How often do you find yourself standing in front of the baby aisle at your local store staring at the baby toys confused… because you not sure which one to pick for your little one? It can get overwhelming. It is important to know the reason why a certain toy was created and its purpose.

Honestly, I used to purchase toys because I thought they were necessary for entertainment and nothing else. I never understood the reason behind the shape, colour and even the size of a toy until I did some research on the Tiny Love website. Don’t just purchase a toy because it is on sale – trust me, there’s more to it. Learn about how it can help your baby’s development.

Do you know the 7 Elements for Baby’s Development?

Tiny Love

1. Cognition

Cognitive skills are the mental processes through which we understand our world.

Understanding the stages of cognitive development can help you guide your child through the wondrous adventure of learning.


Follow me Fiona is a baby-activated electronic dog that encourages baby to crawl by barking and playing a friendly tune. This product promotes fine motor skills, cognitive and emotional abilities.

2. Emotional Intelligence

Social and emotional intelligence has a profound influence on future success.

Understanding the basics of EQ can help you encourage your child’s emotional development and create a healthy basis for growing and learning.


This dual-motion system introduces a new concept to the mobile category: A magical hide-and-seek show that hides and reveals cute animal characters.
It is an adorable stand-alone piano with fun light-up feedback that engages and amuses babies and toddlers. It has 40 minutes of music and includes 15 melodies in a variety of musical categories: classical, nature, lullaby, white sound and even reggae. This product promotes Cognition, EQ and Senses.

3. Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills are related to the hand, palm and finger muscles as well as to the muscles surrounding the mouth and eyes.

As baby grows, it is important to ensure that fine motor skills develop in sync with emotional and physical maturity.


A cute jittery lamb that’s fun to pull and touch is the answer. Its engaging features include crinkly legs and jitters. This product promotes Cognition, Fine Motor Skills and Senses.

4. Gross Motor Skills

Gross motor skills are related to the muscles in charge of the less delicate functions our bodies perform, such as sitting, crawling, walking and more.


This award-winning activity mat is for fun discovery. It is an extra-large play mat that offers plenty of room for baby and it has engaging dangling toys, including detachable stand-alone lion and wind chime. It is also an excellent product for extending tummy time too. This product promotes Gross Motor Skills and Senses.

5. Imagination & Creativity

Imagination is our ability to mentally produce images, ideas, thoughts and even feelings that do not exist in reality and that are not available to our senses.

Creativity is the process of transforming imagination into reality and the ability that allows us to improvise, take initiative and solve problems.


The Flip Cube has various elements that encourage the development of fine motor skills and encourages independent learning and exploration. This product promotes Fine Motor Skills, Imagination & Creativity.

6. Language & Communication

Language and other forms of communication enable us to share our ideas, thoughts and feelings.

The Soothe ‘n Groove Mobile™ Safari grows with your baby: changes from mobile-crib to a stand-alone music box. It has a baby-activated button that promotes independence and enables exploration. This product promotes EQ, Sense, Language & Communication.

7. The Senses

Through our five senses, we receive information from our surroundings and process it through our cognitive skills.

Our senses open the world before us and help expand the scope of our understanding at every turn.

Tiny Love South Africa

The popular Cozy Rocker Napper easily converts from a seat to comfy napper. The cute musical toy amuses baby while in napper, stimulating their senses and encouraging them to practice their grasping skills. This product promotes EQ and Senses.

Source: Tiny Love website.


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