Win with Kellogg’s – Breakfast For Better Days

How often do you leave home without breakfast?

Honestly, I can’t. I tried it and I failed miserably.

My day needs to start with a big bowl of cereal, fruit and a cup of tea, sometimes even more. My intake has increased with breastfeeding.

Win with Kelloggs

Breakfast gives me the energy I need to get through the morning especially when I am running around trying to get Kitana ready for school. Without breakfast, I’m a different person. Trust me, you don’t want to know this Shan. 😉  I get hectic mood swings which make me grumpy and I can’t focus.

I know as a mom it is difficult to eat a healthy breakfast every morning because, during the morning, you are always in a rush but it is so important for us to make time – maybe wake up a little earlier so you can have at least 15 minutes for breakfast before the kids get up.


A balanced breakfast will help refuel your body and brain. It will kick-start your metabolism and give you the energy you need to embrace the morning of chaos.

By missing breakfast, we miss out on vitamins, minerals and fibre which are important for a well-balanced diet. Important nutrients that adults, and especially children, may not make up for later in the day.

Why you NEED to eat breakfast:

  • It helps keep your blood sugar levels stable during the day.
  • Skipping breakfast makes you have less energy making you less physically active during the day.
  • Skipping breakfast influences you having poorer memory.
  • If you don’t eat breakfast you are much more likely to become overweight quicker.
  • A healthy breakfast can help prevent Cold & Flu.
  • Skipping breakfast may increase a woman’s diabetes risk.
  • Eating breakfast was associated with a lower incidence of heart disease in men between ages 45 and 82.
  • Breakfast will help you concentrate and improve your mood.
  • A higher protein breakfast may improve weight loss.

Cereal can certainly form a part of that balanced breakfast meal.


Made with grains, Kellogg’s cereals help your family start the morning with energy by delivering a number of vital nutrients.

Kellogg’s cereals bring a source of B-vitamins, vitamin A, C and iron to your breakfast table each morning. And many of the Kellogg’s cereals contain fibre-a nutrient we may not get enough of each day.


So with a serving of delicious Kellogg’s cereal as part of a balanced breakfast, you can provide your family with a balanced and happy start to the day.



Win one of two hampers from Kellogg’s worth R300 – Breakfast For Better Days!


Leave a comment below – Tell me which is your favorite cereal?


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Competition closes 10 May 2016. Good luck!

Opened to South African residents only.

Please note:

Hamper is product availability depending but usually includes:
• x 1 large Rice Krispies
• x 1 large Corn Flakes
• x 1 large All Bran Flakes
• x 1 Special K cereal
• x 1 choco pops
• x 1 coco pops
• x 2 corn flakes strips
• x 1 coco pops strips
• x 2 special K cereal bars (chocolate)
• x 1 special K cereal bars (berries)
• x 2 coco pops cereal bars

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  1. 2016-05-06 / 14:05

    I love all bran flakes,they are so tasty and healthy.

  2. Tanya Tobin-Primo
    2016-05-09 / 10:47

    Coco pops all the way!

  3. Theesan Vedan
    2016-05-09 / 13:40

    All Bran Flakes

  4. Tracy
    2016-05-09 / 17:01

    All bran for me 🙂

  5. Tsholofelo Sambo
    2016-05-10 / 08:47

    i love All Bran Flakes 🙂

  6. Andrea
    2016-05-11 / 11:13

    Definitely the All Bran Flakes!

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