Win with Cadbury Dairy Milk!

Have you heard the saying: “Chocolate is the answer, who cares what the question is?”

Well… that’s what I was thinking yesterday when I almost finished an entire slab by myself while catching up on my favorite series – Grey’s Anatomy! It was an emotional episode and I needed something to lift me up plus it’s the holidays and I am allowed to indulge… right? I may have hidden the slab from my toddler but it was for good reasons. 😛

Win with cadbury

This Easter, Cadbury Dairy Milk is offering South African families a chance of winning a 7 night holiday for a family of 4 to the world’s favourite theme park in Orlando, USA. This prize consists of an all-inclusive package valued at R250 000.

Holiday’s present an opportunity for families to create stronger relationships and long-lasting memories. I never realized how important holidays are until my kids were born. To be honest, my husband and I are work addicts and sometimes we forget to take that much-needed break that we deserve. It’s important to know when to stop… When to lift your head and look at the little things or little people that make life so beautiful.

Never miss an opportunity to create memories with your kids.

With so much to see and do, this package from Cadbury Dairy Milk also allows the entire family to access all four Theme Parks on any day for the duration of their stay.

For a chance to jet off on this fun filled family holiday, simply purchase any slab from the  Cadbury Dairy Milk range and SMS the last 4 digits of your barcode to 33711 before 30 April 2016.*


Further to this, You, Baby and I is also giving away two amazing Cadbury Dairy Milk Easter Hampers worth R1500 each!


Leave a comment below – Tell me how you would incorporate Cadbury chocolate in your Easter family feast?


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Each of the 2 prizes consists of:

X1 50cm Purple overnight travel bag with wheels

X1 Matching vanity bag

X1 Selfie stick

X5 Cadbury Dairy Milk slabs

Win with Cadbury Dairy Milk!

Competition Rules:

  1. Entrants must be South African residents.
  2. The competition closes on Tuesday, 05 April 2016.
  3. The prize is not transferable to another person and no part of a prize is exchangeable for cash or any other prize.
  4. The respective agency will endeavour to deliver the prize within a month of the competition end date but cannot guarantee this delivery time.

Good luck! 😉

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  1. Wanda De Villiers
    2016-03-23 / 10:50

    We will bake a moist chocolate cake with melted cadbury wholenut slab on top…what will easter be without cadbury

  2. Ronnae Elliott
    2016-03-23 / 11:29

    I would make my favorite fridge tarts for dessert, like peppermint fridge tart or chocolate mouse and either melt the chocolate and add it or grate and sprinkle on top. Chocolate is never a waste as I’m a chocoholic, I would even enjoy it on its own. 🙂

  3. 2016-03-23 / 11:36

    Love love love Cadbury Chocolates. Would melt it down and use it to dip all my favourite fruit into into. Tuper Yummy

  4. Chelanay David
    2016-03-23 / 11:43

    I’m finally on leave and getting a chance and time to spend with my boys. I’ll be making some red velvet cupcakes with my boys this easter so we will need those chocolates for the inside and outside and to munch on while we bake

  5. Megan Hartwig
    2016-03-23 / 12:04

    You can just put them in your face of course. Totally not judging. Alternatively, there are a trillion, zillion different ways you can enjoy your Cadbury chocolate this Easter – I am thinking of it encased in a brownie batter, or swirled through cool vanilla cheesecake. Or, perhaps melted into gooey, oozy cookies, or dribbling over pancakes….basically I will be using and enjoying it/for baking 😉

  6. 2016-03-23 / 12:56

    I will use it in my home made double chocolate ice cream, Make choc dipped strawberries and also came accross a recipe for home made marshmallow easter eggs which I am super keen to try, I absolutely love indulging in a slab of Cadbury chocolate, there’s a favourite for every mood, occasion, and day! I love cadbury!!!

  7. Annette Hamann
    2016-03-23 / 16:22

    Ooh yummy where do I begin. Chocolate fudge brownies, strawberries dipped in chocolate. I make short bread biscuits dipped in chocolate as well. But I’m happy with it just like that. I’m a huge chocoholic. A huuuuge one

  8. 2016-03-23 / 17:00

    Incorporate ? Are you serious ? Cadbury’s chocolate is Not incorporated – it’s a must, it’s a need ! What’s Easter without chocolate ? And the best tasting chocolate is by far, Cadbury’s. Chocolate cake made purely with Cadbury’s, the weather is cooler now which calls for brownies and that is definitely made with Cadbury’s chocolate as well as some drizzled over mmm . And my favourite dessert, which we’re having this weekend – caramel mint tennis biscuit dessert is made with Cadbury’s mint chocolate. Dairy milk, whole nut mmmm why do you need to incorporate it into something, just eat it !

  9. Natalie
    2016-03-23 / 17:01

    So many options, think i’ll go with chocolate mousse but marshmallows dipped in melted chocolate also divine.

  10. keisha
    2016-03-23 / 17:40

    chocolate is anyones best friend i would use it to dip marshmellows are an ice cream sauce and to grate over cake or to even simply eat as it 🙂

  11. Linda Laing
    2016-03-23 / 18:20

    Let me name the ways… Hidden as part of the easter egg hunt for my kids…Grated on our ice cream and the cupcakes I plan to make , melted to dip our marshmallows and broken into pieces to nibble on in front of the tv.

  12. 2016-03-23 / 20:22

    We are going camping this weekend with the grandkids and we are starting the weekend off with a roadtrip and lots of Cadbury slabs. Then one night we will be making bread on a tick and melting Cadbury chocolate pieces with mini marshmallows and popcorn in them….

  13. Tasquia Shaik
    2016-03-23 / 20:34

    Being gluten intolerant, at dessert time, more often than not, people always look at me and say “Auw shame”. It’s tiring! I tend to always keep some chocolate nearby, and take it out dessert time so that no one looks at me in pity. Cadbury whole but has always been a firm favourite! And I make naturally gluten free desserts with it. Simply top some ice cream with crushed meringues and melted whole nut chocolate. Everyone loves it!

  14. Zakiyya Khan
    2016-03-23 / 20:45

    I would make half chocolate eggs using cadbury dairy milk chocolate by blowing up balloons a little and dipping it in the melted chocolate then leaving it to harden in the fridge, and pop them to form the half egg shape, then ill be putting a surprise treat in each of those half eggs and covering it with another half to hide the surprise. Its a fun way to incorporate cadbury into my easter feast esp for kids!

  15. lizelle
    2016-03-23 / 21:50

    Cadbury is the BEST. I will melt it and use it as body paint…. !!!!!!

  16. Humaira
    2016-03-24 / 05:06

    Wats a holiday or celebration without chocolate, whether it be a dessert or jus plain simple chocolate, after all chocolate itself is a treat I would make a Oreo mousse which incorparates my two favs chocolate and Oreo!! N wat better way to spoil my family but with Cadbury chocs❤️

  17. Carolyn Augustus
    2016-03-24 / 07:59

    I would definitely use them in our desserts by making extra chocolatey chocolate brownies and double chocolate chocolate layered cake with more chocolate on top

  18. Yolande Murphy
    2016-03-24 / 11:42

    I would bake a delicious easter cake with my little ones and top it with some delicious Cadbury chocolate

  19. 2016-03-24 / 16:00

    Chocolate made by Cadbury. There simply is no other. I don’t need an excuse to eat my Cadbury. Just neat or in a dessert. Had the pleasure and good fortune to visit Cadbury World in Birmingham the UK a few times. What a beautiful experience. They have an entire shop with only Cadbury products. A chocoholic’ s Heaven

  20. Pravina W
    2016-03-25 / 22:52

    I would use the Cadbury chocolate for a breathtaking table centrepiece chocolate fountain fondue in my Easter family feast surrounded by hot cross buns and fresh fruit kebabs for dipping and enjoying.

  21. 2016-03-26 / 18:03

    Just a simple family favourite is homemade chocolate mousse.
    Will be using Melted Carbury dairy milk slabs mixed with cream and whipped till firm for a great easy dessert!

  22. ragmat baron
    2016-03-27 / 21:37

    I would make a delicious cadbury chocolate cake with melted cadbury chocolate

  23. Irene de Beer
    2016-03-28 / 14:14

    Me and my family are hundreds chocoholics….enough said 😀

    • Irene de Beer
      2016-03-28 / 14:16

      I meant to say, huge chocoholics….lol

  24. Este van Aswegen
    2016-03-28 / 20:45

    I made some chocolate hot cross buns…so yummy! I took a slab of Cadbury and grate it to have the best pieces of chocolate in it. And melted another one on to top to make the cross.

  25. Shantel Govender
    2016-03-31 / 13:46

    I have made Chocolate Beer Chipotle Barbecue Sauce with Cadbury Dairy milk chocolate for all the savoury snacks during the Easter festive period . it was quiet a hit among my guests .

  26. 2016-04-04 / 23:40

    I made the family their favourite chocolate dessert, Mississippi Mud Pie using the wholenut chocolate, also made crunchies with melted top deck chocolate. Instead of just having “normal” Easter eggs, we neatly broke up various Cadbury Dairy Milk choc bars and covered the pieces in various colour foil papers and gave those out as treats.

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