Smooth into Spring with Philips Beauty

We all know that smoothly shaved legs are not on top of every mommy’s to-do list, but with spring around the corner, why not show off your legs to welcome the warm days?

Two lucky mommies stand a chance to say goodbye to hairy winter legs and say hello to new sleek smooth legs courtesy of Philips SatinPerfect.

Philips SatinPerfect

Philips Beauty experts understand that you may not have the opportunity to spend a lot of time on hair removal, which is why they have created the SatinPerfect epilator that offers precision and long-lasting convenience.

It’s basically a brand’s gift to moms. I’m happy I got the opportunity to use one because I always doubted this product. My husband got me one two years ago and I made him return it without even opening the box because I thought it was a waste of money. It’s important you understand what an epilator is before purchasing one.

What is an Epilator?

An epilator is a device with tiny tweezers that grabs the hair from the root and removes them.

Philips SatinPerfect

You most probably will feel more pain than shaving, but if you used to waxing then you will love this. For me, it’s definitely better than a shaving blade and a must have in my travelling bag.

Tip: Exfoliate your legs to prevent ingrown hairs.

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  1. Lizelle wait
    2015-08-24 / 12:43

    I would love to win this because being pregnant with twins my leg hair grow so fast need to shave everyday

  2. Lynn Botha
    2015-08-24 / 12:52

    This is exactly what I need 🙂 I have 2 young toddlers.. so as embarrasing as this is to admit, my shower time is not lovely long showers with the water gushing over me.. its a rush job and most times with an audience 🙂 Leg shaving is just as half.. and my hair grows pretty fast. This would save me time, I wouldn’t have to do it as often, and I love the fact that you can use it wet or dry. I would really love to win this 🙂 thank you. Have followed all the above steps @LynnandJP

  3. 2015-08-24 / 12:53

    I need Phillips Beauty intervention, as i have sensitive skin so when using normal razor, i always land up with cuts and scars. And being portuguese i have to shave on a daily basis as the hair grows so quick

  4. Megs Hartwig
    2015-08-24 / 12:53

    This sounds great for anyone that works odd hours, a busy worker or a stay at home mum. Anyone that just can’t get to the beauty therapists.

    As a busy mum who can’t get to the shops, it would be fantastic to use!

    I love the idea of it! I have shared this giveaway on Twitter (@flutterbymegs). Fingers crossed 😉

  5. Lynnith Andreou
    2015-08-24 / 13:34

    Hi Shan, this is a great giveaway! I have used an epilator for many years, and mine is on the verge of packing up, he he. Anyway, its a great way to get rid of hair, long lasting results and with Philips quality, things can only be great! x

  6. Karien Oosthuizen
    2015-08-24 / 13:51

    This is a great giveaway, specially with summer coming.

  7. Carolyn Augustus
    2015-08-24 / 14:46

    As a busy shift working mom of a teen and toddler, shaving is probably the last thing on my list. With the epilator I wouldn’t need to shave as often. Shared on Facebook and Twitter

  8. 2015-08-25 / 09:41

    I’d love to win this! Shaving when pregnant is not easy (as you know)

  9. Joles
    2015-08-25 / 13:30

    I could really do with this…I have to shave every night or else I am known as porcupine, or prickly pear smile emoticon This could save me so much of hassle. I also, actually have to plan my wardrobe each week, from wearing leggings, pantihose or jeans or formal pants for the days or weeks that I dont shave smile emoticon Now that spring and summer are around the corner, I would love to put on a dress or shorts or a skirt without worrying about shaving and then having my hair wet in the process which takes me so much longer in the shower! This will be heaven sent!

  10. Kimmy Goncalves
    2015-08-25 / 20:18

    I shave with cheap razors that often leave me with unsightly bumps, lumps and rashes. With an epilator I could have lovely skin for once without the razor burn!

  11. cherylhendricks
    2015-08-26 / 10:29

    I don’t remember when last I shaved my legs #SorryHusband #BusyMom

  12. Sandhaya V Maharaj
    2015-08-26 / 21:18

    Wow…how awesome is this…for someone lazy like me….who usually just covers up cos I didnt have time to shave/wax. This would be a dream…

  13. 2015-08-26 / 22:19

    I would love to win this for the hair removal, but if I don’t at least I don’t have to worry about all that pain! Shaving is currently my method.

  14. Edlyn lim
    2015-08-31 / 21:06

    Wow this is amazing thanks for the giveaway YBI n Philipps. I still uses the old fashion way of removing my hair it’s so uncomftable to use everytime and I only do waxing when I attend occasions this would be a handy and cool to have in my life good bye pain waxing hello gorgeous smooth n silky legs ❤️ it

    • 2015-11-03 / 15:42

      I’m already using this. And in my opinion this epilator is best for the newcomers to the world of epilating. It is cheap, and efficient considering the price.

  15. KSK2827
    2015-09-03 / 23:18

    I would like smooth & silky legs… So why not with the Philips SatinPerfect Wet & Dry! Pick me!

  16. rehana seedat
    2015-09-04 / 20:28

    Rehana Seedat · Durban, South Africa
    REHANA SEEDAT email: [email protected]. I have tweeted @rehanaseedat and subscribed to your newsletter. Following on twitter, facebook & instagram. Well, since you’re actually pulling hair out from the root — instead of just shaving off stubble — my legs will stay smoother, longer. I can go about two weeks after epilating without spotting any stubble, though I’ve seen people go as long as a month. Plus, as soon as I spot a prickly guy, I can epilate again since these things can work with hairs less than a millimeter long. And much like waxing or tweezing, hairs are lighter and less noticeable upon regrowth since these processes damage the hair’s follicle, causing the new hair to be much finer. Epilation is great for my sensitive skin and will help hair grow back less noticeably. With an epilator I will never go back to shaving or to spending a lot of money on salon waxing. In the end, I will feel and look incredible.

  17. 2016-05-20 / 12:38

    As a philips user , I want to share my experience . The Philips HP6576 Satin Perfect will give you the ultimate epilation experience, leaving your skin smooth for up to four weeks. It features an extra-wide head with textured ceramic discs that gently remove hair in just one stroke. This epilators is very gentle on the skin, so it can be used on sensitive areas, such as face, around the bikini line and under the arms, as well as on other parts of the body.

    The ergonomic head features an active hair filter that provides high efficiency by making the hairs stand up for easy epilation. The epilation is then following by gentle vibrations of the massage system that helps to stimulate and soothe skin. The unit is equipped with 32 hypoallergenic ceramic discs that help to remove even the finest hairs with maximum speed and comfort.

    The Philips HP6576 also offers a speed control feature with two speeds designed to target different areas of the body. To help keep the epilator at the ideal angle for maximum efficiency, the performance cap provides pivoting movement.

    This Philips epilator offers the largest range of attachments, which include a trim, shave and style attachments. The tweezer set comes in an elegant case with light and mirror.

    The cordless design provides easy, on-the-go use and with 40 minute operation on one charge, it’s perfect for taking it along on travels.

  18. 2016-11-21 / 17:40

    I also, actually have to plan my wardrobe each week, from wearing leggings, pantihose or jeans or formal pants for the days or weeks that I dont shave smile emoticon Now that spring and summer are around the corner,

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