Win BIG with Tiny Love South Africa!

We welcoming 2017 with the biggest competition ever hosted on the blog thanks to Tiny Love South Africa!

I recently found out that I am pregnant so we are celebrating on the blog! 😉

Our little bundle of joy will make his/her appearance in June 2017. Exciting times ahead!

Thanks to Tiny Love, I am already prepared and don’t need to stress much about baby products but I am extremely excited to try out some products from their new range which recently launched in South Africa.

Tiny Love launches new products in South Africa:

Tiny Love always listens to what parents want hence they introduced a variety of new products that you can use long-term. It will save you money and space because the brand understands how expensive baby products can be.

3-in-1 Close to Me Bouncer

tiny love

I can predict that this will be one of the hottest products to have in 2017 since it is a product that is easy to carry around, doesn’t take a ton of space and doesn’t cost you an arm and leg!


  • Easily shifts through 3 modes of use: high seat, bouncer, and soothing mode, keeping you and your baby close and at eye level to encourage exploration and bonding.
  • Portable, movable and compact, this product has two rear wheels and easily folds flat – perfect for storage.

High Seat Mode

tiny love south africa

Raise the Close to Me Bouncer seat to dining table height to enjoy some face to face time with baby, letting baby sit by the family table to enjoy meals (bottles and later first solids) with the rest of the family.

Soothing Mode

tiny love

Recline the back of the bouncer to let baby relax in a more soothing position, listening to playful and relaxing tunes (25 mins of music).

Bouncer Mode

tiny love

Let baby enjoy the vibrations at sofa level and play with the Close to Me Bouncer’s cute arch toys while in the familiar bouncer mode. The is an excellent position to let baby enjoy some quality family time in the living room.

Gymini® 1 2 3 Here I Grow!

This is a 3-in-1 interactive versatile Gymini that grows with your baby!

tiny love


  • Extraordinarily versatile baby activity mat with modular arches that create 3 modes of use that encourage the development of fine and gross motor skills from birth to toddlerhood.
  • 15 fun activities and features: musical electronic ball game, bird wind chime, tiger ball with rings, frog mirror and more.
  • Innovative electronic ball game includes 2 modes of music, interactive lights & music feedback and a sliding spiral for small balls.

Mode 1 – Lying and Tummy Time

tiny love

Engaging soft lights & music feature and fun toys help extend tummy-time, encourage the development of gross motor skills and engage baby while on the mat.

Mode 2 – Sitting Up

tiny love

Activity gym folds to offer enchanting ball game with musical feedback that encourages fine motor skills and strengthens the sitting position.

Mode 3 – Standing Up

tiny love

Fun sliding spiral ball game lets a standing toddler enjoy playing in a more sophisticated way while learning about cause and effect.

Kangy Kangaroo Changing Time Toy

Baby’s best friend, mom’s best helper!
tiny love


  • Stimulating & engaging break-through changing time toy that occupies your baby while being changed.
  • Made of soft, textured fabric, it transforms diaper changing into a fun and stimulating experience.
  • Complete with a range of developmental features: 6-page multi-sensory book, gentle bouncing movement that responds to baby’s touch, teether, built-in rattle and crinkly ears.
  • 2 modes of attachment allow you to attach Kangy to changing table and play yards with a special detachable connector or place on a flat surface using extra stand.
  • As baby grows, the changing time toy transforms into a cuddly take-along toy fitted with a front kangaroo pouch that can be used as a pacifier pocket.

1. Kangy is fitted with a universal detachable connector that fits most changing tables and playpens.

Attach as desired to amuse and engage baby while changing diapers or playing in the play yard.

tiny love

2. The interchangeable stand lets you place Kangy on any flat surface you like, offering total versatility.

tiny love

3. Remove the clip base to turn Kangy into a cuddly toy that is perfect as a take-along and includes features that help encourage your growing baby’s cognitive development.

tiny love

Soothe ‘n Groove Mobile™ Safari

Fun safari redesign of the melodious and groovy Soothe ‘n Groove Mobile.

tiny love


  • Musical library with endless choice of melodies: 18 tunes in 6 categories.
  • Grows with your baby: changes from mobile-crib to stand-alone music box.
  • Baby-activated button promotes independence and enables exploration.
  • Calming night-light helps soothe baby.
  • Fashionable unisex redesign with adorable safari animals.

1. Enjoy as a classic mobile with added musical value and variety.

tiny love

2. Remove the mobile arm and leave the music box only once baby is sitting up.

tiny love

3. Allow baby to enjoy carrying the stand-alone music box around once walking kicks in.

tiny love

Win with Tiny Love South Africa!

You can win the following:

3 in 1 Close to me Bouncer

tiny love

123 Here I Grow Gym

tiny love

City Safari Soothe ’n Groove Mobile

tiny love

Kangy Kangaroo

tiny love

For more information on the above products, visit


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  • The winner will be chosen via

Good luck!

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  1. Carina de Klerk
    2016-12-30 / 12:21

    I absolutely love the 3 in 1 close to me bouncer! That is so cute and I would love to win this hamper for my rainbow baby Caden ♡

  2. Lorryn Herbst
    2016-12-30 / 12:27

    The 3 in 1 close to me bouncer is my favourite!

  3. Palesa
    2016-12-30 / 12:29

    3-in-1 close to me bouncer

  4. Robyn Wicks
    2016-12-30 / 12:48

    3 in 1 close to me bouncer

  5. Yoliswa Ntloko
    2016-12-30 / 12:49

    Yoliswa Ntloko
    My favourite product is the Tiny Love 3 in 1 close to me me bouncer

  6. Yoliswa Ntloko
    2016-12-30 / 12:50

    My favourite product is the Tiny Love 3 in 1 close to me bouncer

  7. Bongiwe Ndimande-Mbhele
    2016-12-30 / 12:53

    I love the 3-IN-1 CLOSE TO ME BOUNCER

  8. Kirsty Gray
    2016-12-30 / 13:18

    I love the 3-in-1 close to me Bouncer

  9. Zayaan Schroeder
    2016-12-30 / 13:23

    They all look amazing but the 123 Here I Grow gym is the one that really catches my eye. Been looking for something like that for my daughter.

  10. Gaelyn Cokayne
    2016-12-30 / 15:00

    The 3 in 1 close to me bouncer is my fave!

  11. VARSHA T
    2016-12-30 / 15:51

    Big congratulations to you Shan. You are so lucky wish I was so prepared…. I really love the 3 in 1 close to me bouncer. Fingers crossed tightly .

  12. Kim Hoffe
    2016-12-30 / 15:59

    I love Kangy Kangaroo!

  13. Joles
    2016-12-30 / 16:24

    I love the 3 IN 1 Close To Me Bouncer especially because of the 3 incredible modes. #MomandBrands

  14. Sharleen
    2016-12-30 / 16:37

    Kangy Kangaroo is awesome #MomandBrands

  15. Nicolene
    2016-12-30 / 18:13

    Love the 3 in 1 close to me bouncer.

  16. Nicolene
    2016-12-30 / 18:16

    Love the 3 in 1 close to me bouncet

  17. Muhammad
    2016-12-30 / 20:46

    I would love to win the 3 in 1 closer to me bouncer for my newborn baby boy

  18. Astara Pheiffer
    2016-12-30 / 21:51

    I love the 123 here I grow gym!!! Babies would love that!

  19. Zayne Khan
    2016-12-31 / 10:01

    Love the Kangy Kangaroo..looks so bright, cheerful!

  20. 2016-12-31 / 11:35

    My absolute favorite is the 3in1 close to me bouncer. It’s so versatile a need for every busy mom.

  21. Irfaan
    2016-12-31 / 12:18

    My favourite is the kangy kangaroo, would be very helpful for the baby we are expecting.

  22. Irfaan
    2016-12-31 / 12:20

    I nominate Sofiah Motala as she is becoming a first time mum and will really appreciate these beautiful items

  23. Tasneem Katsen
    2017-01-02 / 11:54

    My fav new product is the 3 In 1 close to me Bouncer.

  24. Adele
    2017-01-05 / 09:19

    Oh wow, these new products look absolutely amazing! Love the KANGY KANGAROO CHANGING TIME TOY, Im sure this would help with changing times, as my little one is such a wriggler 😉

  25. Gladys Maluleke
    2017-01-05 / 09:56

    3 in 1 bouncer would be really appreciated in my household, cant keep busy long enough before my daughter wants me to pick her up.

  26. Sofia's Motala
    2017-01-07 / 22:56

    Love all the Tinylove products, it is very difficult to chose only one but if I had to, it would be the 3 in 1 close to me bouncer, expecting first baby in March so would love this, #MomaandBrands

  27. Bernadine
    2017-01-08 / 11:19

    I like the 123 Here I grow gym ☺

  28. 2017-01-10 / 14:59

    I absolutely love all the Tiny Love products but If I have to choose one product the it would be the 3-IN-1 Close to me Bouncer . I love that is has the High Seat Mode , Soothing Mode and Bouncer Mode . I am currently 24 weeks pregnant with my first baby and a working mom . I would want nothing more than to be with my baby 24 hrs in a day but we all know that it’s impossible as we have to provide for them . So this 3 -IN -1 Close to me Bouncer would be perfect where I could be at home work a little but still have that face-to-face eye contact with my baby . It also would suit our lifestyle as it’s portable , movable and compact . I know Baby Rankin would love this as he/she is kicking while I am typing at this moment .

  29. Lynette Cameron
    2017-01-10 / 15:58

    I like 123 here i grow gym. My little one is 6 months old and we love the tiny love products it is her favourite.

  30. 2017-01-10 / 17:47

    I just LoVe LOVE the 3-in-1 Close to me Bouncer. Love having my baby close to me the whole time!!!!!

  31. Nina
    2017-01-10 / 19:52

    3-in-1 close to me bouncer

  32. Nicola Claasen
    2017-01-11 / 13:12

    I love all the products listed, but of I had to choose a favourite, I’d choose the 123 here I grow gym 🙂 My bundle of joy is due in May this year 🙂 All the best for your blessing too x

  33. Janet Ebertsohn
    2017-01-11 / 17:07

    All the items are amazing but if I must pick it wil be 123 Here I Grow

    • Monique Malander
      2017-01-11 / 17:49

      Yay, exciting times ahead. Our baby boy is also due in June. I live the KANGY KANGAROO #TINYLOVESA #youbabyandi

  34. Leanne Crossman
    2017-01-12 / 08:43

    3 IN 1 CLOSE TO ME BOUNCER. This is such an amazing prize, thank you for the competition.

  35. Léandra Kahts
    2017-01-12 / 11:21

    I love the Tiny Love 3-1 close to me bouncer. It is so diverse and can be used for any possible situation. Definitely a brilliant product!!

  36. Robyn Cooper
    2017-01-12 / 11:33

    This is a 3-in-1 interactive versatile Gymini that grows with your baby would be an awesome gift for my bundle of joy due in April. I am an occupational therapist so I know how important stimulation and especially tummy time is for babies.

  37. Amanda
    2017-01-12 / 12:11

    3-in-1 close to me bouncer

    • Jolene Jacobs
      2017-01-12 / 16:42

      123 Here I Grow Gym

  38. Wilma Southey-Goosen
    2017-01-13 / 06:49

    3-in-1 interactive versatile Gymini that grows with your baby

  39. 2017-01-13 / 14:40

    Love the 3-in-1 close to me bouncer. Seen a few, but this one is totally awesome

  40. Lisa
    2017-01-14 / 07:54

    3 in 1 close to me bouncer

  41. Liza
    2017-01-14 / 11:28

    3-IN-1 close to me bouncer

  42. Shani
    2017-01-15 / 18:26

    Definately the 3-in-1 close to me bouncer

    • BLOM
      2017-01-22 / 08:21

      I want to WIN the 123 HERE I GROW GYM and KANGY KANGAROO Tiny love with @youbabyandi and #TINYLOVESA. #youbabyandi #MomandBrands

  43. stephanie videira
    2017-01-27 / 15:38

    I really love the 3 IN 1 CLOSE TO ME BOUNCER didn’t have one with my 1st baby but would have loved one

  44. Tanya van der Merwe
    2017-01-31 / 09:48

    I love the 3 in 1 Close to me bouncer! Would love to win 1 for my little boy!

  45. Carli Mostert
    2017-01-31 / 10:00

    I will become a first time mom at age 36 soon and I Would LOVE the 123 HERE I GROW GYM so much 🙂 @youbabyandi and #TINYLOVESA

  46. Verouschka van de Venter
    2017-01-31 / 11:21

    Wow any of these would be amazing love the 123 here i grow gym and kangy kangaroo #duemay #firstbaby #youbabyandi #tinylovesa #sharing #subscrbed

  47. Lisa-Ann Stieger
    2017-01-31 / 12:27

    My favourite is the 3 IN 1 CLOSE TO ME BOUNCER

  48. Harsha
    2017-02-02 / 13:10

    Gymini® 1 2 3 Here I Grow! – Love this

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