Your Baby’s development:1-month old

Your baby is a month old… what happens next?

Baby will sleep most of the time during their first month of life (the best sleeping position is to swaddle baby and place them on their side), however they should not sleep for more than a 4 hour stretch without feeds. Baby will be awake and eager to engage for between 45 mins to an hour, before they are ready to sleep again. Babies favourite place during this time is their home environment, especially in their room.

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In my previous post, I discussed how baby interprets the sensory input they receive. During this month baby is unable to independently regulate their sensory systems.

It is up to mummy, read your babies cues (e.g. agitated, irritated, hot, cold) and try to remove them or stop the adverse input before your baby is over tired and cries. It is important to know what pushes your baby to the edge and what calms him/her.

During the first month a calm, relaxed and soothing environment is optimal for baby. It is best to create a safe, comforting environment similar to what baby experienced in your womb.

1. Keep colours dim and neutral.

2. Avoid excessive visitors and busy, noisy environments.

3. Provide baby with deep pressure input. E.g. Firm hugs, deep massage, swaddling.

4. Slow rocking movements are best to calm baby.

General routine tips:

1. Nappy and changing time:

Baby is usually awake, so it is a good time to perform face to face play, where you make eye contact with and sing or talk to baby with exaggerated facial expressions. You could also hang a mobile above babies changing area to provide some stimulation.


2. Massage:

When changing baby after bath time, a massage is highly recommended. There are numerous benefits to a baby massage:

It calms baby, helps them learn the boundaries of their little body. It encourages bonding between mother and child. Use an appropriate oil and gentle but deep pressure. Start from the head covering every area of babies body working down to their feet.

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3. Bath time:

Speak to baby in a calm, soothing voice. Provide firm massage during bath time. Allow baby time to move around in the water.

4. Feeding:

Talk and sing to baby (except during night feeds), try to keep baby awake.

5. Awake time:

Face to face play. Show and engage baby in age appropriate play (bright, shiny, noisy toys). Baby can be placed on their tummy(either on the bed or on your chest) for ‘tummy time’ for a few minutes to start strengthening the neck.

Credit: Tiny Love South Africa
Credit: Tiny Love South Africa

6. Out and about:

A pram or baby carrier is best e.g. Sling. Avoid excessive light by covering baby with a blanket as needed.

I hope you found these tips helpful. Next month we will discuss babies needs, development and appropriate stimulation at 2-months old.

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  1. 2014-10-13 / 19:25

    This is a great resource for people with young babies!

  2. 2014-10-13 / 21:30

    These are great tips. I wish this was around when our four little ones were babies. They will turn four next month.

  3. 2014-10-14 / 03:00

    This is a great resource! I wish I had it when my baby was 1 month old. It brings it all back though. I agree with all of you tips. I loved having my carrier. It was so nice to carry baby around everywhere.

  4. 2014-10-14 / 11:16

    What good tips for new mums! Interesting that Rashika mentions sleeping babies on their side? In Australia they are very strict on babies sleeping on their back. Must change country to country. X

    • Shan
      2014-10-14 / 12:08

      Yes I know in some countries you have that rule. I never did that because of the “flathead” issue. Its okay here in SA, my nurse advised me to keep changing sides so baby’s head shape is formed properly.

      • 2014-10-14 / 13:23

        Yes I ended up switching between side and back with my girls due to flat heads. They were both colicky babes and apparently it can help 🙂

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