You inspire me to Road rage….

This article was written by Natasha.

Dear Roadhoggers,

Do you ever wonder why no-one wants to give you way when you want to change lanes?

Do you wonder why there are so many frustrated drivers out there? Can’t they be calm like you… No need to rush right – just leave earlier?

Well, it’s easy for you to say – you are not living in my shoes. I am a mom of two – yes two darling little children – one of whom is on her own time schedule. So unlike you who have all the time in the world to get up, get ready and go, I need to get up at 04h30am and get into the bathroom before starting on lunch. Yes, lunch takes about half an hour because I have to pack food for two growing children for an entire day.

Yes, I am a mother who tends to over-pack but at least, my kids don’t get hungry. I then have to sort out my third child (oops yes my hubby’s lunch). By then it is 05h45 and I need to get kids up and into the bathroom before giving them breakfast and getting them dressed in order for us to leave at 06h30. I cannot leave earlier than this because then I get to my son’s school when the gates are still shut and I am not leaving my son on the street.

You inspire me to road rage

I then have to deal with you – you who wants to put on makeup on the road, let’s not forget the coffee drinker or the one on the phone – perhaps you may be running late but do you realise that you are holding up traffic. Oh so what – you are on a lane that is moving slowly, and surely whoever wants to can just overtake.

You inspire me to road rage

Well let me tell you how you inspire me to road rage – You see I am the mom behind you that is getting late for work. I want to overtake you but the other lanes are busy. I am desperate to overtake you because now there are those five other cars that have gone in front of you. I now take chances and in doing so irritate the other driver that is rushing to work.

Yes, ma’am, your ‘makeup’ time means that I lose more time in traffic and actually because of that 5-minute delay I miss two other robots that added another 15 minutes to my travelling time.

You inspire me to road rage

And as for the driver racing down the highway, changing lanes like it’s no man’s business, you then end up in front of me and slow down – keeping a three car gap because suddenly you need to get on your phone. I really would like to step out of my car – haul you out of your car and punch you. Ok, so it seems that I am violent. I am not but by now I am so frustrated. Let’s not talk about the ladies in the huge glasses that can’t see in the front of them, or the one’s driving huge cars and just relax in traffic.

I hate watching the youngsters who are on the phones whatsApping or BBMing. Who are you talking to? Do those people actually care about you? Do they know that they are putting your life and so many other people’s lives at risk because you are bobbing your head up and down looking at your messages. Your reaction time is slowed. I watch you and I am even more irritated. Now I am careful when I see you and I wonder if this is young love or an affair. Surely your spouse would not jeopardise your life.

You inspire me to road rage

Do you even understand my frustration? I play a game. I wonder how many of you drive slowly just to ensure someone gets home before you and start the cooking. How many people just do not want to get home? I don’t know what your circumstances are but I do know that I need to get home. I have a family that I need to cook for, kids that need bathing and feeding, homework and a house that needs cleaning. I need to get all this done… but because of you, I am stuck in traffic for an extra half an hour. That may not seem like much to you but it means that my 5-year-old has fallen asleep too tired to eat supper and my 10-year-old has to ‘nap’ before I wake him up to complete homework at 10 pm.

You inspire me to road rage

Yes I know, that you think that I am a bad driver when I weave in traffic, you think that I am impatient when I hoot at you because the robot has already been green for a minute while you said bye, then put your phone down before changing gears to take off. I know that you think that I am mean because I pretend not to see your indicator when you want to come onto my lane. But do you realise that most people in traffic follow a certain schedule – we see you and note you because your driving habits irritate us. Hence, we don’t want you before us…

You inspire me to road rage

Think about it – you may think that you are such an awesome safe driver with your two car safe following distance, and we are morons. Your two cars distance (into which four cars fit) means that those of us stuck behind you get late.

I know that this is quite a rant but it is my appeal to you to stop being selfish. Think about us… we can’t really change our schedules because there is a greater impact.

I just want to appeal to you. Take note of what’s happening around you – today as you drive home or to work – Look around and see how your driving habits affect others… perhaps you just needed another perspective.

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