everything (Vaseline and Zambuk! )

  11. Morgan Rambau
    2016-08-16 / 12:16

    When my feet develop some cracks I just apply Vaseline and the cracks will disappear in no time and my feet will be smooth and soft.

  12. rehana seedat
    2016-08-16 / 21:14

    Shared facebook and twitter @rehanaseedat Signed up to newsletter. I use Vaseline for my dry skin and lips. To soothe my cracked heels. I also use it to make a DIY lip or body scrub. I Mix ordinary sugar with an eighth of a teaspoon of Vaseline to create a quick lip scrub. It helps get rid of any flakes and create a supersmooth canvas for lip color .To help prevent chafing and soothe dry cuticles.

  13. Natasha
    2016-08-20 / 09:33

    I use vaseline for my whole body including my lips, vaseline is the product that makes my body feEl the most moisturised and when my lips feels extremely dry because I used too many lipstick vaseline is the only product that can help take this feeling away, I love using vaseline

  14. 2017-12-21 / 10:59

    Excellent article about Vaseline use for winter season.Vaseline is origin wonder jelly.it’s protected our skin and keep our skin smooth.Thanks.

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