Win with OREO this Father’s Day

Father’s Day was a day I never celebrated… I used to pretend the day never existed because I lost my dad when I was 8. I used to feel so uncomfortable in school watching my classmates creating cards for their dads while I drowned my sorrow in school work.

Even though, it’s still a sad day for me… I celebrate it because my husband is the father of my kids. I want my kids to grow up celebrating special days. My mom is my dad too and I always let her know how much I appreciate her sacrifices. Some may think this day is a marketing scheme but I think that it’s a day that has a lot of meaning. Sometimes we get so busy with “life” that we forget to take a step back and appreciate what’s in front of us. Special days like Father’s Day reminds us of how we should be celebrating everyday by saying something simple as “I love you”.

Oreo father's day

This Father’s Day OREO wants to celebrate the special, playful moments shared between Dads and their kids. The Playful OREO cookie is the perfect family sharing treat to spoil Dad with this month.

Oreo father's day

OREO would like to help one lucky winner with choosing Dad a gift this Father’s Day.

You can WIN an OREO hamper worth R1700 which includes:
An Oreo branded tie
Oreo Cufflinks
Instax Mini 8 Camera and a 10 pack of Colour Film Instax Mini Film
An Oreo Mug, an Oreo Jar, an Oreo phone cover
And OREO of course.

Oreo Father's Day hamper

I think this is the one prize I’m really jealous about because that camera is AMA-ZING for capturing moments on the go!


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  1. Hersha
    2015-06-11 / 11:16

    I also didn’t celebrate fathers day much as my dad passed 12 years ago. But now I celebrate with my father in law and with my husband. We usually take my father in law out for lunch. All moments between my husband and son are special. I can’t choose just one. Life is so short ever day is a good day.

    • 2015-06-11 / 11:25

      Unfortunately it doesn’t but you can always tweet me. 🙂

  2. ansie zaw botes
    2015-06-11 / 11:23

    Farhers day is a special day to say Thank You for a super hero dad and share time together we always go out watch a movie or go fishing we love the outdoore living

  3. Sandy Solomons
    2015-06-11 / 11:25

    I remember when I was in grade 10 my Dad told me that he will be leaving Cape Town to work in Namibia as he wanted to earn more money to send me to university. I was very sad but so so proud of my Dad for the sacrifice and today I am a well educated adult because of his unselfish act of love.

  4. 2015-06-11 / 11:25

    It wil be first Father’s Day to celebrate with my husband

  5. Zulpha Cassiem
    2015-06-11 / 11:26

    The most special moment between my husband and child was when he held them for the first time in his arms after they were born. The expression on his face was priceless. So overwhelmed with joy as he looked into there eyes and held there tiny hands. I could see so much love and happiness from his eyes and each and every moment was priceless and precious! His kids adore him

  6. charne
    2015-06-11 / 11:27

    I had a similar case cried myself every fathers day drawing pics making cards for my dad but never ever got to give it to him as my mom and dad broke up and I never ever really saw him his choice as I lived with my gran which to me is my mom and dad both I love that strong woman! so now my baba is 5 months and he has his daddy and want them to treasure every moment together as it means so much especially to a kid and especially on fathers day I really feel blessed they have each other and I have them!

    • Bridget Edwards
      2015-06-12 / 09:32

      I love you xxx

  7. Annalize
    2015-06-11 / 11:27

    My husband is awesome dad. He is so involved. Being a SAHM to an 11 month old is hectic and I felt like he didn’t really understand. Until a few days ago when he looked after her during the day while I went shopping. She is so fearless and curious and gave him a run for his money. He thanked me endlessly for doing such a superb job and being such a great mom. So grateful to have him as husband and father.

  8. anita Dingwayo
    2015-06-11 / 11:29

    on the 17th of this month it will mark 10 years after my father passed away but it feels like it was yesterday, then my brother took that role perfectly unfortunately it din’t last and died 3 years ago, but i happened to meet a friend, Husband and soulmate, i will make sure i spoil him and not forget about those men in my life that played arole to make me the person i am today. he is the best thing that ever happened to me i will make sure he enjoys his day to the fullest.

  9. Chelanay David
    2015-06-11 / 11:30

    So this year will be my second father’s day without my dad. The best special moment I shared with my dad was when he was on his sick bed. I was pregnant with my second baby and just found out it was another boy. My dad was very sick and had just a few days to live. I remember telling him that I’m having another boy. He laughed coz he knew I wanted a girl. When I told him that I’d name the lil guy after him he was so excited. Just the smile on his face is something I will never forget. Today my baby boy reminds me constantly of my dad he even looks like him.

  10. 2015-06-11 / 11:32

    Oooh I wish if my dad still here I lost my father when I was 9 years old every fathers day comes I get very sad but no more because after I got married because my father in low took me as a daughter and more I didn’t felt the emptiness of father no more I wish I’ll win it so I could give it to him he reaaaaallly deserve it <3

  11. 2015-06-11 / 11:35

    I am recently married and we are expecting our first child. Daddy hasn’t been to the scans yet but we have already named him and every morning he talks about the baby like its a person in the next room. He can’t wait to be a dad and there are many special moments ahead

  12. Pelma
    2015-06-11 / 11:36

    troughout my childhood i have seen him standing like a permanent pillar of motivation for me.Every time i used to cry ,he wiped my tears with all his funny jokes that stillmake me laugh.Not just as a father but as human being.hez realy know how to balance every situations.I thank him for sharing all good times with me.I am very lucky to have found him as my best friend,my teacher n guide for life

  13. dina dos santos (@tenaciousD2013)
    2015-06-11 / 11:38

    My special moment that i shared with my dad is when i gave him grand children, To see his face bright up and now still loving them unconditionally they get to experience the power love and protection he has for me to them

  14. Tam
    2015-06-11 / 11:38

    I celebrate fathers day twice a year, the day society has chosen for him and the one that my daughter has, her birthday. I remember my husband sitting with her for 8 hours straight in the nursery at the hospital, his arm was sore for the next 24 hours but he refused to put her down or put on a shirt for that matter. He immediately wanted to form that unbreakable bond with her.

    I can’t imagine what it’s like for a father of a little girl to have a day dedicated just to him and have the ladies in his life just love and appreciate him. I have never seen a man so in love with his little girl before, it actually makes me cry when thinking of it. I was never really close with my father, our relationship has always been a tense one as his work took preference over the bond we were meant to have. I suppose building a career was more important that building a relationship with me. I can only count my daily blessings and be eternally grateful for the man I have by my side and the man my daughter so lovingly calls daddy… also reminds me that it’s “My Daddy”.

  15. Yvette
    2015-06-11 / 11:39

    i lost my dad ten year ago…..when i look at my 6 year old daughter with her daddy and the love they share, there is NO love like a father and his daughter, it’s just not something someone can imagine, it’s something one has to experience, they share such a strong bond, it’s mind blowing to watch 🙂

  16. Bev Oelofse
    2015-06-11 / 11:41

    My special moment was when my daughter had her baby and my husband stood there with tears in his eyes and told my daughter he was proud of her and she had an adorable son

  17. nadia
    2015-06-11 / 11:42

    Special moment when my son was born to see how proud my husband was when he became a husband works hard too give us a good life and still make so much time for me and our son he is Amazing Super Dad…..

  18. Latisha
    2015-06-11 / 11:43

    We love Oreo so much!!! This competition and prize is just perfect!!!

    • Latisha
      2015-06-11 / 11:55

      Hi. Our special moment wrt Oreo was at the Oreo Cafe’!!! My lil Dhivya and her Dad had such a ‘sweet’ time. They tried out almost everything on the conveyor belt. He is often so busy with work stuff that it breaks his heart that he doesn’t have a heap load of special moments so when he does get those ad hoc ones they sure turn out memorable!!! Oreo is so dear to us cos although they both don’t have a sweet tooth it’s something that they just love sharing with each other – at anytime – but truth be told they love the original the best – I have a beautiful collage of the day which I will tag on Instagram so u can view it.

  19. Natasha
    2015-06-11 / 11:43

    My partner of 6 years is a wonderful father, we have a 5 year old son and he thinks the world about his dad. He is a stay at home dad and takes care of the cooking (his a great cook by the way), looking after a sick boy when he needs to, does the laundry for me at times and tries by all means to get in extra money for the household…by creating handmade wooden ships (they sell like hot cakes).long story short, i can write a book about him, but we share special moments every day, from flying kite, catching fish to riding bicycle together….never a dull moment when the king is around. i would love to spoil him as he truly deserves it #FathersDay #youbabyandi

  20. Losh Kisten
    2015-06-11 / 11:43

    My Word, what an absolutely DIVINE giveaway – A tender moment between my daughter and my hubby was while doing her Life Orientation homework, she looked up and asked “what’s my best feature” to which he replied, your smile, its the most beautiful feature that illuminates your face and brightens my life..”, and the answer seemed to satisfy herr, and she responded with a hug… #precious priceless moments# liked n shared on FB , tweeted this totally awesome fab fab giveaway

    • losh kisten
      2015-06-13 / 21:25

      Still sharing this oh so oreo’licios giveaway (fb ☆ twitter)

  21. 2015-06-11 / 11:44

    Lots of special moments with Nicky and his dad, particularly when they play bat and ball, or roll the car down the driveway, or watching funny videos.

  22. Sasha-Lee
    2015-06-11 / 11:44

    My husband was never ready for kids and were informed that we couldnt have any but when my daughter arrived 7 months after we married. He gushed and cooed over her like he was holding onto his life support. I fell in love with him all over again. We now have 2 kids, blessed with a son and have 2nd son on the way. My hubby is over the moon and he cant wait to see our gift in 3 weeks time. He works overtime at home as he is the “horsy”, then hide go seek partner to our kids and the story teller and the tooth brush referree. A blessing at best. Things are bit tight financially and we would love to make him feel special this fathers day.

  23. Jackie Katzen
    2015-06-11 / 11:44

    Walking down the aisle, a moment Ill always remember. My dad looked so happy and so proud.
    Tweeted @JaxxLisa and following all and subscribed

  24. Masande
    2015-06-11 / 11:44

    Fathers day has been celebrated for over 100 years! Its celebrating fathers and honoring fatherhood! Doesnt matter if its your gran pa, stepdad or hubby! Will be celebrating mine at church! As you know most fathers dont want to attend church, this will be to honor them for making a difference!

  25. Catherine
    2015-06-11 / 11:45

    I would love this hamper for my Dad as we both seem to have a sweet tooth unlike the others in the family. I also live in KZN and he is in East London so I won’t get to spend the day with him. I gave him his first Grandchild, so he is not only a Dad but a Grandpa. This would really make his day as my brother is overseas so none of his kids will be with him on Fathers Day 🙁 The least I could do is cheer him up with Oreos 🙂

  26. Kim Limson
    2015-06-11 / 11:45

    I’ll never forget when my son was born. I kept telling his father about Skin-to-Skin contact. Immediately when Ethan was born he cut the umbilical cord & took off his shirt & placed Ethan on his chest. The nurses were shocked & smiled. It was a priceless moment I’ll never forget

  27. Antonette Harypursat
    2015-06-11 / 11:46

    Fathers day was always celebrated in my house. My dad was severely spoiled when it came to special days. It’s a tradition my mum made sure we kept. This year will be the second fathers day without my dad after he died of cancer last year. However, the tradition will continue as my husband and I are expecting our little boy in August and I am planning to start the tradition even before our son is here as it is a very special day to me.

  28. Shaaista
    2015-06-11 / 11:49

    My daughter absolutely adores her dad.. I guess every father daughter relationship is special .. But my husband is such a good father and so loving and caring and he even tasted all her baby food, milk, cereal etc before she would have it just to make sure it was good enough for her 🙂

  29. Roxanne Pellew
    2015-06-11 / 11:50

    A special moment with my dad there are far too many too single out one and I feel the same with my husband and my kids, but I will tell you about a special moment this morning, I found hubby and kids cuddled up in bed when i walked in my six year old said, mom there is no place I would rather be than cuddled up in bed with my dad and brother, only thing that would make it better is if you were cuddling too.

  30. Ross
    2015-06-11 / 11:50

    My dad, took me to Durban beachfront and we played all those games together when I was very young but somehow that memory is very lodged into my life…its so wonderful…

  31. Priscilla Boscombe
    2015-06-11 / 11:51

    My favorite father child moment or bond goes out to my sisters husband and their daughter. I am a bit biased because she is also my godchild but to see a father love and be so devoted to his daughter is just amazing. She is a very special little girl and blessed a 100000 times over to have such an amazing father. They are both also blessed to have such an amazing little girl That kind of bond would never be broken I just wish my dad was around to see what an amazing mother my sister is and how proud he would be of his son in law Ok enough now let me dry my tears

  32. Fehmida Wally
    2015-06-11 / 11:51

    My very special moment with my dad is when I gave birth to my eldest daughter 18 years ago, I got divorced when I was 3 months pregnant and my ex husband felt I want nothing to do with me. But my das my hero took care of me till the end, when I went into labour my dad drove me to hospital and because I was so scared I held on tight to his hand and didn’t want him to go he watched and held my hand throughout the delivery and he was the 1st to hold my baby.. I love my dad more then I love myself ♥

  33. Maiphephi Seleke
    2015-06-11 / 11:54

    My dad is just the best, we watch our favourite TV programme together and when it happens that I am not home that day he records it for me then we both watch it the next day. He is just a loving dad and I wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world.

  34. Julie Thomas
    2015-06-11 / 11:54

    My special moment would be when hubby and i were trying for a little precious bundle of joy.His diabetic but we were so hopeful and then after taking numerous tests we found out we were pregnant!!!
    So his watching me pee on a stick for the 50 millionth time and then we both watching the lines go blue and he says:’ OMW there are 2 lines its twins!!!’
    I then explained no luv its a baby and he just laughed saying’ Wowww i got super soldiers”

  35. 2015-06-11 / 11:58

    Our son was hospitalised at 3months old and I had to spend a few nights with him. My husband arrived to give me some time off to replenish and spent the time rocking him in his arms while I was away. #Superdad

  36. Tshifhiwa Thobela
    2015-06-11 / 11:59

    My husband left me when I was pregnant with my second baby. The thought of being a single parent used to torture I went back to stay with my parents. My dad is a special hero to me,he have played such an important role of being a father and a grandpa to my two beautiful girls. he have showered them with unconditional love and every night when he gets back home from work,the first thing he does is playing with my kids. seeing them giggle is the most special thing that I could ever ask for. And this is just an everyday special moment that I adore. I thank god for bringing his Kingdom close to me and my kids by blessing us with the most amazing father ever.

  37. Jennifer
    2015-06-11 / 12:00

    Wow… The reason why this Father’s Day is so special to me is because of my gorgeous baby girl and her dad! He isn’t the biological father how ever he is non the less her daddy! When I was just 4 months pregnant with her this amazing man came into my life and shook my world around! He came to every appointment and all the tests and scans sat by me in hospital when I was suffering with kidney infections and didn’t leave my side! The first time he held my baby bump tummy our daughter pushed and cradled his hand from within!! She would always follow his hand and push on it! Then the day she was born I have never seen so much love between 2 humans in my life! We gave her his surname even though we are not married! He is the most amazing daddy to our baby girl and no one in the world and nothing in the world can compare to what my handsome man did for this little girl and weather we win or not he will always be the best and most deserving daddy to our precious daughter whom is now 3 months old <3

  38. Tanya Jackson
    2015-06-11 / 12:01

    My dad abandoned us when i was three years old and have never known a fathers love or uttered the word “Dad’to any one until the day i met the love of my life. he has filled the void in my life and his my dad now and really appreciate him alot,blessed to have him in my life 🙂 My daddy!

  39. 2015-06-11 / 12:01

    My Dearest Dad has passed on I will be celebrating Fathers Day with my wonderful husband,Dad with 4 Children and Grandpa to 5 Grandchildren.We will be celebrating sharing OREO biscuits 🙂

  40. Werna-Marie Naude
    2015-06-11 / 12:03

    Oreo is my husbands favorite and he makes eating an oreo into an artform 🙂 he has taught both our children how to eat an oreo the right way…. But my son likes the inside bit the most…which his dad will always give up with a smile when asked…(measure of an awesome daddy… He would give up the inside bit of oreo to see his son smile), love this man to so much

  41. 2015-06-11 / 12:05

    my special moment was the day my day walked me down the aisle it was a day of all kinds of emotions and just to see the look on his face was of pure satisfaction (for the job well down in raising a girl) and disappointment (of letting her go) to this day his my first true LOVE

  42. Barbara Kuhn
    2015-06-11 / 12:05

    Your opening sentences touched a cord with me – also lost my dad at a young age. Parents got divorced when I was quite young so we only got to spend every second holiday with my dad and his new family. Then he passed away when I was 13 so never truly felt that I knew him. I think I only really got to understand and value the meaning of fathers day when my husband and I had our first child. My husband had also lost his dad at a young age so for both of us it was hugely important that he bonded and became a special part of our kids lives from the beginning. In Afrikaans families the father is traditionally just the disciplinarian and the mom does everything else. This is not what we wanted and I am so glad we didn’t go that route. My husband has such a great relationship with both our kids. He is completely at ease with looking after them himself if I am away. He is bond and relationship with the kids is everything that I would have wished to have with my own farther – I am just so grateful that my husband and I have been able to give them so much better then what we had!

  43. Barbara Kuhn
    2015-06-11 / 12:12

    Your opening sentences really touched a cord with me. I also lost my Dad at a young age so never really felt like celebrating Fathers Day as well as I felt that I never really knew my Father. Even as an adult it still haunted me, especially on my wedding when I didn’t have a farther to walk my down the isle. My husband had also lost his father at quite a young age so we both wanted to ensure that our kids had a better bond with their dad then what either of us had had. Traditionally in Afrikaans families the father is just the disciplinarian and the mom does everything else. I am so glad we didn’t go this route. From the word go my husband has been a hands on father and he has built a really special bond with both our kids. He is completely at ease looking after them when I am away. I am so glad that we have been able to give them so much more in this regard then what either of us had growing up as I know both the kids and us will reap the rewards of strong family bonds in the years to come!

  44. Carolyn Augustus
    2015-06-11 / 12:25

    The most special moment I have shared with my hubby and little one was the day I gave birth. When our daughter was born and baby was handed to him, he burst into tears of joy, so much so that both myself and the nurses all started crying. A moment I will always treasure.

  45. Natashia Pentz
    2015-06-11 / 12:26

    My Husband was the first and only one who could hold and see my daughter for the first 2-3 days after she was born. As she was in NICU and I was bed-bound. He took a lot of photos and video’s so I could see her. Even when he started speaking to her, she would open her eyes and look at him with so much love. And if he took her hand, she would hold om to him thumbs for her dear life. I am sure those moments bring tears to your eyes. Was the perfect time for Father and daughter to bond.

  46. 2015-06-11 / 12:29

    My special moment with my husband was when I was wheeled into my hospital room after having our son and he was pacing back and forth next to our son’s hospital crib. So I asked him why didn’t he pick him up because he was fussing a little, and my husband just looked at me terrified he was going to hurt his because he was so small. So I picked him up and put him on his daddy’s chest for the first time and that was the first and only time I have seen my husband cry any tears in his life, but at least these were tears of joy.

  47. Susann McCarthy
    2015-06-11 / 12:29

    My dad is an intimidating figure – super tall, super wide shoulders. He grew up as a simple farm boy that could fix anything and help any animal. When us kids came along life changed, because this big man cried when we scraped a knee or elbow (and harder if there was more blood). His blue eyes would be so full of tears while putting a plaster on that I think he mostly missed the injury completely. Now that I am much older I am starting to take care of my parents because I am so greatful for all the opportunities made possible by their sacrifices that whatever they need they will have.

  48. Anastasia
    2015-06-11 / 12:30

    I’m so blessed to have 2 amazing men in my life. My dad is the strongest man I knw,even though he divorced my mum when I was 4 -he manages the responsibilty of all the women in his life with such love for all of them which incl-3mothers, 2 wives, and 1 daughter. My favourite memory is when he worked in Secunda, which was 2 hrs away from home- he spent 4 hours a day on the road. Sometimes I’d go with him just so we could talk on the drive. I’d fall aslp on the drive back and drool on hs seats but he didn’t mind. The other great man is my future father in law- I love dancing in newyears eve with him. Truely look forward to dancing the night away- he seems to appreciate my 2 left feet a lot more than my finace’.

  49. hafizah anwary
    2015-06-11 / 12:33

    I’ve. Had many small moments with my dad, like after I got married and he visited me during the fast. So every morning wed stay up chatting till after sunrise. Made me realise I’m still his little baby. My dad has sinced moved away but we still have these moments on phone wen we speak. My hubby and I had this break through moment when I was giving birth, he has since gained a tremendous amount of love and respect in my eyes.. I love the men in my life.. 🙂

  50. Simone C
    2015-06-11 / 12:35

    My dad died 9yrs ago this month. A special memory for me…is something that was like a tradition for us. After school he’d pick my sister, brother and I up from school and we’d head off to Milky Lane. He’d order us all a root beer. I used to wonder: WHY IS MY DAD BUYING US BEER??? Lol

    It was our thing, he would never order us a waffle or ask us if we wanted something else…we’d all go, sit at the counter, have our root beers and off we’d go.

    I’m so sad my dad isn’t around to have met his grandkids and I wish he could have started that tradition with them….to take them for Root Beer (or something else…as Milky Lane doesnt have Root Beer anymore 🙁 )

    So I have no dad, but my kids have an AMAZING father. He takes his kids for sushi! Expensive sushi as well…lol. He tries to sneak take aways into the house for my 6yr old daughter (sushi obsessed!)…and she shrieks because she gets so excited for sushi. That’s their thing…well our family thing..we all love sushi. Anyways….I would love to win the prize for my husband that is always travelling, misses his kids so much….but tries to make the best of every minute when he is home with them <3

  51. Zasha De Lange
    2015-06-11 / 12:40

    The best Fathers moment, was when I gave birth and my husband cut the umbilical cord and held his son for the first time, it was so special.

  52. Anika Huemer
    2015-06-11 / 12:42

    My husband is a young dad, but always puts our family first.
    He is a great provider and comforter.
    He deserves to be spoiled every single day of the year.

  53. Sarah Gerhardt
    2015-06-11 / 12:46

    My husband has recently started working away from home. While talking to my 3 yr old daughter about it she sighs and says I love dad too much. She is missing her Dad so much as they are so close, she would love to share his Oreos with him if we win. 😉

  54. lameez
    2015-06-11 / 12:49

    My husband is an amazing father ,A DadThat switch him off from everything when its kids time,the most amazing moments between hubby and our kids is when he bond with our kids , spendining qaulitytimes with them,he enjoy nappy changing ,bath our boys,feedin our twin girls , tug boys in bed with a story and hugs and kiss,sing ,talk and have fun with them.with our boys hubby have a monthly plan each month he take our boys out individual and spend Father and son time.My hubby never grew up with his dad but what he put in 4 his kids is priceless .

  55. Belinda
    2015-06-11 / 12:49

    Every moment my Daughter and her Daddy spend together is special to me. So special to see the love between father & daughter!

  56. Bernadette Schoombie
    2015-06-11 / 12:52

    My fiance and daughter love to eat Oreos with coffee or tee when he comes home from work. Their fav thing to do together.

  57. Angela
    2015-06-11 / 13:01

    My Dad is my hero! He brought up 4 kids on his own as my mom left when I was 8 (and the oldest!).
    3 of us are girls and my “baby” brother…Can you imagine?! My Dad was dad, mom, cook, cleaner, taxi driver… our everything! He basically put his life on hold for his children…a true hero in our family’s eyes! Love my Dad more than anything! xxx

  58. Ashona
    2015-06-11 / 13:01

    I cherish each precious moment that I share with my Dad. He is my real-life superhero and I love him tons. For me every day is Father’s day 🙂

  59. Anna
    2015-06-11 / 13:02

    This will be my husband’s first Father’s Day with our little boy! I know it’s not the normal, special memory but when I was a little one I managed to accidentally break my dad’s Polaroid camera so maybe this would help start a new tradition with our new family! He didn’t really get cross just gave a big hug! Will never forget that!

  60. Jane
    2015-06-11 / 13:09

    we are currently pregnant with our first baby … A little boy also due early Sept!!
    My husband is so excited to meet our son & I can’t wait for his first Father’s Day next year!! He’s going to be an amazing Dad, he’s been with me to every appointment & scan – the love he already feels is so beautiful!!

    And of course my Popps is the best dad in the world! So supportive & kind – even though he’s overseas! He’s so excited to be a Grandpops ❤️

  61. 2015-06-11 / 13:15

    Special moment with my dad were 6 years ago when I got married & he walk me down the isle tears rolling down his cheeks when he hand me over to my husband saying take good care of my eldest daughter!!

  62. 2015-06-11 / 13:20

    Omw where do I begin.. ♡♡♡♡ my dad my dad was the one that hade to punish us when we where young.. And he just couldnt give us one he have a heart of gold. To soft with us. Once my mom said we must get a hiding he said make if you guys cry and i wil hit the bed…. We didnt know must we start to cry or laught. Sometime dads come out strong but they are loveable. My husband remind me of mt dad so soft with our little girl. And i do ♡♡ them for it. They both have funny bones in them.. ♡♡♡ #thingsdadsdodifferently

  63. 2015-06-11 / 13:21

    My wedding day.
    My Dad saw me walking down the stairs and the tears rolled down his face. He told me he has never seen a more beautiful bride than me (biased i know).

    And the joy you see in his eyes (pictures) of him walking me down the aisle.

  64. Samantha
    2015-06-11 / 13:29

    My favorite moment is when my partner was I. The delivery room with me during my Caesar and he turned ash white and would t look anywhere.
    But then the nurse basically dragged him round the operating table (past the blood and open cut) and handed him his little girl. You could basically see him melt and fall in love with his little girl.
    BUT he also is an AMAZING step-dad to my son. And that is so awesome cos to be a step-parent means you choose to love that child. And he loves him as if it is his own son!
    And for that I have the greatest respect for him!!
    Here’s to all the step-dads out there!

  65. ragmat baron
    2015-06-11 / 13:41

    A special moment between me and dad was when I gave birth to my daughter, I was a single mom going into an unknown territory and the look on his face and smile when he saw and held her for the first time, gave me the reasurrance that he would be their for us always

  66. Halima Shaik
    2015-06-11 / 13:46

    I never really appreciated my father till I married and had kids of my own,growing up I could remember myself doing everything to defy him,the fondest moment that has stuck in my head,is on the birth of my first child,it was exactly 11.20pm I awoke my husband to tell him I need to go to the hospital,the look on his face was both,excitment,fear and emotions all pinned in on,he phoned my father to inform him,as we arrived at the hospital and made our way to the labour ward,I saw a face filled with silent emotion,eyes that spoke to me in silence,a voice saying you will be ok,you will,that was the first day in 22 years of my life,I saw tears in my fathers eyes,that is the day I realised that a father never wants any pain for their child never,since then my son is now 8 and when I see the moments he shares with his dad I always get taken aback,I’m proud to say this has gotten me closer to my father, 8th January 2007 the day I found my hero!My Father I love you.

  67. Esti
    2015-06-11 / 13:51

    It will be my second Fathersday without my dad and it is my husband’s second fathers day. Had lots of special moments when my dad was in hospital with cancer. Miss him so much

  68. 2015-06-11 / 13:55

    My boys love sharing their Oreo with their daddy,every superhero needs Oreo to fuel his superhero powers!! My husband is a real SUPERHERO in my eyes and in my 2 boys eyes.We have a 3 year old boy,a 10 month old boy and Im 6 months pregnant so to say Im exhausted is an understatement, My husband is such a hands on dad,he gives my tired preggy feet foot massages,he cleans,cooks,organizes,plays with his boys,runs a business,he is really handy around the house and the boys always think daddy can fix anything,if a toy breaks i hear “Dont worry daddy will fix it” His superhero abilities include functioning fully with very little or no sleep, When I need him, he’s there in a flash,He’s tough so I don’t have to be,He’s willing to climb mountains (with me!) to make our dreams come true,He has strikingly good looks and a smile that stops traffic– although most days it just stops me in my tracks. (Making me powerless over ever being angry with him for too long. <3 <3

    He truly makes me feel as though we are equal in everything which makes the long days so much easier. In fact sometimes I feel a bit inadequate around him. I think it’s something about men and their ability to be calm in many situations and think logically and not too much with their emotions as us women. He actually cares about all the little and big things and show it through words and actions! I appreciate that he talks things out with me, remain sensible, help me remain calm, problem solve with me until the wee hours of night if needed in an effort to make sure that we are doing the very best for our kids and making our home run smoothly and happily. ( A TRUE SUPERDAD AND SUPERHUSBAND!!

  69. Marisca
    2015-06-11 / 13:57

    The most special as well as emotional moment I share with my dad was when he walked me down the aisle on my wedding day, and he looked into my eyes with teary eyes, gave me the last peck on the cheek before he handed me over to the future man of my life! It was so emotional for him that during the ceremony when the pastor asked “And who gives this child away”, everyone was staring at him and waiting on his response until I had to wake him up from his daydream…probably the moment when he was thinking of the first moment he held me in his arms the day I was born.

  70. Cindy Janse van vuuren
    2015-06-11 / 13:58

    My ultimate favorite memory is… Wow there’s so many ! ^_^ My dad is a joker so its really hard thinking of just one when my dad is the one who puts color to a everybody’s lives.. My best memory of my dad which by the way is very organized, told my brother when he were supposed to have the birds and bee’s talk with my him that he need to learn to Manage his money and keep a balanced checkbook, show generosity, and learn basic saving and investing. That will get him far in life. So serious no jokes face, my mom and i burst out laughing behind the closed bedroom door and so we all just started laughing =D =D =D

  71. nasika baijnath
    2015-06-11 / 14:09

    my dad and i share a bond like mother and daughter. so one day i decided to once give him a pedicure, it took me almost two hours and he he fell asleep. i painted his toe nails light pink and even added my barbie stickers on his two big toes. he woke up and then saw it and to my amazement didnt make a fuss for me to take it out. he paraded around the whole week in sandals and amazingly enough the stickers lasted the whole week too. i was so amazed that he did this to make me smile and make me happy. i will always remember it for the way it made me feel this year maybe he lets me do it again

  72. Tachka du Plessis
    2015-06-11 / 14:12

    One of the most special moments that I have had with my dad was when my daughter was born… I will never forget the proud look in his eyes when him & my mom came walking into the recovery room & he saw his little girl with the new precious little angel in her arms :,) such a beautiful moment! The tears were uncontrollable!

  73. Shantel Govender
    2015-06-11 / 14:16

    At a tender age of 21 becoming a dad. He did not let his age come in the way of his fatherhood. He is constantly working so hard to be a provider to us . To maintain a good lifestyle for us. There is many times where he sacrifices his own needs ,so I could get a new pair of shoes or a new dress. He is a man who is constantly helping others .He has fought many years of his addiction to alcohol .During those difficult years he has lost his job, his family and everything that was dear to him .In 2006 he has reconnected with us and regain his life back . Just when normality became his norm he was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2008 and on the 29th of October 2011 at the age of 49 he lost his battle . He has instilled values of humbleness, love ,compassionate and the ability to forget the wrong done onto us, embrace mankind and its unity. These values will forever live in my brother’s and my heart .

  74. nimisha dya
    2015-06-11 / 14:24

    The best fathers day memory I have is when we found out we were pregnant again! My husband wasHappy because we planned everything and it all worked out perfectly so we had our last fathers day that year as a Family of three and went and spoilt our daughter with quality daddy time and it was the best thing we could have done as now the two children are always fighting for attention!

  75. Christy Winslow
    2015-06-11 / 14:32

    What brings tears to my eyes and warms my heart incredibly is seeing my husband who has a rare blood disease and my daughter who is 16 mnths old together. He is her best human and they laugh and laugh together. even when he is feeling so low In hospital he always has time for her. She often will wave goodbye to me if I come into the room as she only wants to be with her daddy. they love playing hide and seek and reading books together. my prayer and wish is that he will be around for her for a long time.

  76. Lynnith Andreou
    2015-06-11 / 14:35

    I think back to my most special moment with my Dad, who has long passed on now.
    It was at my Matric Dance, and in our school, Parents were invited too, and being a girls school, the first dance was with their dads.
    I was so proud of my Dad as he was such a good dancer, and he swept me up in his arms and lead me in a waltz, so perfectly. What a stunning memory for me……..x

  77. 2015-06-11 / 14:54

    The most amazing thing that’s come out of my husband being a stay at home dad to our son is how strong their bond is. When we’ve been gone for a while he actually pushed me straight out of the way and exclaims “Daddy!” and runs to his dad. Both heartbreaking and heart-warming for this mama!

  78. 2015-06-11 / 14:59

    My dad has passed on; it will be 5 years this year. This is not something I should publicize, but I sort of took him for granted. My mom has been living overseas for over a decade now and I felt that he was the one who pushed her away so i would be upset at little things like being the only girl who’s father would go for parents day meetings at school- in an all girls’ school. The only one who’s father would make supper ready or drop & fetch me to and from school. There’s a lot but what I’ve learnt, thankfully before he passed on, was that I was blessed to have a dad that was truly in every sense of the word, a Super Dad! I’ve, thankfully, tried to thank him before he passed on and he told me that he was extremely proud of me and the person I’ve become. I can’t pinpoint a single memory that was the best because they all are moments that showed he was Amazing. It’s the little things, I suppose, like we both shared a sweet tooth. So I can remember when I was still at home, I used to watch the food channels and used the try those lovely and wacky creations that I learnt from the show, and just serve it to him without asking whether he wanted it or not. Haha, sometimes it used to be really wacky, but he would never say how bad anything I made was !
    My husband is similar in a way, he also has a good soul and is so appreciative of whatever comes his way even if I don’t feel it tastes good and he helps me so much with our son who will be a year on Father’s Day. He doesn’t want me to ever feel like I’m the only parent so he is very much hands on, changing nappies, feeding, bathing, etc and he wants our son to know that cleaning and housework is not just a woman’s job, so he cleans and washes the dishes so that our son can see : daddy is also cleaning up. As I type this, thinking of the wonderful men in my life, my son screams Da-dah hahah, yes that’s his most favourite word to say, which probably shows his favourite person

  79. 2015-06-11 / 15:24

    My husband became the father figure to my, now 13 year old, son 10 years ago. He took to fatherhood like a duck to water. When our first child, a boy, was born 8 years ago, the look of utter awe and love on his face is something I will never forget.

  80. 2015-06-11 / 15:54

    so many instances to mention my husband and our kids. he is a man that can be quite stern and strict, but will always be there for them, even at 12am, when there is a “phantom cockroach ” in our 5yr olds bed! but i would much rather talk of opportunities lost. my dad passed away when i was 18, and still in university. i was therefore never able to spoil him with gifts for fathers day or his birthday (other than the sqonky cards ofcourse)i was also not able to give the joy of “grandparent-hood” in time. these moments lost remind me to treasure my family, my father in law and my husband all the more. PS … OREO would make this sadness all the more easier too bare 😛

  81. Melanie Chilwell
    2015-06-11 / 16:05

    My daughter Sage and my life is more colourful with him in it! There is not just one special occasion or moment. Everyday is special and memorable with him in our lives and by our sides! He is one of a kind and he is ours!

  82. 2015-06-11 / 17:07

    My special moment between me and my dad was, when he Walked me down the Aisle when i got married in 2008… That was so Special for both of us! 🙂

  83. rehana seedat
    2015-06-11 / 18:16

    For many years, from the time I was little My dad’s desire was to go on a religious Pilgrimage to Mecca(Saudi Arabia). We were little back then & my Dad being the only sole bread winner, struggled financially to bring us up and he had immense responsibilities of raising seven children. My special moment was the day I told him that his lifetime desire/wish was going to be fulfilled and that travel arrangements have been made for him to go overseas. I still can remember the mixed emotions of shock happiness & excitement he expressed. He initially thought I was joking and did not believe me. I don’t have a top paying job & for the 22 years I have been working I deprived myself of much luxury. I saved up enough money over the years to help fulfill dad’s dream.I can still remember him boarding the plane, smiling, full of joy and happiness, waving at me as he went off on her lifetime trip. The day he arrived back from overseas with Dad my sister told me that the only person he kept asking for at the airport was me. If only you know how he hugged me when he arrived back home. With so much Love, appreciation & joy! This feeling, moment & memory will always remain in my heart for many years to come. The blessing & joy that comes from fulfilling a parent’s lifetime wish/dream, is the best feeling one can ever experience

  84. rehana seedat
    2015-06-11 / 18:22

    I have Shared this post via facebook, have tweeted @rehanaseedat and following you via instagram, facebook & twitter. All steps done

    For many years, from the time I was little My dad’s desire was to go on a religious Pilgrimage to Mecca(Saudi Arabia). We were little back then & my Dad being the only sole bread winner, struggled financially to bring us up and he had immense responsibilities of raising seven children. My special moment was the day I told him that his lifetime desire/wish was going to be fulfilled and that travel arrangements have been made for him to go overseas. I still can remember the mixed emotions of shock happiness & excitement he expressed. He initially thought I was joking and did not believe me. I don’t have a top paying job & for the 22 years I have been working I deprived myself of much luxury. I saved up enough money over the years to help fulfill dad’s dream.I can still remember him boarding the plane, smiling, full of joy and happiness, waving at me as he went off on her lifetime trip. The day he arrived back from overseas my sister told me that the only person he kept asking for at the airport was me. If only you know how he hugged me when he arrived back home. With so much Love, appreciation & joy! This feeling, moment & memory will always remain in my heart for many years to come. The blessing & joy that comes from fulfilling a parent’s lifetime wish/dream, is the best feeling one can ever experience

  85. Rabe
    2015-06-11 / 19:29

    Our trip from Cape Town to JHB to pick up my new car and the long drive to Limpopo to show it to mom.

  86. Lauren
    2015-06-11 / 19:30

    Shaney! My girl, you’ve got me tearing up! My dad is still alive but not in good health. He is literally my rock and the person I call on for advice and help whenever I need it. I dread the day he won’t be there for me and you have given me a good hour of memories and thoughts about my dad. My fondest memories aren’t fishing and car motor lessons (although they’re close seconds), my favourite memories are days when I was sick and couldn’t attend school but there wasn’t anyone who could look after me at home. He would pack me into the car at 5am and we’d make the trip to his office, he nestled me into an office chair with reams of paper and my crayons and let me go to town writing stories and drawing. I whined and complained of boredom but he always found a way to keep me busy. Not particularly fun memories but those were our moments alone together. Being the middle of three girls, time alone with a parent didn’t happen often. I love my dad so much and can see that Rosie loves her dad just as much.
    Thank you for making me take stock and bringing back memories which I hadn’t thought of in years. <3

  87. depashni marie
    2015-06-11 / 21:17

    From an early age,my dad has always taught me the importance of reading books…when I was little hw should take me to the library and help me choose books…now as an adult I still have a passion for read and I’m a bookworm Just like my dad

  88. Siphiwo Mendu
    2015-06-11 / 22:20

    my dad has lived his dreams done everything for us from nothing worked hard and tireless to achieve his dream to protect, provide, care, live and gave us good life and education. My father’s story needs more day to tell but let me leave u by saying he is my man of honor, my hero and my inspiration.

  89. Cindy Pharo
    2015-06-11 / 22:23

    I lost my father at the young age off 6, and I always envied my cousins with their dad. I remember watching them and wished I had that. We however did celebrate Father’s Day I made a card each year and my siblings and I with our mom would go to his grave put flowers on and I my card. 6 is so young so I don’t have a lot of memories off him. But one I always laugh about he would always ask. Cindy tell the uncle what you want to be when you grow up, and I would answer with my mouth full of rotten teeth a princess Dadde. I found my prince he made me his queen and now we have a little princess, who adores he daddy so much :))

  90. 2015-06-11 / 22:47

    My Dad was a great dad .always playing with the KId ,he’s one that will catch you before you fall,pick you up ,dust you off & let you try again
    He is someone who holds you when you cry shines with pride when you succeed and has in faith in you .When you fail.
    These are some of my special moments ,there is many more.p

  91. Quraisha
    2015-06-11 / 22:48

    Oreos are my hubby’s favourite!! This year will be his first father’s day. We are very lucky to have each other and our five month old son. After many years of disappointments and one tragedy in 2013, I fell pregnant last year. It was a rocky road with elation, anxiety, hospital stay, depression and a premature birth but thanks to my wonderful hubby, we made it through. He is a hands on dad, takes care of baby and me and always has a smile on his face. He is my best friend and an amazing dad. This day is going to be all the more special because I never had a dad, and the greatest gift is to see the way my son’s eyes light up when my hubby looks at him.

  92. Jade
    2015-06-12 / 09:20

    Every moment is a special one between my kids and their Dad. 🙂

  93. Bridget Edwards
    2015-06-12 / 09:26

    I love my dada to the moon and back! I have the most special memories of my childhood, especially hanging out in the garage with him and helping him fix things or just watching and learning. Best Dad ever!!!

  94. 2015-06-12 / 12:44

    I grew up very close to my Dad as i am the only girl so YEAH call me a Daddy’s Girl but i am proud to say that!!! As a Daddy’s girl i got my way, but most of all my Dad and I have a inseparable bond – todayi am 27 and even at my age i still can’t go a day without seeing my Dad or atleast talking to him. I am proud to say i have great husband who understands this bond and he is wonderful as he had to fill these big shoes my Dad set. Nonetheless i have two boys together me and my husband bring our boys up eith great Respect towards their “oupa” – we (my husband and i) agree the best memory has to be my Dad’s tears of happiness when he held our don (his grandson) for the first time -A prouder Granddad you won’t find anywhere. The bond between my boys and Oupa has no words!!!! ♡

  95. Charlotte
    2015-06-12 / 13:51

    There have been many amazing moments in my life. From young teacher, to farmer’s wife, mother and now grandmother. Highlights for me with my husband was when our girls first arrived then their children.

  96. Moira Mc Allister
    2015-06-12 / 15:29

    The most special moment I shared with my husband Peter was when I found out I was expecting our first child…. It took 10years for me to fall pregnant…. And praise the Lord I have my pigeon pair….

  97. lynn botha
    2015-06-13 / 05:34

    I have so many special moments with my dad but 2 stand out for is on my wedding day. My dad has always been my “first phonecall” when I have a problem,he’s my mechanic, my electrician, my plumber and on my wedding day, he shook my hubby’s hand and looked over to me and he gave me the biggest smile imaginable, and i knew exactly what it was for.. no more 5am phone calls to remove a rain spider for him lol. My dad is a man of very few words, but get him alone with his young grandchildren, i could not believe my ears. He makes up the most amazing stories that have them hanging on every word. I catch myself listening often. I’m grateful and lucky to still have him around and healthy at age 72. Lots memories still to be made 🙂

  98. mncedisi
    2015-06-13 / 05:52

    every time we watch our favourite soccer teams play against each other (kaizer chiefs and Orlando pirates) is a special moment,a special moment for him because he is a chiefs fan and they always beat us

  99. 2015-06-13 / 07:29

    A little poem
    My dad is clever like Ironman ,strong as Hulk , fast as Superman & brave as Batman .he is my super hero
    The best dad in the world

  100. Nicola Langridge
    2015-06-13 / 07:31

    I didn’t have a dad that was around so generally avoided fathers day every year. Seeing my hubby interact with our newborn has been so special. I know that he has an awesome dad that loves him loads. I’m so excited about fathers day for the first time ever. I can’t wait to show my hubby how much I appreciate the special bond that he has with our son!

  101. Holly McKibbin
    2015-06-13 / 08:03

    I am so absolutely blessed to have such a dedicated, caring, loving and affectionate dad to my little 9 month old daughter. My husband has shown me in so many ways these past 9 months just how much he loves both me and our daughter. From coming home early just so he can be with us, to calling to chat to her on the phone. He puts her on his shoulders and walks around our garden while she squeals with delight. He wakes up early in the morning to make her a bottle and while I am in bed I hear him chatting to her and making her laugh. Recently our daughter was a bit sick and he was quick to take time off work to be with her and help look after her. He truly is a super dad with a genuine love for his little girl and he would do absolutely anything for both me or his treasured daughter. I feel so amazed by this and am so grateful to have this man in our lives.

  102. 2015-06-13 / 10:43

    My dad was diagnosed with terminal lymphoma when I was 10 years old and somehow went into complete remission and is still here today. He walked my sister and I down the aisle and he is the most incredible adored grampa in all the world. Every time I see him with my baby girl or my niece, my heart just overflows. Will share a pic on Twitter ❤️

  103. YANULI kuvlone
    2015-06-13 / 10:56

    I’m A proud mommy and a wife, the bond my boy’s have makes Me very happy since day 1 my hubby and son have been best friends I remember my son sleeping on his daddy’s chest day and night for three months after birth his a great father cooks for baby time to time taught him to stand and walk I’m very blessed I thank God everyday for blessing me so much

  104. Jana Otto
    2015-06-13 / 11:03

    I lost my dad when i was very young, for many years i could not deal with it. Until i met my husband, thanks to my dad showing me all the good to look for in a man i found my soulmate. If not for him being such a great husband and now dad i would not have been able to move on and enjoy life the way i do now. Thanks daddy, thanks baby for always putting your family first. We love you so so much!!!

  105. saloshnee singh
    2015-06-13 / 11:06

    My dad is amazing special person but this shout out is for my hubby because he would love this prize. He is truly an amazing daddy to both our baby boys. He loves them unconditionally, plays and takes care of them so wonderfully. He works hard to provide for us, he has provided me the opportunity to be a stay at home mom so that i can take care of the kids. Its not easy but he effortlessly does so much for us all so that our kids can have the best care. Even even sacrifices playing his favorite sport so that he spends more time with us. We appreciate all he does for us. At the end of the day there are many amazing dads out there, hope they all get spoilt.

  106. Tania Cerfontyne Lomax
    2015-06-13 / 12:12

    I have many memories of my hubby and kids and many of my dad and I but I’d like to share a very special memory of myself and my dad. My dad was diagnosed with brain cancer 3 years ago and I went down to my mom every morning like clockwork and stayed there until the evening when hubby would fetch me.the day before he lost all sensation in his legs.he told me to dance with him. He was very weak. But my mom helped me get him up and I managed to get his feet onto he did when I was younger. We had our last dance together.things weren’t always perfect between dad and I but he was an amazing dad. I’m happy for the years we had together and I’m especially happy that we got to dance once last time.i would love to win this for my awesome hubby who stood by my side when days were rough and never needed to be asked to help with my dad. Blessed indeed.RIP daddy

  107. Samantha Isaacs
    2015-06-13 / 12:25

    Out special moms with my husband and kids were the days they were born. nothing can compare to those family moments 🙂

  108. 2015-06-13 / 16:59

    I appriciate my hubby because he changed how I really felt about fathers out there,my father is alive but he was never around and I was raised by fathers mother my grandmother , the fact that my dad is a teacher and could afford taking care of me and my siblings but he did the didn’t care, but my wonderful partner changed my perception , the speacial moment was when we just recently got our daughter he was so supportive he insisted in swooping night shifts lol that what we called it when the baby woke up in the middle of the night , he would bath the baby he would allow me to take a breather and go to the mall a little coz at some point he could tell I was forever tired and depressed and he did all he can to help me , he is so supportive to this day he would go to the mall to my surprise he has baby clothing in his hands , the love he has for our daughter is just too beautiful ,he makes time to take her out in the parks he is a real father and I greatful to have his support he taught me that not all man are the same and never judge others coz of the prevous experience you had , because there are great,loving and caring people in this world .in this moment in this journey of life if there is one thing I’m happy to know is that my child had a great father and I trust him that he will forever be the man he is now , everytime when I see him out side playing with her, when they laughing hugging kissing it makes my heart smiles , I didn’t have that and I’m glad my child doesn’t have to go through what I went through 🙂 god is great all the time

  109. Kedibone Mimi Sechuane
    2015-06-13 / 18:43

    My very special momet with my dad was when he was teaching me how to cook, my mother was at work and we cooked all our favourite vegetables (pumpkin, cabbage, potatoes, carrots, beetroot, sweet potatoes) and meat. I really enjoyed cooking with my dad.

  110. 2015-06-13 / 18:56

    My Man Jay Francis is everything I wanted in a husband and father to my kids, He is my better half in everything I do without him my life is incomplete, he loves his role as a dad, He has taught my son how to kick a ball like his favourite soccer star Messi,He has taken our little boy on boy adventures like quadbiking and canoeing, he has lots of love for his little princess and holds her little hands with tender, love and care, When jumping on a trampoline he will not let go of daddy’s little girls hands so she is safe and secure. When he carries both of our kids in his strong arms he is like there superman and deserves an award for being the best daddy in the world . Following on instagram, twitter and Facebook and twewted

  111. Sarah
    2015-06-13 / 19:02

    my dad is a bright light in my life! He has worked so hard to support my mom brother and I! He adds value to everyone’s life everyday and he is well liked and respected by everyone. His favourite piece of advice he gas given me to date is “don’t visit places that don’t exist” and this helps me to not get ahead of myself and helps me make better choices in life and live in the now. I lived abroad for 5 years and recently got back to South Africa and I’m soooooo excited to be spending this Father’s Day with him! I will always remember Subday afternoons spent with him teaching me how to play Cluedo after we watched an epic Formula1 grand prix race on TV!

  112. yolande murphy
    2015-06-13 / 19:24

    I see special moments between my husband and our children every day. He is such a hands on dad that is involved, interested, caring and loving. His life revolves around us and giving us the best he can.

  113. Talia
    2015-06-13 / 19:36

    My favorite moment was when my husband saw our daughter as she was born. He was full of tears but full of pride – the moment he officially became a father.

  114. Nadine
    2015-06-13 / 19:39

    the thing I find the most amazing is watching my husband and my father play with my daughter. Hearing the giggles (from them all) and knowing that an unbreakable bond is forming.

  115. Tersia
    2015-06-13 / 21:07

    My husband is going through a tough time…but he is the most amazing dad!

  116. Mariette
    2015-06-13 / 21:17

    Seeing my dad with my kids… It is amazing! So special that we can share that!

  117. Cindy
    2015-06-13 / 23:00

    I grew up without a father I don’t know him it was always very uncomfortable for me when people asked me about him but I’ve learned to live with it as God is my father and he gave the most amazing father to our daughter Jiya every moment of every day that I can watch them together is so precious they just have such a beautiful bond and the best part is when my fout year old says to him “i love you daddy your the best daddy in the world and I love you to the moon and back” oh and by the way they both love sharing oreos

  118. Melane Els
    2015-06-14 / 07:28

    It will be my hubby’s second Father’s Day he just love his little boy we usually don’t celebrate Father’s day but this year we are going to celebrate it

  119. Megan
    2015-06-14 / 15:35

    Father’s Day had always been a sore spot for me, as my own dad left me when I was only 2. Although I have always had my step-dad who stepped up and committed in being an awesome dad, I always felt like I did something horribly wrong to make my own dad turn away. Only since becomming a parent myself, have I realized how awesome it is having a step-dad who loves and accepts me for who I am. He has moulded me into the person that I am and has always only wanted the best. The very best memories of him are not of days which were made up of materialistic thing, but rather the days when all our furniture was repocessed, as the company was at a great loss. My dad and I formed a very close relationship by playing Uno cards on the picnic blanket, on the floor of our empty lounge. While most would have thought we had nothing, we had absolutely everything we needed and for that, I am eternally grateful!

    • Megan
      2015-06-14 / 15:36

      following on all social media and shared on Twitter

    • Megan
      2015-06-14 / 15:40

      Subscribed 😉

  120. thea lennox
    2015-06-14 / 18:37

    My mom was in hospital and i prepared food for the first time in my life. My dad at it and said it was the best meal ever. When i at it, the potatoes was raw, the rice had too much salt and the meat was burned. He did not complain at all. Love him forever .

  121. Candice Terblanche
    2015-06-15 / 08:16

    The most special moment besides him walking me down the isle on my wedding day will have to be 5 years ago. It was his 55th Birthday and me and my hubby decided to give him a surprise party. I had to pretend I had a 5th Birthday cake to bake and when he wasnt looking I had to make another cake also a 5 . Which ended up in the one 5 being bigger than the other and a different shade of blue. It was the first time we managed to pull off a surprise party for him and I will never forget the look on his face. I’m blessed to still have him in my life ( 5 years later) im busy planning his 60th birthday party

  122. 2015-06-15 / 22:01

    I moved to a different town when I was started varsity. I never really spends a lot of time with my dad as he is always working hard to get the best education for his children. After I have graduated and got my first job at Cape Town, I invited him over for a weekend away, as he have never been to Cape Town. And we had the best daughter-father bonding time ever, took him to Lion’s Head for a morning hike, feeding squirrels at Company’s Garden, yummy food at the popular Easter Food Basaar (and still his fave Cape Town restaurant till now). Even though we never have the time to spend when I was younger, but it is never too late to known your dad now! Thanks for all his hours of work to just to get me to where I am right now!

  123. 2015-06-15 / 22:03

    Also shared on tweeter and subscribe to the newsletter 🙂

  124. thea lennox
    2015-06-16 / 10:38

    My dad said if i want to know everything i just need to ask my mom as she knows everything, ask him he knows

  125. Nazarene
    2015-06-16 / 12:10

    My DADDY, Its been 13 years since I last saw him, spoke to him, touched his hand, hugged him or just sat in his presence. I miss him! I miss the sound of his voice, how he called me Smally (his still the only person who called me by that nickname). I miss his hugs his words of wisdom, his sense of humour and I miss the sound of his laughter the most.
    Not a day goes by when I don’t imagine what life would be like had he not passed away. Every situation that I find myself in I imagine a scenario where his present and sharing in the happy moments.
    It’s Father’s Day coming. I have to admit, I am a little envious of all the people who get to spoil their dads. The only thing I can do, really is hold on to the memories. I get to look at photos of him. I get to be proud when people (to this very day) still talk about what a fantastic man he was. His generosity and selflessness is inspiring and unmatched. He left people with a lot of good memories. They always mention how he made them laugh. It gives me a feeling of warmth inside to hear these things about him and inspires me to be the kind of daughter he would be proud of. Thank you, daddy. Thank you for your love. Thank you for the memories. Mostly, thank you for being my father. I love you.

    I would show my love and appreciation to the BEST DADDY in the world my girls daddy.

    You and I started off as best friends and quickly became inseparable. It was as if we’d known each other our whole lives and were being reunited after an eternity. We talked and talked about everything. Our life stories, hopes and dreams. You were (and still are) a man that I adored, one who listened to me, and understood me like no one else ever did. I fell head over heels in love with his honesty, his morals and the very essence of who he is. I knew he would be the most incredible father to our children.

    He lives and breathe this family. Everything he does, every decision he makes and his hard work day after day is for us and our future. Watching our daughters wrap their arms around his neck and snuggle their faces into his chest as they close their eyes with a sigh may very well be one of the most beautiful things I witness. How they faces light up a room when he enters it. For the mommy breaks he give me, to sleep 5 min longer, the manicures you give our lil girls, OH the list can go on!!!

    Thank him for his patience, his never-ending support and most importantly his love. He is the frame that holds this entire house of love together and remind me daily that chivalry is alive and well. Thank you for being the best father I know to our girls.

  126. Rita Badenhorst
    2015-06-16 / 14:29

    My special moment with my Dad was when he helped me cut the first slice of my 21st Birday cake. He took the first bite and I are the rest of the slice

    • Rita Badenhorst
      2015-06-16 / 14:32

      My Special Moment with my Dad was when he helped me cut the first slice of my 21st Birthday cake. He took the first bite of the slice and I ate the rest

  127. Daniela Cardoso
    2015-06-16 / 23:18

    Fathers Day has always been a difficult time for me especially when I was younger as my Dad passed away from cancer when I was only 4 years old. I have one very AMAZING MOM who filled the role as both Mom & Dad over the years and also have two really amazing Uncles who readily stepped up, even though they had their own families to take care of, to be father figures to me. I have such a wonderful bond with both Uncles and they are very different but very alike at the same time. We share a love for sport, outdoor adventure and the same sense of quirky humour. So I remember my Father and the special moments and love we shared and honour and celebrate my Mom and two special Uncles every Fathers Day. So to all those that have a Father in heaven, I share in your sadness on this special day but take solace in the knowledge that they are always watching over us.

    • Daniela Cardoso
      2015-06-16 / 23:22

      special moments I shared with my own Father was flyfishing with him at the dam in the midlands KZN and with my two Uncles it was camping trips in the Drakensberg and riding a jetski at the Dam.

  128. Jassika
    2015-06-17 / 08:42

    My hubby is an amazing dad. His two girls are his angels and would do anything for them. They love their dad just as much. He is their protector and hero. I was sick with Swine Flu and had just given birth, my husband took full control, taking care of baby and our older daughter. He is the best!

  129. Tracy
    2015-06-17 / 14:12

    Wow what a fabulous giveaway ! I have so many incredible moments and memories I shared with my Dad, one being the feeling of absolute safety that he gave me – a stable, reliable, generous and a very funny man. I would always find him in the crowd of supporters at my sporting events and galas, the only big strong man amongst all the moms. He always fetched and carried me and my friends no matter where or what time of night, something we passed on to our sons particularly in their teenage years. I miss him more now than before. But my husband is also a loving good father to our sons. Am proud of both of them ❤️

  130. Bronwin Marsh
    2015-06-17 / 14:51

    We all have a reason why our dad is the best in the world. For me, it’s simply being able to say I HAVE A DAD. I am thankful for the love, the hugs, the screaming matches, the sulking, etc. In this crazy world we live in, family is such an important thing to have. So no matter what shape or size he is, how big his heart is, or how stubborn he is, i am just thankful that i have MY dad.

  131. Claire Soobramoney
    2015-06-17 / 14:55

    Wow!! what a fantastic prize!! I love oreos 🙂 🙂 A really special moment I shared with my dad was when he came to my prize giving in my third year of campus and how proud he was of me. It was so great to know that I had made him proud and to show him my chosen work displayed in the gallery was a moment that Im so glad to have shared it with him.. Its something ill always remember 🙂 following on fb (Claire van Apeldoorn), shared on fb and following on twitter @FSoobramoney 🙂 fingers tightlt crossed xx

  132. Anika Huemer
    2015-06-17 / 15:01

    My husband is a young dad, but always puts our family first.
    He is a great provider and comforter.
    He deserves to be spoiled every single day of the year.

  133. Segomotso Tlhaole
    2015-06-17 / 15:01

    This is going to be my fiance’s first father’s day, we’ve been trying for 4 years, father’s days past without any celebrations then on the 22 November 2014 we were finally blessed with a baby boy who wil be 7 months a day after father’s day. He has been the most wonderful partner and daddy to our son. The only thing that is better than having him as my partner is my son having him as his daddy. I’m going to make him feel extra special this father’s day.

  134. Saadiqah
    2015-06-17 / 15:06

    My Dad is the most amazing father ever.
    When I moved out of home at age 19 he supported me.
    When I bought my first car, he supported even though he hated the car.
    When I moved to JHB from Cape Town, my dad supported me even though it was tough to see his only daughter go.
    When I wanted to marry into a different culture, my dad supported my decision.
    I love him to the end of the earth. His support can never be matched and I can never do enough to thank him.

  135. 2015-06-17 / 15:07

    My husband Stefan was so so incredibly excited about the arrival of our baby girl, Chicago; that we booked into into the “Daddy Suite” of the hospital when I had her. We treated the whole event as a hotel we were booking into….and Chicago’s actual birth was the highlight of our “holiday”. This daddy didn’t leave her or my side. We checked in as two and left as three. It made an already magical experience, even more magical.

  136. brenda fernandes
    2015-06-17 / 15:13


  137. 2015-06-17 / 15:15

    My Boerewors aka husband would love this hamper. Not only does he love OREOS but he loves taking daft selfies with his two precious lassies. Will Tweet and Share as much as I can.

  138. Vivien Foltran
    2015-06-17 / 15:27

    Hi Shan, my favourite memory of my son and my husband was the first time my husband got to hold Matthew for the first time. You see, I went into premature labour last year…while my husband was in the UK on business. I had to have an emergency c-section while my husband frantically called Virgin to get his flight changed. Unfortunately we were not able to hold my son until two weeks later and it was such a special moment watching my husband hold our beautiful little boy for the first time. I took a photo to capture the moment – hope the link works 🙂

  139. 2015-06-17 / 15:31

    The special moment between my daughter and my husband was when he heald her for the very first time and he could not stop telling me this is what me made and this is my baby and his face lit up so much like when a child gets a new toy I will never forget that day

  140. 2015-06-17 / 15:38

    I really do not know what to say about my father. Just mean that I love him. He loves us naturally and keeps worrying about us even when we got older and had children. My father is the hero of my life. He taught me how to face the life with patience and brave. Gave me whole freedom in my life. I love him… I am lucky to have him as my father…I am always his little daughter although I am 33 years old now.

  141. Chané Taylor
    2015-06-17 / 15:40

    for the first time ever on Saturday afternoon my 15 month old son Alex sleep by his dad, from birth he has preferred his cot and now his bed and has refused to sleep on our bed or with us, I thought dad was going to cry he was so happy and choked up. A real special moment in our house

  142. Elmien
    2015-06-17 / 15:58

    I think the most special moments are those my husband share with our kids…..
    my son loves outdoors with his dad. And our little girl…..a Real Daddy’s Girl….2 special 4 words! Xxxx

  143. Rehana
    2015-06-17 / 16:02

    A funny story about my son and hubby: A few weeks ago we were getting ready to go out, my son went into the lounge and began to empty out his toy box, I asked my hubby to check on him and he comes back saying “oh he is just sitting and eating his Oreo”…no sooner does the words leave his lips, a look of complete horror crosses his face, he rushes back to take the Oreo away from my son…coz…the oreos had gotten finished more than a week before:) little mister had one stashed in the toy box though!

  144. Romika Deetlefs
    2015-06-17 / 16:14

    I was daddy’s little girl till I was 25 years old…. then he left this earth, shattering my entire world… I ended marrying the man of my dreams… who in so many ways… reminds me of my precious Dad! His character and some of his habits! We are now blessed with 2 of our own little girls and EVERYDAY I see reminders of my Dad and my relationship in my darling Husband and our precious girls… its a precious reminder of a Father’s love and it overwhelms me with joy! I celebrate father’s day every time I see my husband with our girls!

  145. Tyrina
    2015-06-17 / 16:15

    The most special father’s day moment I shared with my husband was back in 2012, when I woke him up early in the morning after having done a pregnancy test. I said: Good morning, I am pregnant! Happy father’s day!

  146. Serena
    2015-06-17 / 16:19

    My baby girls dad is her hero. He can handle her so well when she is ill or afraid. He made her feel brave while she had her vaccines, she never cried once while he held her during them. The cutest thing though is because he fixes so many broken things, she is so confident he can fix anything…. Even expects her dad to fix the “load shedding” issue

  147. Lerusha Govender
    2015-06-17 / 16:38

    My Papa is definitely one of my best role models.As a toddler i would sit up waiting with my towel placed around the bathroom basin just for my dad to brush my teeth.It would place a very special start to my day,everyday.Im not sure how one becomes left or Right Handed but both my dad and i are Lefties.Its really special to have such a wonderful man to look up to,as being a Lefty i always felt the world was against me,always had to try harder and end up confused.My dad really helped improve my writing,driving,cutting and many other skills i enjoyed doing throughout all of my hobbies growing up.I look back to the photos i have of me as a little girl and i laugh at the ones where it would be all the males in the family posing and you look lower down and you would see me holding onto my dad’s leg afraid he would go off somewhere without me.

  148. Carryn
    2015-06-17 / 17:11

    My husband and son spent a special afternoon at the park recently. They took a mug of milk and a box of Oreos and my son went up and down on the see saw dunking Oreos into the milk! They have a very strong bond and love playing and watching sport together. I love seeing them sitting together discussing sport, it really warms my heart!

  149. cherylann pfistet
    2015-06-17 / 18:18

    I will have to win the prize for the father of my grandson, as sadly, my dad has passed away!!

  150. Mary-Ann Furcey
    2015-06-17 / 18:43

    My dad passed away almost 19 years ago when I was 16. But then 15 years ago, my mom remarried the best second dad anyone could ask for! I am the youngest of 4 children and I was 20 at the time, but he has always treated my brothers and I like one of his own kids. We all love him to bits.

  151. kurt richards
    2015-06-17 / 18:54

    As a little boy I used to love his Wide laughing eyes and mischievous smile and as a young Man he has become my Tour-guide in love and life. Most people would think that this torrent of love can only come from a “DAD” but the truth is that “ANY MAN” that offers you so much life lessons , protects you and opens up his Big Wide arms to receive you “Can be a DAD” and this is why I want the WORLD to know my UNCLE is the one I call “MY DAD”. His my Mums brother who took on the role of being my DAD , stepped into those shoes and NEVER TOOK THEM OFF.

    I remember when he told me that His only Human and he won’t always know what it means to be a Dad but he promises to try his best

    I remember his partner walking out on him because he Spent most of his time with my brother and I But his loyalty was with us and he never left our side. Sometimes I feel as though he sacrificed everything in life just to Give my brother and I a stable home and a happy life because till this day, he remained a single man.

    He is a really funny guy, with a Huge sense of humor. As kids my brother and I would play soccer in the yard and my uncle would join in but HE just couldn’t handle running around for the ball because of his weight so he would lay flat on the ground and be the GOAL KEEPER lol. Fishing is our hobby, till this day we still go on our “father and son” fishing trips, I guess we both love the outdoors 🙂

    The Greatest gift he ever gave me was my Childhood, he made it special for my brother and I and I will cherish those memories forever.
    During the hardest years of my life, he never lost faith in me.

    I want him to know that I am thankful for everything he has done for my brother , my mom and myself. He is truly a Great Man. I Love you DAD

  152. Charlene
    2015-06-17 / 20:37

    I am an absolute daddy’s girl, and my special moment with my dad was when I was pregnant and he would always come chat with me and speak to my belly and my little girl would kick in response. He was the first
    One to see her when she came out of theater and had been there ever since. My dad is an awesome father, I am so blessed.

  153. Candice Mol
    2015-06-17 / 21:34

    My hubby Graham Mol is the most hands on daddy around! He is amazing with our 2 gorgeous children and can often be found playing boy games with our 4 year old son like cars, ninja turtles or mr fix it “tools” and the very next moment he can be lost in play with our 9 month old daughter tickling and laughing away!
    Whenever he is with our kids all I hear is giggles and joy it makes my heart swell with pride

  154. Tammy Perry
    2015-06-17 / 23:21

    I’m blessed to still share special moments with my dad! Our annual holiday to the beach is by far my favorite! Watching my dad build sand castles and sand cars for my daughter like he used to do for me when I was little! It’s also the simple times like chatting over tea and rusks or him doing my toenails…yes, he does that!! My hero! Love him to bits! ❤️

  155. 2015-06-17 / 23:44

    Oh one of the most special moments with my Dad is a memory from when I was really little, like under 3yrs. He was still smoking pipe back then and I remember when my older brother was mean to me and I had been crying he made me laugh by blowing smoke circles with his pipe in his study as I sat on his lap, I stopped crying and started laughing as I was in awe of the magic I saw! Still to this day the smell of pipe smoke is sentimental to me, even though my Dad stopped smoking many years ago! He is a magical Dad, to this day <3

  156. Michelle
    2015-06-18 / 09:57

    My Dad is an amazing roll model, and he continues to inspire me. There were numerous times when money was tight, but my Dad worked hard to provide us with a stable foundation and we were always content with everything my parents provided us with. My dad taught me about good music and to appreciate and be grateful for all that life has provided me. He used to say ‘Surround yourself with good people and make lasting memories’. As I grow, I realize more how grateful I am for the many life lessons my Dad imparted, I can only try to be half the person my dad is I will have captured the essence of life.

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