Win a Stroller from Nuna South Africa

I have wanted to do this post for ages but never felt like the time was right. Maybe because it is the first time I am running such a big competition on the blog and I am a bit nervous! Thank you Tahera and the Nuna South Africa team for being so patient and understanding.

NUNA has always been one of my favorite baby brands purely because the brand sells quality products at a reasonable price and has amazing customer service!

About NUNA:

Nuna debuted their first design in Holland 2007.

The brand was designed by parents for parents who love smart designs to make life easier— so you can enjoy this special time, and not have to sacrifice your sense of style during it. The brand created gear with comfort that grows with your kids and have built them to last so that when little brother or sister come along, they’ll get the chance to be able to enjoy it too. Source: NUNA

I was first introduced to the brand and their product range at the Mama Magic Baby Expo in Johannesburg, ever since then I have used my stroller that we purchased at the show.

WIN with NUNA South Africa

The reason why I purchased the Nuna Pepp:

Vije and I were planning our trip to Sri Lanka and we needed an easy to use stroller for Kitana. When we watched the demo for the Nuna Pepp, we knew immediately this is what we were looking for and without walking around and checking out other brands we purchased it!

I think what sold the NUNA stroller was convenience.

Source: Nuna
Source: Nuna

Unfortunately, the Nuna Pepp isn’t available to purchase anymore, but the new version, the Nuna Pepp Luxx is. I don’t see a huge difference between the two strollers but there were a few adjustments made to make it a more comfortable ride.

WIN with NUNA South Africa
Source: Nuna

Some added features:

  1. Dream drape.
  2. Two-position, adjustable calf support.
Source: Nuna
Source: Nuna

Nuna Pepp/Pepp Luxx features:

Please note the Nuna Pepp Luxx is the newer version and the prize for this competition is the Nuna Pepp. Few features set them apart.

  1. Can be used from birth to 18 kg. I recommend using the stroller with the Nuna Pipa car seat for the first couple months.
  2. The stroller is lightweight and compact – flat fold so it is easy to carry around.
  3. Opens easily with just one hand and stands on its own when folded.
    Source: Nuna
    Source: Nuna
  4. Removable, extendable canopy with flip out eyeshade.
  5. Three-position full recline and comfortable seating. Kitana slept in it many times and never complained. The flat sleeper seat allows for plenty of space to sleep or stretch.
  6. Three or five point anti-loop harness, featuring quick click release button.
  7. Progressive suspension technology gives a nice, smooth ride.
  8. Height-adjusting handle for drivers small and tall.
  9. Peek-a-boo window so you can see what baby is up to.
  10. Removable storage basket.
  11. Footrest for tiny riders and toddlers.
    Source: Nuna
    Source: Nuna
  12. Front, swivel lock wheels.
  13. Simple, one-touch, rear wheel braking system.

The PEPP Luxx is the brand new spin on Nuna’s sharp little buggy, designed to make life with little ones exclusively elite. Practicality of use, comfort for baby and the ability to ride in style all wrapped up in one fabulous (flatter!) total package.

What I love about the Nuna Stroller:

  1. Easy & compact fold.
  2. The “zipper” system that helps adjust positions from sitting to sleeping.
  3. The material can be taken out to wash on a regular basis.
  4. Adjustable handle.
  5. Easy one-touch rear wheel braking system.

WIN with NUNA South Africa

Nuna products are made in an eco-friendly and ISO-certified factory which consists of quality materials. The brand tries to eliminate the use of toxic chemicals as much as possible.

3 years later, we are still using our Nuna Pepp. The stroller still looks brand new and works perfectly fine. Kitana used it until Kiaan was born and now I use our Nuna Pepp with the Nuna PIPA car seat which I loooove! Both stay in my husband’s car and works great for short trips and even long distance travelling when you have lots of luggage and limited space.

Source: Nuna
Source: Nuna

If you looking for a first class cruising stroller for your little one, then Nuna is for you.

“Here’s to living the luxurious (little) life.” Nuna

Win a Stroller from Nuna South Africa

Prize: Nuna Pepp


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Competition closes 04 February 2016.

Open to South Africans only.

Good luck.

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  1. Nicole Jansen van Vuuren
    2016-01-07 / 13:57

    My baby is 10 months old! I love the fact that the stroller is light and compact. Nothing worse than carrying around a heavy stroller that destroys your back! Our current pram is a cheapy from baby citythat is bulky and takes up alot of boot space

  2. Elmien
    2016-01-07 / 14:00

    My baby girl is 6months old! Would love to win this Awesome prize for her. Love the compact & easy to fold feature…we have 3 kids, so we need all the space we can get when going somewhere…and with this compact fold..we will be able to take the stroller anywhere anytime!
    And since it can be used up to 18kg….I will be able to use it for my “almost” 2year old daughter as well….which is AWESOME!

  3. Zubeida Dawood
    2016-01-07 / 14:02

    My baby is 4.5 months. I love that the stroller is lightweight and compact, we need all the boot space we can get in the car

  4. Sandy Solomons
    2016-01-07 / 14:13

    My twins just turned three. Would love to own a Nuna stroller as we only have one stroller and as my girl twin is much heavier than her brother she always gets to ride in it as we cannot carry her for long πŸ™‚

  5. 2016-01-07 / 14:39

    I’m still Preggies Baby is due Soon I love Nuna products but the best thing about the Stroller is the actual look and appreance it’s slim fold but comfortable spacious look…. I would love to have my lil one in a Nuna Stroller

  6. Melissa Govender
    2016-01-07 / 14:41

    My baby is 10 months old
    I love the β€œzipper” system that helps adjust positions from sitting to sleeping

  7. 2016-01-07 / 15:04

    My baby is 7 weeks and since I stay in King williams town and her dad stays in peddie. It has been a struggle when we go to visit him as we dont have cars and Ive had to travel by taxis carrying her. The stroller would be if great help.

  8. Miranda Forrester
    2016-01-07 / 15:08

    My boy will only be ariving end June, we cannot wait! Im going to be cliche but I just love that it folds up easily.

    • Marlene
      2016-01-17 / 12:19

      This incredible #NUNASA stroller shouts “CONVENIENCE” And is a lightweight,compact winner of all strollers.My own daughter is expecting her first,my own first grandchild and this would make a blessed gift to them. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity to enter Shan!

  9. 2016-01-07 / 15:12

    I have a 3 year old and we are trying for number 2 =) fingers crossed. I Love the that the stroller is lightweight and compact.The flat fold making it easy to carry around would make my life so mush easier when # 2 arrives – plus driving a small car it will have no issues fitting insise my boot =)

  10. Tanya
    2016-01-07 / 15:13

    Baby on board! Would absolutely LOVE to #Win this πŸ™‚ theres so many awesome features on this amazing #NUNASA Love the Peek-a-boo window its so cute! πŸ™‚

    • kerri
      2016-01-07 / 15:42

      I have a 20 month old and another one on the way. I love the fact the zipper to change from sitting to sleeping as well as that the cover can be removed to be washed.

  11. Natasha
    2016-01-07 / 15:48

    Baby on board! Love that it is lightweight and compact

  12. Olivia Williams
    2016-01-07 / 15:52

    My hunny bunny boy is still in my tummy and making his appearance at the end of February. Definately need this as we dont have a stroller yet.
    Love the fact that its lightweight and compact and the flat fold feature.

  13. Ruweida Muhammad
    2016-01-07 / 16:32

    My little angel is due in 2 months. My favourite feature is the β€œzipper” system that helps adjust positions from sitting to sleeping. I have liked the Nuna South Africa Facebook page. Shared the competition on Facebook and tweeted as @princessruw .

  14. Carolyn Augustus
    2016-01-07 / 17:15

    My daughter is 2 years old. I love that you can use the stroller from birth to 18kg and that it is ligthweight and easy to carry around

  15. Laura Dlamini
    2016-01-07 / 17:38

    My child arrives in the 1st week of April smile emoticon heart emoticon
    My favourite feature is:
    The stroller is lightweight and compact – flat fold so it is easy to carry around

  16. Melane Els
    2016-01-07 / 18:23

    My little boy is two years old, love that the Stroller is lightweight and compact fold

  17. Michelle
    2016-01-07 / 20:36

    My baby girl is 8 months that it is lightweight and compact and so easy to fold! Would love to win this!!

  18. 2016-01-07 / 21:06

    I would love to win this for Sienna – 8 weeks old! I love that the Nuna is lightweight!

  19. Monique Els
    2016-01-07 / 21:26

    Just what I need for my little girl that is due at the end of Jan. Crossing fingers to win this amazing prize!

  20. Monique Els
    2016-01-07 / 21:32

    My little girl will be born end of Jan 2016. I like the one-touch, rear wheel braking system. Just what I need for my little girl that is due at the end of Jan. Crossing fingers to win this amazing prize!

  21. thea lennox
    2016-01-07 / 22:22

    easy to use stroller and it is for my god child who is 3 years old. Little Chloe love her to bits

  22. rehana seedat
    2016-01-07 / 22:32

    Easy one-touch rear wheel braking system. my little one is 6 months. I have shared post via facebook and tweeted @rehanaseedat

  23. Belinda Bone
    2016-01-08 / 12:29

    It is compact and easy to fold. Love the safety features. 5 months pregnant. Realy be a blessing for a first time mommy like my daughter.

  24. varsha tulsi
    2016-01-08 / 16:10

    Easy and compact fold ..Easy one-touch rear wheel braking system

    • 2016-01-08 / 16:15

      Easy and compact fold ..Easy one-touch rear wheel braking system 1 yrs 8 months ..

  25. 2016-01-08 / 16:42

    Just found out I am pregnant with my second child so to win this would be a blessing

  26. Esda
    2016-01-09 / 08:23

    My guy is 7mnts. My other stroller was second hand and broke. I love the fact that it can be unfoldef with one hand!

  27. Hettie
    2016-01-09 / 11:52

    My Grandson is 7 months. I love the fact that it is lightweight and folds easily

  28. 2016-01-09 / 12:43

    My little girl is 6 months old. I love how compact it is, my car is small with a tiny boot. I use a baby carrier most of the time because i cant fit anything into the boot. Love that its easy to fold, i have a very busy bee so i have my hands full πŸ™‚

  29. Tammy Nothard
    2016-01-09 / 18:08

    I love the height adjustable handle! My giant of a husband and tiny me would both feel comfortable when pushing around the little precious cargo I’m due in April!

  30. 2016-01-09 / 21:24

    I have a 7 weeks old baby girl and I stay in King Williams town, her daddy stays in a village in Peddie and visiting him has been a mission since we both dont have a car and I have to use public transport with my little one switching in between taxis. I like the fact that the stroller is portable and folds to a very small compact piece which can be packed under the seat of any taxi. Having a stroller would be more than convenient but also a luxury for my baby and I.

  31. Kirsten
    2016-01-09 / 21:27

    Baby Boy due 4 April.
    The stroller is lightweight and compact – flat fold so it is easy to carry around. I love this feature as our car boot doesn’t have the space for a large pram nevermind everything else you need to cart around having a child!

  32. Mishka
    2016-01-10 / 05:07

    I’m due any day with baby number two and would love to win this. I love that the Nuna folds so compact and is light weight , we are looking to travel with both babies in May and this sounds like a perfect travel companion as it also lies flat for a comfortable sleep on the go .

  33. Jennifer Cohen
    2016-01-10 / 19:47

    I love the 3 three position recliner. My 18mth old would love this as we often stop and she is asleep anf our stroller does not recline much.

  34. Estee
    2016-01-10 / 21:45

    My lg is 5 months old. Last week I had to send my stroller back due to a manafacturing error. Still dont know what to purcahse next! I love the big storage space at the bottom! When you buy groceries its always a mission where to find space to store- between babies legs, half under your arm haha!

  35. Rifqah Taliep
    2016-01-11 / 07:21

    I love the compact fold of the pram and the adjustable seat, i have a second hand pram for my 18 month old daughter and its no longer comfortable for her as she loves being pushed around out side. It will also be a good investment for when we have another child god willing!

  36. Candice Challis
    2016-01-11 / 07:41

    I love the three position full recline and comfortable seating. That’s very important for my little boy who is 12 weeks old. πŸ™‚

  37. Tanya Tobin-Primo
    2016-01-11 / 08:17

    I am a first-time mom-to-be, I’m 8 months pregnant (35 weeks) with a baby girl, due mid-February. I have my eyes and heart set on a NUNA stroller. What I like most about the stroller is its easy and compact to fold functionality and not to mention that it is super stylish!

  38. Nanet
    2016-01-11 / 09:45

    My baby girl is 8months old. Love the look of the NUNA stoller & the easy and compact fold.

    • Liza Fitchat
      2016-01-11 / 13:43

      Our son is 20 months old. Love the Nuna stroller and all the other products. Its a beautiful design. Its small and take less space. Best of all its eco friendly πŸ™‚

  39. Lee-Ann
    2016-01-11 / 14:29

    The fact that the material can be taken out to wash on a regular basis is hands down the feature I like the most! My little girl is 2 years old and baby boy is due 11th of April.

  40. 2016-01-11 / 15:51

    My little boy is 21 months! But we’re hoping for number two πŸ™‚ Love the compact fold and the fact that the stroller lays flat for sleeping baby – just perfect for when you’re out and about and it’s nap time πŸ™‚ Great looking stroller NUNA!

  41. 2016-01-11 / 20:18

    I’d love this for my new baby! I especially love the convenient fold.

  42. Sheneen
    2016-01-11 / 20:27

    My baby is only due on 10 March 2016 and I really need this prize. I like the NUNA stroller coz it’s so easy to use and it lays flat for baby to sleep and even when you fold it up in the car. Also you can have the baby seat as well on the stroller

  43. Melane Els
    2016-01-11 / 21:20

    My boy is two years old, love the way the Stroller is lightweight and can fold compactly

  44. Elsie Ratona
    2016-01-12 / 07:50

    I am expecting a baby girl who’s due in April, I love the fact that the stroller is lightweight and compact which makes it easy to gold and carry around, that to me is convenience st it’s best, especially for mother like me without cars…..

  45. Tony
    2016-01-12 / 13:01

    Our boy is 7 mnts and I love the one touch brake system

  46. Eulene
    2016-01-12 / 19:35

    I have an almost 1 year old and another on the way due in June. I love the fact that it reclines to sleeping position so easily πŸ™‚ so convenient!

  47. bertha
    2016-01-12 / 21:00

    Would love to win it for my nephew. I think the best feature is that it folds up with one hand

  48. Chantelle Marais
    2016-01-14 / 13:15

    **My little boy is 10 months old. I love the fact that the stroller is light and compact. Will make my life so much easier πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  49. cindy janse van vuuren
    2016-01-14 / 14:37

    My favorite feature would be the β€’Three or five point anti-loop harness, featuring quick click release button.
    Currently 30weeks pregnant due early march 2016

  50. 2016-01-14 / 17:51

    My baby is not born yet so I am not sure about the best features in a stroller. I’ve been looking into strollers and I love the design of the Nunas. I suppose the best feature seems to be that you can remove the material to wash it. If my little one is messy when he arrives in May, that’ll be quite handy

  51. Aneesa
    2016-01-16 / 16:27

    I love that it opens easily with just one hand and stands on its own when folded. This will be a blessing especially when juggling a screaming wriggling baby in the other hand as well as purse and nappy bag haha my little boy is 10 months old xxx thank you for giving us the opportunity to win this absolutely amazing giveaway!

  52. 2016-01-18 / 16:00

    Psst, maybe with such a pretty win – I can start nagging hubby for baby number 2. Also, my cousin who’s baby is only 6 months, just found out she is expecting again – I think she could do with such a gorgeous WIN! Personally, I like the progressive suspension technology as Axl wakes so easily if we happen to go over a little crack in the road – it’s nice to have something to make the ride smoother.

  53. Busi
    2016-01-23 / 18:13

    Baby is newborn, 20 Jan birth day. Favourite features is that is lightweight, compact and can open easily with one hand. Shared and following on Twitter

  54. Michael A
    2016-01-23 / 23:37

    Liked and Shared
    Baby is due very very soon.
    Lightweight, compact, and easy to fold.
    #NUNASA #youbabyandi

  55. 2016-01-24 / 14:22

    I love the easy fold it’s perfect when fetching my older son from school and walking from the long car park to his class with my baby then pull out a big pram. My boy is 12 weeks old.

  56. 2016-01-25 / 15:51

    I love the three-position full recline and comfortable seating feature. My sister is due in April πŸ™‚

  57. Humaira
    2016-01-25 / 18:59

    My baby is 6months old and started him on solids, it can be such a messy job Sumtyms, love that this stroller can be washed and cleaned easily. Makes my job as a mum so much easier. Fingers crossed for my lb

  58. Nicole
    2016-01-28 / 12:01

    My baby is due in June. I love that it is light and compact, and opens up with one hand. And that the material can be take put to wash! πŸ™‚

  59. Keagan Martin
    2016-02-03 / 09:08

    My favourite feature of this stroller is the simple, one-touch, rear wheel braking system and the progressive suspension technology that gives a nice smooth ride!
    Our little boy is due in 8 weeks and if I could win this stroller I would have the happiest wife and most styling little boy cruising in his Nuna Stroller!

  60. Donna Harburn
    2016-02-03 / 09:40

    Both my daughters are pregnant so this would be a lovely win! 2 little blessings due April and June ❀️ Favourite feature: Opens easily with just one hand and stands on its own when folded. Super easy for a granny to use!

  61. Lauren
    2016-02-03 / 10:26

    I have an 18 month old and another on the way due in August. With two small kids in tow a stroller that folds easily is a godsend!

  62. 2016-02-04 / 11:10

    I am pregnant with my second child and my daughter is 3. I would absolutely be so grateful to win this cause it can be used from birth up and its so convenient being lightweight and easy to fold/unfold and small. The pram I used with my first child was a nightmare!! so big and bulky and I absolutely dread the thought of struggling with folding it up and down and it barely fits in my cars boot. A more convenient pram like the Nuna would be a blessing beyond

    • 2016-02-19 / 21:19

      Congrats you won! πŸ™‚ Email me your details to claim your prize.

      • 2016-02-19 / 21:44

        Yay!!! Thank you so very very much!!! I can’t tell you how happy this makes me.

  63. 2016-10-19 / 19:44

    My baby is due 5November if I could win this beautiful pram I’ll be so happy

  64. Elandre Oliphant
    2017-04-19 / 13:05

    My baby boy is due 1August 2017 super excited!! Such an awesome prize to win! Feature that I like is that the material can be taken out to wash on a regular basis.and the fact that its compact and easy to fold… fingers crossed !!! πŸ™‚

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