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LEGO DUPLO has always been a hit in the Vijendranath household. My husband, Vije is crazy about LEGO and always encourages the kids to get creative with the building blocks.

LEGO is one of those timeless classic toys that you really can’t go wrong with.

It has always been the first brand to pop-up in my head when it comes to gifting.

There’s so much you can do with LEGO!

We recently visited their New York store which is absolutely beautiful!

It is LEGO heaven and a must-visit with your little one if you are touring the city and looking for child-friendly places to check out!

My daughter, Kitana can spend hours building, creating and learning with LEGO DUPLO.

She already has such a big imagination, I feel like LEGO encourages her to explore even more!

Lego Duplo Caterpillar set

What is LEGO DUPLO about?

LEGO DUPLO encourages imaginative play. It literally takes you around the world and teaches you about so much more than just colors and numbers!

There’s always an opportunity for role-playing with LEGO DUPLO and your little one.

1. It’s about recreating reality

At this age, your child still learns mainly through play. They are discovering their own imagination and want to go shopping, throw a tea party or drive a big bus – a fantasy bus, of course. By imitating adults and what they do, children get to know the world around them and understand it better.

Lego Duplo caterpillar set

2. Creativity

LEGO DUPLO provides endless creative fun for pre-school kids. The extra-large bricks, which have been specially developed for small hands, allow your child to imagine, build and explore their own new worlds.

My First Caterpillar

3. Fine motor skills

Your child can play with LEGO DUPLO bricks from the age of around 1½ years, using them to build towers or learning to recognize different colors. It won’t be long before your child has acquired the fine motor skills needed to put their first bricks together without your help.

We recently added My First Caterpillar to our My first LEGO DUPLO sets.

My First Caterpillar

Kitana was really excited about this one because she loves butterflies. She was a bit confused at first about how a caterpillar can become a butterfly but after playing with her with the blocks and teaching her about metamorphosis, she was extremely surprised and amazed!

The colorful DUPLO bricks are specially designed to be safe for little hands, and the building cards make it easy to change a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly. You can use the special decorated bricks to encourage counting an apple, 2 carrots, and 3 flowers—there’s so much to learn! It’s colorful blocks that has a story to tell.

It includes 16 blocks and 3 building cards to guide you in creating.

My First Caterpillar

LEGO DUPLO has an amazing range available for kids between 1½ years to 5 years old. Kitana started her collection before she turned a year old and already has a big box of LEGO’s that includes various blocks from the DUPLO collection.

YOU CAN WIN My First Caterpillar from My first LEGO DUPLO sets for your little one!



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  1. Riaz
    2016-10-24 / 12:24

    the lego track system blocks are very interesting.

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    2016-10-24 / 12:34

    I love the all in one fun box.

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    2016-10-24 / 13:04

    I love the lego duplo educational my first

  4. Megan Hartwig
    2016-10-25 / 11:30

    I adore the Sleeping BeautyTower.

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    2016-10-25 / 17:41

    All in one fun box looks great

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