If you asked me last year this time: Would you bake with your toddler in the kitchen? I would have said no immediately! Trying to bake with a toddler is like cooking without cleaning. Things everywhere and of course you and baby get messed. I was surprised when Stork contacted me a few weeks back, asking me if I would like to join their World Baking day initiative. Without thinking, I said yes! I love baked goods and I thought to myself: ‘a little baking won’t harm anyone’. To be honest I’m not the best baker. I grew up watching my mom and aunts bake, I used to be the kid who would sneak the freshly baked biscuits in my pocket. I tried baking before, some worked while others flopped. Let’s just say Vije calls my fondant a flopdant ha-ha! 1200px-Chocolate_Chip_Cookies_-_kimberlykvStork sent my goodies to bake in style. Yes it was a VIP treatment. It was an afternoon in the Vijendranath’s household and like most days I was in my pjs making Kitana sleep. The bell rings, Vije comes in and says: “Stork is here with cameras”!! Omg I freaked out… Hello I’m in pjs! Uh where’s my brush. Wait lipstick… Nevertheless I went out after a quick change of clothes and was welcomed into the stork world by 2 well groomed gentlemen who represented stork the best they could. 10171616_842069242474379_9167309341109287108_n They had a blue box filled with ingredients for me to bake biscuits for World Baking Day. I felt like a kid at the candy store, so excited and blown over by this blue box. 10291867_845069268841043_4221885457866142443_n Kitana and I decided to wake up early on World Baking Day and start. Boy oh boy was it an experience I will never forget… My child had flour everywhere and dipped her hands into the mixture to taste. Our first batch wasn’t the best but it was edible. Kitana ate most of the cookies we made. We will be trying again this weekend with some supervision to make it less chaotic in the kitchen. 10368248_641528152593668_2643089958786507408_n For me World Baking Day just wasn’t about baking something, it was about memories and love shared between everyone in the kitchen. Thanks to stork, Kitana and I created our first baking memories together. It was a morning filled with laughter and joy. Thank you Stork and World Baking Day for an eventful morning, you can count me in for next year. Please have a look at their website for many great recipes and let me know if you baked on Sunday. 10306231_644552988957851_7596829330592331865_n

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