Before my daughter was born, I used to work with an 8am to 4pm office job until I decided to quit and start my business. When I became pregnant, life changed. I started preparing for my baby while studying and working at the same time. Vije and I planned our pregnancy so it wasn’t a surprise to us but I don’t think I realized how difficult it would be. When Kitana was born, I took a break from work and my husband had to carry the extra load since we have our own business. I decided to focus on my child and studies. I became a stay at home mom. When I used to tell people I’m a stay at home mom, they were like: ”Wow you lucky, you get to do nothing the entire day.”

Today I want to vent my frustrations out on this topic. It doesn’t mean because I stay at home I do nothing. Family used to say to me and my mom still tells me: ”You can cook and clean at least….’’

Let me rewind back and tell you a little about my daily routine:

  • I wake up around 5:30am – 6am latest.
  • Change Kitana’s nappy, wash my face and go for breakfast.
  • After breakfast Kitana and I watch some TV, play around with puzzles while I try to work from either my phone or laptop.
  • She has a nap around 11am from then which I try to have a shower, wash dishes, try to do some work on my laptop AND eat in a short space of 2 hours.
  • When Kitana wakes up, I try to feed her. At the moment she’s going through the fussy toddler phase and is hardly eating. Practically living on the boob.
  • We play some more while I try to work from my phone, if I try to cook or make some tea she’s hanging onto my legs screaming for me. I barely have time to sit and watch a full TV series.

The day goes extremely fast while I’m trying to be a mom and an entrepreneur. I have a helper who comes twice a week, Kitana hardly stays with her. She wants me all the time which is a bit hectic now especially since I’ve become so busy with work. I sleep around 11pm every night as I’m trying to blog and review products. I don’t watch TV anymore except for cartoons because I don’t have the time for it.

Life as a ”stay at home” mom isn’t the easiest as people assume it to be. Don’t get me wrong, I love being able to spend time with my child and do whatever I want when I want. People portray stay at home moms as Lazy moms who don’t have a career or anything to look forward to.


There are some who I call super moms. They manage 4 toddlers, studying and cleaning. I applaud you. I follow some of these moms on YouTube and I wonder how do you do this?! When I cannot make it with one child. Does this make me a bad mom?! I’m I lazy?!


After thinking about it, I’ve realized each person runs their house differently. Our kids have different personalities. I’m just happy that I get to spend time with my baby girl even though I can’t wake up and bath at 8am every morning or watch Survivor once a week. I’m trying to do the best I can and I know with time it will get better. We all go through bad days… Some days we feel like giving up, emotions take over and we feel useless but being a mother is a gift. Motherhood was never meant to be an easy journey, there will be ups and downs but pull yourself together. Even when you have a crying baby who cannot tell you why she’s crying, try to be calm. Never let yourself fall because if we fall deep enough, we might not be able to get back up…

Stay at home moms work too! Trying to manage a house, baby, studies or part-time work isn’t easy. If you think I sit and do nothing the entire day, think again. If you come home and find my sink full of dishes at 3pm, you must know I had a hectic day. If you find me in my PJ’s in the afternoon, you must know I never had the chance to bath.

Please don’t treat me like I’m nothing living off my husband’s income…because believe it or not I work too! I’m multi-tasking, trying to be a successful business woman while raising a toddler who is still breastfeeding and waking up a few times at night.

Is being a parent hard work?

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