Oreo – A delicious cookie that opens up a world filled with imagination and exciting adventures. The Wonderfilled concept encourages people to see the world with the same sense of wonder as a kid, encouraging all of us to have a more wide-eyed and open-hearted approach to life.

This poem was inspired by the original Wonderfilled anthem by Owl City for OREO.

Win with Oreo

“Wonderfilled Mom”

I wonder if I gave an Oreo to the Inquisitive Mom next door,
Would she think I’m crazy or would she find new emotions to explore …
how would the story go?

Would she still judge me for the way I choose to parent,
Or would she lend me a hand in time of need
to overcome the fear of depression and my moments of mommy guilt?
Or would she applaud me for trying my best
even in those moments of weakness?


I wonder if I gave an Oreo to the Braggart Mom at school,
would she stop bragging about her child
that eats broccoli, and thinks that’s cool?
Or would she applaud my fussy eater for eating something new?
I’ve just got this feeling that perhaps it might work out all right.

‘Cause cream does wondrous things
inside a chocolate sandwich dream.

If I gave ’em to the breastfeeding mom,
would she share ’em with the formula feeding mom?
Or would they call up the perfectionist mom for a friendly meal?

I wonder if I gave an Oreo…
Really wonder if I gave an Oreo…

It seems to help inhibitions disappear
And make even unapproachable people near

So what would happen if I gave an Oreo to you?

This enchanting campaign executes in more than 50 countries across the world this year and South African fans have not been left out!

The campaign shares a positive message – open up your hearts to others and you have a chance to win one of 3 family trips to New York City worth R200 000 each.


You and 3 family members could be leaving on a jet plane to explore the iconic landmarks, world-famous parks, wonder through historic neighbourhoods and above all else, visit the birthplace of OREO – the OREO Factory.

See all this and more with OREO.

Win with Oreo

5 days and 4 nights in the Big Apple sound like your cup of tea? Purchase a pack of OREO biscuits (176g or 429g) and SMS the last five digits of the barcode to 40185.

OREO cookie lovers can also enter online at www.letwonderout.co.za. SMS rates and Ts & Cs apply.

Win one of 3 family trips to New York City with Oreo

Building on the sense of childlike wonder, a series of wonderfilled activations have been happening in shopping centres across the country (Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, and Cape Town).

Win with Oreo

These engaging installations promise a unique experience of opening up and sharing wonder:

Maponya Mall: until 17 April 2016

V&A Waterfront: 27 April – 1 May 2016

Learn more about the Open Up with OREO campaign by visiting www.letwonderout.co.za and following OREO on Facebook (Oreo) and Twitter (@Oreo) #LetWonderOut.

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