WIN a Frozen Hamper from Disney’s Magical Adventures

Elsa, Queen of Arendelle, single-handedly set off an eternal winter that enveloped an entire village in snow and ice.

With a wave of her hand, she created a magical snowman whose love of fun in the sun is made possible by tiny flurries she summons to keep him in the cold.

The grand palace she built from the ground up comes complete with an icy staircase and a stunning, one-of-a-kind chandelier.


But can she throw a party?

Frozen Fever is a brand-new short from Walt Disney Animation Studios.

It’s Anna’s birthday and Elsa hopes to make up for a lifetime of closed doors by throwing her little sister a party she’ll never forget.

Frozen fever

“She’s determined to give Anna the big birthday celebration that just wasn’t possible when they were little and lived in their isolated world,” says director Jennifer Lee. “Elsa enlisted the help of Kristoff, Sven and Olaf—everyone who cares about Anna.”

She has the cake, a slew of gifts and a clever plan to reveal it all—but the all-powerful Queen of Arendelle also has something brewing that just might derail everything. “Elsa is catching a cold,” says director Chris Buck. “But it’s not just any cold. There’s magic in Elsa’s sneezes.”

Frozen fever

Unbeknownst to Elsa, every time she sneezes, the magic within her makes tiny snowmen—Snowgies—whose unbelievable cuteness is only partly mitigated by their penchant for mischief. “They wreak havoc on the party,” says Buck. “Like Olaf, they have their eyes on Anna’s cake.”

The short welcomes back to the big screen the voices that helped bring the “Frozen” favorites to life. Kristen Bell (Showtime’s “House of Lies”) once again lends her voice to Anna, and Idina Menzel (Tony Award® nominee, Tony Award winner, “Wicked”) returns as the voice of Elsa. Jonathan Groff (HBO’s “Looking”) voices Kristoff, and Josh Gad (“The Wedding Ringer”) provides the voice of unforgettable snowman Olaf. Oscar®-winning songwriters Kristen Anderson-Lopez (“Up Here”) and Robert Lopez (“Broadway’s “The Book of Mormon”) wrote an all-new song for the short, and composer Christophe Beck (“Cake”) provides the score.

Directed by Beck and Lee, produced by Peter Del Vecho and Aimee Scribner, and executive produced by John Lasseter, “Frozen Fever” is still showing at Cinemas in South Africa, in front of Disney’s live-action “Cinderella.”

We are celebrating Frozen Fever with an awesome competition thanks to Disney’s Magical Adventures.

Magical Adventures

You can WIN one of two Frozen Hampers which include a Frozen Blu-ray DVD and a Frozen Stationery Activity Set for your little one.



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  1. Anita
    2015-04-17 / 15:02

    I LOVE the whole movie! I’ve shared to FB and twitter

    • Natasha
      2015-04-17 / 18:03

      Best movie ever! My kids loved it especially WHEN Elsa built her castle.

    • natasha
      2015-04-20 / 17:12

      My favourite part was when olaf got impaled by a icicle

  2. Juanita Swanepoel
    2015-04-17 / 15:10

    When Elsa’s secret power is revealed but also love the whole movie 😉

  3. Lynn Botha
    2015-04-17 / 15:11

    I have so many favourite parts but if I had to choose, It has to be where Elsa sings her famous song – Let it Go, and she creates her Ice Palace. especially where she changes into that beautiful dress . I’m not sure who sings the loudest.. me, my 4 year old daughter or 3 year old son. They absolutely love the movie and I.. I mean we are very excited for the next one 🙂

  4. Jackie Katzen
    2015-04-17 / 15:13

    My fav scene is when Olaf & Anna are in the library and he is teaching her what true love is & how that means putting someone else’s needs before yours – just too cute.
    Have shared on FB & tweeted @JaxxLisa

  5. Wyona Landman
    2015-04-17 / 15:31

    Love to win this for my princess Shiloh we both like the part where Elsa sings

  6. loveitha ramjiyavan
    2015-04-17 / 15:34

    the song let it go!!!!

  7. Elize
    2015-04-17 / 15:52

    When the song let it go begin scene 🙂

  8. 2015-04-17 / 15:55

    Has to be the part where Olaf sings about summer!

  9. Marlaine Reynders
    2015-04-17 / 16:01

    I love everything in the movie, absolutely beautiful!!! Favourite part – where Elsa creates her Ice Palace!!!!! 🙂

  10. Carolyn Augustus
    2015-04-17 / 16:13

    We lve when Olaf sings Summer

  11. Desireen
    2015-04-17 / 16:14

    Right at the end when Anna melts 😉 for that has got to be the best, well for my little one :):)

    • 2015-04-17 / 17:06

      When Anna and old is in the castle infront of the fireplace and starts melting but he answers some ppl are worth melting for

  12. 2015-04-17 / 18:20

    My fave is when Olaf says “I don’t have bones ” Too cute

  13. Gcobisa Cinani
    2015-04-17 / 18:37

    When Alsa throws a big and beautiful party for her sister Anna 🙂 that’s a sweet thing to do 🙂

  14. rehana seedat
    2015-04-17 / 21:22

    REHANA SEEDAT The part where Elsa sings her famous song – Let it Go, and she creates her Ice Palace. I have subscribed to the newsletter already and have tweeted as well @rehanaseedat

  15. Chantal Kotze
    2015-04-17 / 22:12

    I love the ‘battle of the nose’ between Olaf and Sven. Too cute. And at the end where Olaf sneeze and Sven eats his nose but gives it back obviously.

  16. thea
    2015-04-17 / 23:53

    Love it when Olaf sings Summer

  17. Bongiwe Mavimbela
    2015-04-18 / 07:24

    My favourite part it’s when the snowgies are up to mischief during Anna’s party. Shared on Facebook, Google+ and on Twitter @XhosaCliqs

  18. N Naidoo
    2015-04-18 / 12:31

    When Anna meets the trolls – hilarious!

  19. farzana
    2015-04-18 / 14:27

    When Elsa makes the snow castle it show you dont need a prince to have a castle

  20. Mariza Benrkia
    2015-04-18 / 20:05

    When she sings… let it go.

  21. Suzanne Esterhuysen
    2015-04-19 / 16:34

    Olaf…. he’s just the coolest… scuse the pun

  22. Priscilla boscombe
    2015-04-19 / 17:31

    I have not watched it yet

  23. Priscilla boscombe
    2015-04-19 / 17:31

    I have not watched it yet

  24. Lizanne Fivaz
    2015-04-19 / 18:03

    When Elsa sings Let it go

  25. minta
    2015-04-19 / 19:38

    My grandchild 3 years love this film…. even got granny to make a Elsa dress. Fantastic movie.
    When Elsa froze summer.

  26. Lauren
    2015-04-19 / 21:06

    My favourite scene is Anna’s “Do you want to build a snowman” song. It makes me think of all the code phrases I have with my sisters and how one phrase can mean so very much between girls who know each other so well. Love this movie on so many levels and cannot wait for my little girl to understand it! 🙂

  27. Fehmida Wally
    2015-04-20 / 00:01

    I love the part where Elsa freezes Ana’s heart by mistake and brings her back to life with true LOVE ….

  28. bindya
    2015-04-20 / 08:37

    The song let it go

  29. Angelika van der Mescht
    2015-04-20 / 08:44

    Love the hole movie. Especially were Elsa build her ice castle.

  30. marne
    2015-04-20 / 09:40

    Love to win this for my princess..the part where Elsa sings..Awesome

  31. Joanne
    2015-04-20 / 09:46

    My favourite scene is when olaf gets his own cloud during summer so he doesn’t melt.

  32. 2015-04-20 / 10:20

    Ahhhhh man… this is awesome! I have to watch this!

  33. Jess
    2015-04-20 / 10:29

    My daughters and I absolutely love Frozen, we have watched it more than 30 times. We love the song Let it Go, Do you want to build a snowman. Our more favourite part though is when Elsa holds her sister and it melts her and brings Anna back to life.

  34. nasika baijnath
    2015-04-20 / 11:16

    shared on facebook

    i love the scene where Anna meets the trolls for the second time

  35. Sarah Leigh Knight
    2015-04-20 / 11:25

    It’s so hard to choose a favourite part! Both my girls (3 & 4 years old) and myself (31 years old!) LOVE this movie and all the songs in it.

    My 3 year old’s absolute favourite part is when Elsa sings “Let it Go”. In fact the teachers at her school say she sings it at the top of her voice throughout the day. ;p She also loves “For the First Time in Forever” and sings that one quite a lot too. “Love is an Open Door” is super cute, just love it. My all time favourite is when when both Elsa and Honour sing “For the First Time in Forever” / “Don’t let them in”. So beautifully composed. 😀 This movie really took me by surprise by just how much I’ve enjoyed it. Quite possibly even more than my little girls. 😉

  36. 2015-04-20 / 12:15

    We love the part when they are singing in the beginning two little girls that love frozen and want to be elsa & Anna

  37. Margo Welge
    2015-04-20 / 13:51

    I have 2 fav moments. 1st… The moment where Anna saved Elsa. True act of love. 2nd…. Watching my 20 month old boy reacting with laughter and delight when he saw the movie at a friends house for the 1st time. It’S the first time he has reacted this way. Was beautiful to see.

  38. 2015-04-20 / 14:02

    My favourite is Olaf singing about summer 😉

  39. ferouza
    2015-04-20 / 15:51

    favourite part is the FROZEN love the hole girls watch it everyday!!!!

  40. Michelle Laubscher
    2015-04-20 / 15:52

    My daughter knows all the words to all the songs on Frozen. I will be the best mom if I surprise her with this Hamper

  41. Jenni Bure
    2015-04-20 / 20:20

    My favourite scene is when Ana ans Christof meet Olaf and then Olaf sings his ‘Summer’ song. Love it!

  42. mandy
    2015-04-20 / 21:03

    When Anna hits prince Hans.

  43. depashni marie
    2015-04-20 / 22:20

    Loved the whole movie…but my favourite scene was when they sang do you wanna to build a snowman

  44. Tamrin Norval
    2015-04-21 / 06:56

    My daughter loves the scene with “let it go” hope to win this. For her birthday this weekend

  45. Swastika Surujlal-Naicker
    2015-04-21 / 08:59

    This movie has not only entertained my daughter(5years) but both my husband and I. The storyline, characters are true my gelled together fantastically. it’s really difficult to determine a favourite scene when every part of the movie was a pleasure to watch. this movie captured the different emotions so well that my daughter was able to connect to all of them. She showed sadness at the loss of their parents, n when Ellse refused to play with Anna, to joy n happiness when the sister’s were united. Not forgetting the singing along with all the beautiful songs. Actually my favourite scene was watching my daughter interact with this entire movie.

  46. Tahra
    2015-04-21 / 10:28

    I love the part where Anna sings ‘Do you want to build a snowman’

  47. 2015-04-21 / 10:50

    One of the best Disney movies ever!!!! I think my favourite and the funniest scene in Frozen took place in shop where Anna and Kristoff have met. And later when they spent time in stable. Sven was so cute in this scene! I have shared this giveaway on Twitter (@flutterbymegs). Fingers crossed!

  48. Carli MOstert
    2015-04-21 / 11:41

    WOW How to choose one favourite from a movie full of hightlights! I LOVED most where Elsa Sings her Song LET IT GO and creates her Ice castle where she can just be! BEAUTIFUL

  49. Nici de Wet
    2015-04-21 / 11:50

    My daughters fave scene is Elsa singing Let It Go as she re-enacts the whole scene in front of the TV and sings the song word for word!

  50. Karina Haynes
    2015-04-21 / 12:05

    yes the theme song “let it go”

  51. Natasha Wright
    2015-04-21 / 12:38

    Wow, the whole movie was excellent, but I think the best part is where Elsa saved Anna at the end. The love between two sisters can’t keep them apart forever. My daughter loves Frozen, she would watch it over and over everytime

  52. Arlene le Roux
    2015-04-21 / 13:49

    The part where they play Elsa making it snow, they ice skate, build Olaf. Then Elsa builds the snow for Anna to jump. That is soooo special, up until Anna fell as she went too fast.

  53. 2015-04-21 / 16:20

    My son n l love the “do u wanna build a snowman” scene. Frozen is his favourite movie.

  54. Maritsa van Rooyen
    2015-04-21 / 17:58

    The theme song “Let it go” is beautiful.

  55. emma
    2015-04-21 / 19:20

    The scene where elsa and anna make amazing ice things to play on..a kids dream!

  56. Jean
    2015-04-21 / 19:48

    My favorite scene is Kristoff singing his ‘duet’ with Sven…

  57. Tamsyn
    2015-04-21 / 22:13

    Every scene with Olaf in!!!!

  58. 2015-04-22 / 09:44

    When Elsa sings LET IT GO… Its quite a catchy Song, My girls and I sing it when drive in the car. Its my eldest daughter Shasha’s ring tone aswell.

  59. Liana Hendricks
    2015-04-22 / 11:04

    We love when Elsa sings “do you wanna build a snowman”

  60. Ruth Tanser
    2015-04-23 / 09:50

    Tweeted @roxyruth
    So many parts!! Love her singing ‘let it go’ and building the castle!!

  61. Yvette Hamilton
    2015-04-23 / 15:20

    I LOVE the part where Olaf says ‘he likes warm hugs’ it’s soooo adorable 🙂

  62. 2015-04-23 / 15:26

    Just like everyone, its hard to pick just one part, but I love the message in the end. Often people like to see themselves as victims that need to be saved. When the grand gesture that saves could easily come from the “victim” cant wait to teach this to my kids!

  63. anita Dingwayo
    2015-04-23 / 16:12

    oh, all those songs and dancing in my house, can imagine

  64. 2015-04-23 / 20:24

    I love the entire movie. I watch it so often with my little one. Favourite part is when Elsa sings “Do you want to build a snowman”

  65. Monique
    2015-04-24 / 07:52

    My daughter loves frozen. She will get dressed up to watch it and then her favourite part is when elisa sings let it go. She stands on her bed and the whole neighbourhood hears let it go…lol..its a very cute movie I love the reindeer he’s cute

  66. 2015-04-24 / 08:15

    The scene where Elsa feels that she is finally free and sings Let it Go!

  67. 2015-04-24 / 09:48

    The whole movie, but if I should pick a scene I would say the Let it Go part and also the part where Olaf asks who the donkey is and then the raindeer!

  68. 2015-04-24 / 15:41

    When Elsa sings the song let it go

  69. ilse
    2015-04-24 / 18:09

    When olof sneezed and carrot got in reindeer’s mouth. My son laughed so loud.

  70. Melissa
    2015-04-25 / 21:12

    Love the movie 🙂 especially when the ice castle was being built!

  71. Carey-Anne
    2015-05-05 / 14:43

    my best part was when Elsa sneezes and ever time she sneezes all these little snow babies appear!! love it!! olafs expression is brilliant!!

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