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At You, Baby and I we speak to moms from various walks of life – from moms expecting their first child to moms who are experienced in life with children. Our niche is to help brands like to that speaks to families. What a better way to speak to families than through moms?

Why are moms important?

Moms influence nearly 85% of consumer/retail products around the world and 90% of moms prefer to get their recommendations from other moms that they trust. Thus moms prefer to connect with their brands on a personal level. Moms are also experts on social media and they have the power to sway opinions online.

If your product or service caters for moms, children or families in general, we can reach the audience that you need. If you want moms to attend your events, experience your brand, we speak the language of moms that understand your marketing needs. Our platform extends across our site and social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest).

What is You, Baby and I?

You, Baby and I is one of South Africa’s largest online blogs catering for moms. We only share real stories and publish experiences from a mom’s perspective. We speak about motherhood, lifestyle and brand experiences that matter to moms. You, Baby and I is a network of moms that help each other with advice and products that matter to them.


Trust is the future of marketing communication and most moms only buy their goods or services if they trust it first. This is why moms prefer getting a recommendation from other moms before buying anything. So if you’re a brand that wants to communicate with moms, they need to trust you. This begins with personalised communication so moms get to know who you are first. Ask a mom to share a story about you, make a conversation about what you represent and why you do it. Once you have rapport, you can market better to moms who will become more willing to engage with you.

Personalised Stories come in many forms and we share real ones in the following sections:

  • Travel Mom – A mom who travels with their family will have interesting experiences to share and if you want to know if your product or service can serve families, a mom travelling with children will definitely detail it
  • Mom and Brands – Brand experiences are the way to mom’s heart. If a mom can get to try or test the product she needs, she is more likely to buy it and recommend it to other moms. The site will share the product experience, engage with moms and possibly invite them to see it face to face.
  • Pregnancy – The most exciting new phase in a woman’s life as she embarks on a new path. The changes to her routines, goals and expectations change as the due date approaches. These stories are filled with aspirations for the future and can be very inspirational for any other woman who is considering becoming a mother.
  • Life with a newborn – New moms who have their first child will give a unique view, full of aspirations, trials and tribulations that can really tug at the heart strings of any mom. This is a perspective of innocence that can really bond a new mom to other new moms.
  • Life with a toddler – Does your product work for toddlers? Moms are usually more experienced at this stage and will be able to test and share their knowledge with less experienced moms. These are lessons moms can unite on especially when they shop with toddlers.
  • Mom in the kitchen – Who loves food more than a mom who cooks for herself and the family? The tastebuds change with family and sometimes food is made so a hungry baby or toddler needs the food fast or made compact when leaving the house.
  • Mom in Business – This is for all the aspiring moms who are entrepreneurs. The level of courage and persistence needed to run a business can be scary and inspirational. We feature moms that also run a business so they can share what it means to do what they do with all the risks involved.

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