Top 20 OT Toys from Toy Kingdom + Competition

There are soooo many toys available at Toy Kingdom. Honestly, it’s overwhelming.

I used to walk around the store for at least half an hour trying to figure out what to purchase for birthdays.

I never bothered to research toys for my daughter until this campaign. Now that I have educated myself more about occupational therapy and OT toys – I would be able to walk in the store and know exactly what to get for my kids within minutes. I’m hoping this post will help many moms understand OT toys and the amazing range available.

Toy Kingdom

Why are educational toys important?

According to registered Occupational therapist Dana Katz, educational toys, especially those that support fine motor, visual perceptual, planning and problem-solving skills can help to develop more refined, higher level learning skills. Read more here.

Toy Kingdom1. Beware of the Shark

Small and gentle Fish are swimming lazily in the middle of the sea. All of a sudden, the Fish see a Shark ready to grab them. They move quickly, but so does the Shark….Have fun in this game of quick reflexes. The Shark will try to grab as many Fish as possible and the Fish have to save themselves.

2. Sort in the Box

Sort-in-the box is a learning centre that teaches sorting and classification skills. It consists of a 4 compartment sorting box. It has 60 object tiles to sort by characteristics across 12 sub-categories and 3 main categories- Animals, Shapes and Visual features.

3. Spell Cat

Spell Cat is an interactive activity centre for learning spellings in a multi-sensory way. Let the child choose a spelling picture word card and place the letter tiles in the correct sequence in the spelling tray. Study the word again and close the doors. Then write out the word on the chalkboard from memory. To check whether the spelt word is correct, lift the doors and match the letter tiles to the handwritten word.

Toy Kingdom

Toy Kingdom

Toy Kingdom

4. Monkey Expressions

This lovable puzzle helps children identify and express emotions-happy, sad, angry, surprise and fear. A discovery tool with a twist that helps children show what they are feeling and understand why.

5. Grammar Wise

A super fun way to learn grammar colourfully. Grammar Wise reinforces knowledge of nouns, verbs, adjectives and pronouns in a fun, colourful way. Have fun matching words and parts of speech and be the first to get rid of all your tokens.

6. Why Connect

Put your thinking caps on and you have a reason to play! A highly addictive reasoning game that is not bound by a board and can be played anywhere on a flat surface. Score points by connecting picture tiles, that are related or go together.Top 20 OT Toys from Toy Kingdom

7. Pirates Game Hide & Seek

Helps problem solving.OT toys

8. Colour Code Game

Choose a challenge. Pick the tiles you need and stack them up, one by one, in the tile display holder. Colour/Finish: Colour Code game. Check out how quickly you find a colourful challenge on your hands.

9. Quadrillion Game

Helps think skills and strategy.

10. Anti-Virus

For creativity.

11. Penguins on Ice

Have fun finding where the penguins fit with Penguins on Ice.Top 20 OT Toys from Toy Kingdom

12. SMARTMAX Start (23PCE)

13. Three Little Pigs

Three Little Piggies is a perfect brain game for young children. It features 3 big puzzle pieces that are easy to hold, and kids will be intrigued by the way the pigs fit inside the houses and look through the windows.

14. SMARTMAX Extension Set –
Start Plus (30 PCE)

15. SMARTMAX – Power Vehicles Mix

With this extensive set you can compose a total fleet! Build a bulldozer, a fire truck, a forklift, a tow truck, a pick-up truck or a van! The cockpits, cabins, scoops, wheels and other attachments can be easily clicked onto the bars. All parts can be combined with all existing SMARTMAX® sets. Together with the bars and metal balls, you can create an endless range of possibilities.

OT Toys

Toy Kingdom

Toy kingdom16. SMARTMAX – Click & Roll

Magnetic Discovery – from a very young age! Park your car, or let it roll down the ramp.

17. ZOOB 125 (4 per Carton)

For serious ZOOB builders for hours of creative building and interactive play. Build a “DNA Spiral”, a “Crown” and 2 larger dinosaurs.Top 20 OT Toys from Toy Kingdom

18. ZOOB 75 (6 per Carton)

Ready, Set, Build! The ZOOB 75 piece building set comes with everything you need for hours of creative building and interactive play. Everything is included to build 27 different creations including a spaceship, robot, scorpion, helicopter, and even a “space bird” and “dino bunny”. Then create your own designs.

19. ZOOB 55 (6 per Carton)

Unlimited creative building with the ZOOB 55 Piece Building Kit. Everything is included to build the “ZOOB raptor”, Wiley Hopper”, chopper, robot, and much more. Build the Zoobamator – it’s a star ship which transforms into a hawk and robot! Use our instruction guides or make your own creations.

Toy Kingdom

20. ZOOB Junior 15 PCE

There are four question categories: Who am I? Where am I? What am I? and Hard Ass! The 500 questions are formulated into lots of clues. The clues get easy as the question is being read out, but don’t wait too long to answer, as the first person to yell out the right answer, wins the round and moves closer to the Smart Ass. If you yell out the wrong answer, then you are out of that round and have to wait ’till the next question is asked.

For more information about the range visit the website: or connect with the brand on their Facebook page: Toys are available at Toy Kingdom stores nationwide.


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  1. Cara Bosch
    2016-05-17 / 05:04

    ZOOB 55 is awesome. The block interlock easily for interesting creative designs.

  2. 2016-05-17 / 07:48

    I love the SmartMax range especially the SMARTMAX – CLICK & ROLL. My little girl would enjoy that she loves putting things together and taking them apart.she’s got a very enquiring mind and i would love the chance to be able to get her some OT Toys that she would enjoy and i would know that she is learning from them as well.

    Hope you enjoying New York :)!

  3. Chelanay
    2016-05-17 / 09:22

    ZOOB 125 my boys love dinosaurs so they will love this.

  4. Juanita Swanepoel
    2016-05-17 / 09:24

    Penguins on Ice, my little one would love this

  5. haley mally
    2016-05-17 / 09:32


  6. Anita Steenkamp
    2016-05-17 / 09:34

    The ZOOB75! My little one loves to build so she would just enjoy this so much, hours of fun for her and mommy 🙂

  7. lentheric
    2016-05-17 / 09:36

    My baby of 3years old would Love the Monkey Expressions

  8. amaglug
    2016-05-17 / 09:38

    The Zoob 75

  9. Chane Taylor
    2016-05-17 / 09:39

    Love the SMARTMAX-Power Vehicle Mix. With A Little Boy That Lives Anything That Moves But Who Especially Loves “Power vehicles” Because His Dad manafactures The Real Things So He Gets To Help Dad Build Them And Test Them When We go Visit Him At The Workshop This Is Right Up His Alley.

  10. Megan Hartwig
    2016-05-17 / 09:48

    The ANTI-VIRUS game for creativity looks interesting and something that my daughter will enjoy because she is such a talented and creative child.

  11. Melissa
    2016-05-17 / 10:00

    Click n Roll

  12. Lynn botha
    2016-05-17 / 10:02

    SPELL CAT Looks amazing. My 5 year old is so eager to spell correctly, this would be fantastic for her.

  13. Olivia Williams
    2016-05-17 / 10:18


  14. Tenneille Francis
    2016-05-17 / 11:25

    I love the spellcat! Awesome stuff would love to win

  15. Nabila
    2016-05-17 / 11:33

    All the toys are lovely! But my favourite pick will have to be Spell Cat. Spelling is very important and by making it a fun game from a young age, it can only make it enjoyable to learn for the little one!

  16. Roxanne Chutthergoon
    2016-05-17 / 16:55

    Love “Why Connect”

  17. Sharleen
    2016-05-17 / 17:32

    The Zoob 75

  18. Edlyn Lim
    2016-05-17 / 21:57

    I love them all they all look and sounds interesting as a parent I always look for this kind of toys that my kids will be entertain for hours.

  19. Emizer Oka_Vin_k
    2016-05-18 / 17:03

    I love ZOOB JUNIOR 15 PCE plus my son loves to build..

  20. Melanie Moodley
    2016-05-18 / 21:02

    Smartmax Click and Roll.

  21. 2016-05-18 / 22:27

    I love 125 pieces for my grandchild ,he loves to build .Very educational.

  22. Roxanne
    2016-05-18 / 23:16

    I would choose spell cat, just love the variety of educational toys.

  23. Seri
    2016-05-19 / 07:49

    Spell cat: is amazing as it is useful to kids learning spelling in a fun way and both mom and kid could find letters and make words together and it will be a great experience. 🙂

  24. Janet Perry
    2016-05-19 / 09:05

    The penquins on ice looks like a lot of fun!!

  25. Carla
    2016-05-19 / 12:50

    Spell Cat

  26. 2016-05-19 / 12:54

    Fir me it’s gotta be Spellcat I love the wide variety of educational toys and this just does it for me and the kiddies ☑☑ hope to win ☑☑

  27. Michael A
    2016-05-19 / 13:03

    SMARTMAX Start.
    Great way to get the creative problem solving juices flowing.

  28. Nelmarie van Rensburh
    2016-05-19 / 13:04

    Smartmax Magnetic Discovery! My kids love building things and playing with magnets, so a combination of both would be a lot of fun!

  29. 2016-05-19 / 15:31

    I love the SMARTMAX – POWER VEHICLES MIX! My son loves cars….and putting things together, so this would be perfect for him! What stunning toys…I seriously love all of them, especially the educational aspect. Everything has a purpose.

  30. Dina dos santos
    2016-05-20 / 07:35

    im loving Spell Cat, awesome for my daughter to practice her spelling.

  31. 2016-05-20 / 08:35

    I would love the SMARTMIX-POWER VEHICLES MIX my son will love it

  32. Janina Steyn
    2016-05-20 / 10:47

    Spell Cat, I love giving my child that little bit of extra help for the big world xx

  33. Kamilah Francis
    2016-05-21 / 01:09


  34. Nazreen Wadee
    2016-05-21 / 05:28

    smart max click and roll… looks like boys will love it

  35. Carolyn Augustus
    2016-05-21 / 08:45


  36. Jacqui Wilmot
    2016-05-21 / 10:28

    ZOOB 125 is amazing! 10 years teaching preschoolers and this a favourite every year

  37. Lara
    2016-05-21 / 20:21

    The smart max start kit.

    My toddler adores cars and logic. He’ll be crazy about this.

  38. Fiona Bosman
    2016-05-21 / 22:25

    Pirates Hide and Seek!

  39. 2016-05-22 / 10:38

    Being a grade 1 teacher, I am naturally drawn to spell cat. It would be great for my son.

  40. bianca
    2016-05-22 / 13:57

    Penguins on ice

  41. Lisa Harrison
    2016-05-22 / 15:21

    My favorite toy from your above list is the Smartmax Start. It would be perfect for the stage that my little boy is at and it would really challenge him in a positive manner. Thanks for your awesome list! We so often just walk into a shop and make purchases without putting much thought into it.

  42. Nanette
    2016-05-22 / 16:28

    My son would LOVE the SMARTMAX EXTENSION SET as he enjoys putting things together. I love that it can be used so creatively.

  43. 2016-05-22 / 20:16

    This is a tough one. I think one of the building ones (smart max power vehicles) or the three little pigs.

  44. Tricia
    2016-05-22 / 22:45

    I love the Spell cat game.. I think it’s the perfect tool for little ones to learn to spell in a fun and exciting way. It will go a long way in helping develope a child’s vocabulary.

  45. chants
    2016-05-22 / 22:52

    Love the smartmax range <3

  46. Kelly Frost
    2016-05-22 / 22:56

    SPELL CAT is definitely a winner for me. Something I would have loved to have when I was a kid growing up 🙂

  47. Anthea
    2016-05-22 / 23:57

    Spell cat

  48. Carryn Paikin
    2016-05-23 / 12:10

    Zoob 125 is my favourite – my son loves building things and this product would be so good for any child’s fine motor skills!

  49. Sayuri Pillay
    2016-05-23 / 13:12

    love the spell cat

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